But what do I get?
Half-Life 2 Roleplay

Zombie Whitelist

See through the eyes of a walking corpse, the zombie whitelist offers new roleplay situations and circumstances combined with unique and immersive features which make gameplay a lot smoother than ever before. All zombie types seen in HL2 are available, ask a faction leader about getting one.

PET Flags

PET flags offer premium members access to physgun, toolgun and prop spawning capabilities, which can be used to further enhance your own and other people’s experiences.

Citizen Bodygroups

Want your character to stand out? Look unique? Model bodygroups are available for you to pick and choose from, and these are yours to keep even when your membership expires!

Premium Containers

You also get access to our premium container system, a free container that can be used to store your items in, these are in set destinations around the map - so keep an eye out for them.

Other Benefits

Forum Ribbon

Premium-only forum section

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