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    - Out of Character Section -

    Name: Anti-tankspy

    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:125660037

    Timezone: GMT +2:00

    How is your activity? / How would you rate your interest in Stasiland?: As of now my activity is hindered because of school, though I promise that I'll try to be more active if I were to be accepted. However, I’d give my interest in Stasiland a solid nine out of ten.

    Any previous infractions at the community? If so, can you explain?: I’ve been banned twice on the previous 1990 iteration of WW3RP; Once for downtime fuckery, the other for metagaming. Both bans were successfully appealed and I haven’t had any infractions on WW3RP until it was closed.

    I do not remember having any infractions on the forums, TS3 server and the HL2RP one.

    Previous WW3RP / RP experience: I was an NCO for the NATO faction shortly before the 1990 server was shut down.

    How familiar are you with the Soviet Union (ideology, history etc.)?: Despite my totally amazing (not) country not teaching us much about history besides literally the same stuff every year about Ancient Egypt, I’ve still managed to fairly familiarize myself with information about the Soviet Union and the Cold War via online articles and history books.

    Are you aware of the new concept? What are some of the differences between this iteration of WW3RP and the old one?: Stasiland, unlike previous WW3RP iterations, instead heavily shifts into occupation roleplay with the main focus going towards the civilian populace; A faction that was very uncommon in the previous iterations, in Germany. This takes a roleplay-based approach instead of the PvP and S2K approaches of the previous iterations, which was the main core of them all.

    What do you think this faction will be doing on the server?: As far as I know, The SAF faction primarily serves as a peacekeeping force stationed in the lawless wasteland that is what used to be the western section of Germany, assisting officers from the Minister of State Security with enforcing the law by any means possible.


    - In Character Section -


    'Yeah, that's me, right there, second on far left during my Afghanistan tour. I've spent four years there after '83, and let me tell you, friend, those were the worst fucking four years of my life.

    'Old fools like Gorbachev and Bush go around declaring wars... yet its us, the young ones, who have to endure the shit, while those skinheads sit back and watch people like us, driven away from their homes and families, kill each other off. And here we are... fighting for our lands, and defending our motherland fiercely to protect it and socialism.

    But you know what? War is not cool. It really is not, my friend. I see those new troops, filled with excitement, thinking that war is really fun. You'd think its all fun and games, until you see your childhood friend's body laying on the street, his head splattered into a bloody mess, your father's car discarded like a used glove, artillery shells falling ontop of cities like rain...

    Do I think the world leaders are incompetent? You know what I think? In a world of shit, like the world we're currently in, it does not matter what I think. When it all goes through your head, y'a know, politics and all that shit, your best friends and comrades suddenly become your enemies.

    To hell with this shit. I just want this war to end, or even better, a NATO special soldier or whatever they're called to sneak up on me and shoot me with his fucking gun. I've seen enough of this shit, I just want it all to end. I want to go home.'



    SEPTEMBER 15th, 1985

    ‘Comrade Sergeant, I’m a bit worried… Aren’t we in a bit of a too-open area?’ Says a concerned Senior Soldier amidst a squad of fresh Soviet troops, ordered to patrol the province by their commanding officers, lead by an inexperienced, also fresh Junior Sergeant.

    ‘Relax, comrade. Insurgent activity in this particular area isn’t as high as other areas around the province. Just, uhh- Just leave some spaces between each other, yes?’ The Junior Sergeant lets out a small chuckle, his confidence building skills do not seem enough to redeem his inexperience.

    ‘Leonid… I don’t think this guy can lead for shit..’ Whispers another concerned Soldier to the SSdr, as other troops in the squad start to quietly converse with each other. ‘Don’t say that loud- Just do what he says and call it a day, I want to return back to our base, I don’t like being around those parts of town.’

    ‘Yeah, I suppose so… Whatever. Have you heard about the- ’ The Soldier is interrupted by a loud sniper rifle gunshot- A bullet, which pierces right through the Junior Sergeant’s skull, flies next to the Soldier’s bullet, a mere few inches away from cutting his ear off. ‘SNIPER!’ One of the troops in the squad yell as loudly as they possibly can.

    Without a leader, chaos ensues and the squad is split. “FUCK- THERE’S TOO MANY OF THEM!” One of the soldiers yell out as the Afghan mujahideen close in, the inexperienced soldiers run away in a desperate attempt to escape death.

    ‘Leo- You have the big gun, cover us!” Leonid, along with a very few others who decide to stay back and cover their retreating comrades, deploys his RPK on a nearby hill.

    “VLAD, GET OVER HERE!” Leonid yells loudly while his comrades return fire, The man he has just called seeming to hold a generous amount of ammo. “HURRY THE FUCK UP, THEY’RE CLOSING IN!” He yells even louder, with Vlad running as fast as he possibly can towards the hill Leonid is hiding behind. He mounts his RPK ontop of the hill, while Vlad loads the RPK with ammo.

    “FIRE!” Vlad yells, with Leonid unloading each and every single bullet in the direction of the incoming insurgents. This tactic seems to have bought a few seconds for his comrades, as his RPK eventually ran out of ammo, and now the angered mujahideen are closing in faster than ever.

    “VLAD, LOAD THE GUN!” Leonid yells, as he dumps the now empty RPK mag away into the street. “VLAD, YOU DEAF FUCKI-” He yells even louder as he turns to Vlad, who now has his brains splattered in the sand. Leonid must have been too busy to notice that his friend has been shot. A shocked expression lays on Leonid’s face, “FUCK- FUCK!” as he hears a sniper gunshot once more, the bullet landing a few mere inches away from his face. He unmounts the RPK, and runs off away from the hill, realizing that his comrades have been picked off by mujahideen flankers. He starts to run, with gunshots flying around him like popcorn.

    With only himself left behind, Leonid runs into a village, attempting to evade a chasing Afghan mob of mujahideen. With nowhere else to go, He throws himself into the house of a mother and her children; closing the door shut behind himself by kicking it.

    As he stands up, he notices the mother clenching her children. Whether or not humans can smell fear, they definitely can feel it, as the mother looked at the armoured soldier with a terrified expression, tightly clenching her children as they stare at the blood on Leonid’s uniform. Leonid, in an attempt to calm the mother down, fearing she would scream for help, puts a finger on his mouth, quietly shushing her and her children as he starts walking around the house, looking for a way out.

    He hides from a window as he hears the angry Afghan insurgents run by the house, loudly chanting in their native language, “I saw him go through this way!” while glocking their firearms and shooting Leonid’s retreating comrades. Leonid stands there, breathing heavily, gasping his RPK as tightly as he possibly can as he hides in a closet.

    What Leonid has feared has just occured- A small group of insurgents walk into the house, yelling loudly. “Fuck- Fuck!” Leonid mummurs quietly, as he aims his now reloaded RPK towards the group, hoping that they would not notice him. One of them walks up to the mother, and asks, “Have you seen any Ruskis pass by here?” The insurgent asks in a rather proud manner. The mother looks at the closet for a mere split second, before looking back at the insurgent, “N-no. No. No one has come here. B-But I’ve heard them- T-They kept running towards there- That side!” The mother points at a road through the window, the insurgent telling his comrades to follow him as they quickly run out of the house towards the direction the woman has pointed at. Leonid lets out a huge sigh of relief, pointing his weapon down.

    After what felt like an eternity, the gunshots and the loud chanting have ceased. As Leonid peeps closely through the window, He sees the dead bodies of his comrades, as well as the Afghani insurgents. However, he could see a BMP with Soviet troops running out of it; One of his comrades must have called for backup in the ensuing chaos, perhaps it was the Soldier he was conversing with earlier on before their squad was ambushed? It does not matter anymore. All that matters is that he is alive and well, right?

    He quietly walks out of the closet, looking at the mother, who seems a bit startled at Leonid. He quietly and calmly walks around her and her children, towards the main door. As he opens it, he turns to face the mother, waving goodbye to her and her children with a small, reassuring smile on his face; Something that is rather unusual for what the Afghan locals have heard about the troops. Seeming delighted, the children wave back at the Soviet soldier with a smile, while their mother stares at him in confusion. He walks out of the house, shutting the door behind him.

    ‘Check for survivors..’ A Ukrainian accented man says, seeming to don the uniforms of an officer.

    ‘They’re all dead, Comrade Captain...’ Leonid says as he walks up to the BMP, the blood on his uniform still there. The Captain looks at Leonid with a confused manner, and ends up giving him a small nod of disappointment. As Leonid sits inside the BMP, he puts both of his hands on his faces; The memory of seeing the insides of his friend’s head seems to have been stuck in his head. However, his thinking is interrupted by a familiar sounding voice waking him up from his coma.

    ‘L-Leo?’ The Soldier from earlier says in amusement, with a destroyed radio pack in his left hand, “Shit, Leo- I thought you were killed! Where the fuck were you?” He then notices the blood on Leonid’s uniform, “Are you alright?” He says in a concerned manner, looking at Leonid up and down, as if he was searching for any wounds on the man.

    ‘Sergei… If someone has a crazy fucking story to tell, I think it’s going to be me. Fucking Vlad’s head was blown off, it was-’ He stops talking, almost looking as if he was about to have a mental breakdown from what he has just seen.

    “It’s alright, Senior Soldier.” The Captain says in a reassuring tone, offering the younger Leonid a small bottle of water. “Calm down, We’ve all seen our fair share of shit. You’ll get used to it eventually, no worries.. I’m surprised you and your friend here managed to stay alive, though. At least you made it out, no? Now, tell me- How did you survive this, you two? While everyone else was killed in the action?”



    MAY 24TH, 1990

    ‘So, what?” Says Leonid, now an officer who’s been through various battles, ‘Command just wants us to wait here until NATO comes, then we jump them?”

    ‘Da, I suppose that’s the plan, Leo. And we should be fucking thankful that we’re not fighting in the main city.’ Sergei says, now an officer aswell, with both men stationed in various houses through the urban areas of Paris, each of them with a respective squad of soldiers.

    ‘Fine, fine. No need to yell. I suppose waiting here and having a rest is much better than fighting over, and over, and over… Nothing could go wrong with having a re-’ Leo’s talking is interrupted by the radioman, a fresh Soldier, ‘Comrade Sergeant! Comrade Sergeant!’

    ‘Oh, great… You just had to jinx it, didn’t you, Leo?” Sergei says with a disgruntled, although comical tone, “Could you do me a favor and, like, go fuck yourself?” Leonid replies, with Sergei returning a chuckle. “Pissing you off has always been a very fun habit that I’m really good at, Leo.’

    Leo gets a small smile on his face, shaking his head in disbelief. As the Soldier climbs up the staircase, Leo turns to him, ‘What is it, Dmitri?” The radioman takes his breath, before eventually mummuring out in a tone of nervousness, ‘Comrade- I’ve just spoken with Major Cherdenko-’ Sergei now too pays attention, ‘-He says that NATO is on its way to us, estimated strength is to be that of a company, comrade!”

    “A company?” Both Leonid and Sergei mummur out in the same time, “A FUCKING COMPANY?! There’s like, 20 of us here, and they’re making us go against an entire fucking company?!” Sergei says quietly, hoping not to startle the troops downstairs.

    ‘Fuck’s sake… Sergei, gather your men, go and set up ambushes across that road- there.’ He points towards a road outside the window, ‘Set up traps, landmines, anything you could possibly think of. We need to prepare for the worst.’

    ‘Right.’ Sergei nods, walking to another room, one that supposedly holds his man, “Alright, gather around, comrades!” as Leonid walks downstairs with his radioman. “Comrades-” Leonid says loudly, hoping to get the attention of his men, ‘We’ve just spoken with Major Cherdenko. We’ve got a company worth of NATO troops headed our way, and command has ordered us to dispatch them.”

    “A-A company, Comrade Sergeant?” Says one of the Soldiers in the room.

    “A company, Lebedev. Now, I’ll try to speak with the Major again- Perhaps we can get some air support on the way here. Until that happens-” Leonid points at a few soldiers in the room, “Boris, Valeriy, You two get on the roof and take your rocket launchers with you.”

    “Yes, comrade sergeant!” The two mutter out, taking their firearms aswell as their RPGs with them, running up the stairs as fast as they possibly could.

    ‘Gavry, Egor, get out there and rendevouz with Sergeant Sergei’s men. Take your kit with you and place landmines and explosives on the road, as much as you can.’

    ‘Yes, comrade sergeant.’ The two run out of the house, their kits with them.

    ‘The rest of you- We’re going to stay here and fortify this house as a chokepoint. When NATO comes here, you’ll wait for my signal to fire. Move out!’

    ‘Yes, Comrade sergeant!’ The rest of the squad yells out, ‘Now you-’ Leonid turns to Dmitri, ‘Get me Major Cherdenko, come with me.’ He says as the two of them walk up the stairs. Leo holds a telephone in his hand, awaiting an answer on the other side.

    ‘Da, Major Cherdenko here.’ A voice on the other side speaks.

    ‘Major-’ Leonid says quietly, ‘What’s this, an entire company of NATO troops against two squads? And no support?’

    ‘Sergeant, they’re being sent off to fight in the main area of the city. That’s why command put you there, to cut off their forces and prevent them from reinforcing the main NATO companies on the front.’

    ‘Yeah, sure, I understand, comrade, but- Two squads and a company? They’re going to slaughter us. We need some support here.’

    ‘Negative, Sergeant. All of our forces are being focused on the push against Paris. You’ll have to make do with wh-’

    ‘For fuck’s sake, Uncle- Give us something. We’re about to fight a company of hardened NATO veterans, and they’re going to rip us a-fucking-part if we don’t get some help here.’

    The Major sighs.

    ‘Alright, nephew- I’ll try and contact a nearby flight of Su-25s to assist you. Just hold on for as long as you possibly can. Major Cherdenko, out.’

    ‘Leo!’ A voice on Leonid’s handheld radio speaks, ‘We see them.. They’re closing in.’ Sergei whispers on the radio. Leonid goes to look out of the window, to see a column of three M1 Abrams tanks passing through the street. “They fell right into the trap… Sergei, get your men with the RPGs to target the one in the back. The mines will take care of the other two on the front.’

    ‘Da.’ Sergei says. Leonid switches channels, ‘Boris, Valeriy, aim your RPGs at that back tank. Wait for my signal, and take the shot.’

    ‘Da, comrade.’ Leonid goes to the window, embarking his RPK and loading a filled extended mag into the machinegun. He aims his machine at the advancing NATO column, and switches channels again, ‘Wait for it… Wait…’ They keep waiting, until the tanks are exactly in the middle of the road. Leonid grabs his radio, yelling,


    The M1 Abrams is the back is permanently disabled by the four rockets being fired at it at the same time. The two on the front are disabled aswell, but not completely. The NATO infantry begin to scatter as gunfire rains on them from both sides of the street. The NATO troops begin to rally their forces and assemble a proper defence in a vain attempt to quell the ambush, to no avail. However, the two M1 tanks in the front begin to target the houses where the gunfire is coming from.

    ‘Bravo squad, this is Serb flight. We’re here to assist you. Mark your targets with smoke and we’ll ta-’

    ‘FIRE ON THOSE TANKS!!’ Sergei yells at the pilot on the other end, with an Su-25 eventually flying down to destroy the already damaged M1 tanks just as they were about to take the shot at both houses, with NATO troops looking like they’re about to retreat.

    ‘We’re hurting them! Keep the heat up, do not stop firing those fucking guns!’ Leonid says on the radio as the prolonged gunfight eventually starts to take its toll on both sides, with the NATO troops eventually retreating and leaving their tank wreckages behind. The Soviet soldiers coming out of their houses to celebrate their victory, raising their weapons and yelling their infamous ‘URA!’ battle cry.

    ‘Well done, comrades.’ Leonid says proudly on his radio, ‘Rally back at the brown house.’ He says on his radio as he walks outside, smoking a cigarette as he observes the cheering troops. He waits outside, observing the wreckages of the American tanks, looking like he fell into a deep thinking session…

    Perhaps he was thinking he should’ave attempted to quell the soldiers into surrendering instead of letting them run? Should he have given chase to the NATO troops and killed them all with no survivors? Oh, well. All that matters is that he and his men are alright, and that they’ve provided much needed help to their comrades in the main fighting force.

    However, his deep thinker session is interrupted by an ominous sound beneath the front wreckage. He walks to the wreckage, inspecting it up and down, and eventually crouching. He takes out a flashlight, pointing it to beneath the tank and turning it on, to find a hurdled, American soldier looking like he just made it out of his teenage years. The young soldier raises his hands up, and shakes his head, looking like he was about to beg and weep for mercy. Leonid stares at the American soldier for a few moments, not sure what to do… Perhaps he had some sort of sympathy as the soldier looked young? He takes out something from his backpack, and slides it towards the young American soldier, which turns out to be a small medpack upon closer inspection.

    Leonid turns off his flashlight, and puts it back in his pocket, not bothering to look back at his younger sworn enemy for a reaction, or even a thank you. He reaches for his handheld radio, muttering, ‘Pack your things… We’re returning to our outpost.’



    APRIL 14TH, 1992

    ‘Take aim... ‘ Leonid would say in a fairly loud voice to a bunch of Soviet recruits at a firing range, He observes all of them up and down, each of them holding a loaded AK-74 and aiming down range.

    ‘And- Fire!” He yells, with the recruits shooting their weapons onto the range. One particular recruit, however, fires his AK full-auto onto the range, missing his target and unloading the entire mag at once, not being able to control his weapon.

    ‘Cease fire! Cease fire!’ He yells, with the recruits eventually stopping. ‘Comrade-’ He says in a kind manner as he walks to the recruit, ‘I do understand that this gun fires a big bullet and all, but the sad truth is that it flies in the air when you shoot it, yes?’

    ‘D-Da, comrade.. I’m sorry.’ The recruit says in an intimidated manner, expecting a punishment from Leonid.

    ‘It’s alright, comrade. Here, give it to me.’ Leonid mutters in a reassuring manner, sticking his hands out, expecting the recruit to give him his AK which he does, with the recruit now nodding and looking at Leonid with a nervous smile.

    Leonid removes the empty magazine, inserting another one in the AK and pulling the bolt back, ‘Now, watch me, yes?’ He aims the AK down range, ‘Short bursts, comrade.’ He says as he fires three bullets into his target, waiting for about a second, then firing the same short burst again. He turns to the recruit, ‘See? Its much more easier to control this way.”

    ‘Da, Comrade Sergeant… I understand now.’ The recruit says with a nod, a small smile appearing on his face.

    ‘Here, try it-’ Leonid says, giving the weapon back to the recruit, helping the recruit with holding the AK firmly, putting a hand on the barrel to help the recruit with it. ‘Hold it firmly, now aim at your target.’ He pulls his hand away, allowing the recruit to take aim, ‘And- Fire!’

    The recruit starts to reciprocate what Leonid did earlier on, firing short bursts calmly from his AK, hitting his target much more accurately than before. He keeps shooting short bursts down range until his AK is eventually empty. He puts down the weapon and looks at his target, seeming quite satisfied.

    Leonid chuckles, and pats the recruit’s back, ‘Well done, comrade.’ The recruit returns the chuckle and nods, ‘Thank you, Comrade Sergeant..’ Leonid returns the nod, as a voice from afar calls him, ‘Sergeant Cherdenko!’

    Leonid turns around, to find his uncle, now a Colonel, disembarking from a UAZ. ‘Wait for me here.’ The Colonel says to the driver. He walks towards his nephew, ‘Sergeant.’ He nods towards Leonid.

    ‘Comrade Colonel.’ He nods respectfully, saluting the Colonel.

    The Colonel returns the salute, ‘We have a… rather urgent situation. I’d like that you come with me. Sergeant Krukov will take care of their training.’ He says, pointing towards the fresh recruits.

    ‘Yes, comrade.’ Leonid says, following the Colonel to the UAZ. They both ride in the back passenger seat, ‘Drive, comrade.’ The Colonel nods towards the driver. The Colonel lets out a sigh, holding a document in his hands.

    ‘What’s wrong, uncle?’ The rather curious Leonid asks, seeming a bit worried after seeing his uncle’s facial expressions turn.

    “Nothing, its…’ Colonel Cherdenko sighs again, ‘The… Group of Soviet Forces in Germany are having trouble quelling up insurgent activity. They have a lot of enlisted men there, and they’re requesting veteran officers to be transfered to Germany and suppress the insurgent activity.’

    Leonid’s facial expressions would suddenly turn disgruntled and angry, ‘Uncle, I’ve seen enough of guerilla warfare, and I-’

    Leonid is interrupted by his uncle, ‘Listen… I know you’ve seen enough in Afghanistan, but they need as much help as possible with dealing with the insurgents. No other officers are willing to take this job, nephew, you’re our only option in this matter.’ He sighs, soothingly putting a hand on Leonid’s shoulder, ‘Listen, you’re my nephew.. I know what’s best for you, Leo. And I know that you’ll make it through this. Just go there. For a few months, and I’ll have your resignation papers signed and marked myself. If I didn’t think highly of you, I would’ave just sent you there without notice, nor telling you about it.’ The Colonel sighs again, ‘So, we have a deal?’

    Leonid sighs after thinking for a few moments, ‘Are those the transfer documents you have in your hands, uncle?’

    The Colonel nods, ‘Da, The driver is taking us to the mail centre now.’

    Leonid, once again, starts thinking. He thinks about his friend, who had his brains blown up infront of him in Afghanistan. What if he is forced to relive such an experience once more? He almost broke down last time, but he didn’t. Perhaps… This time he might actually break? Well, who knows? All that he knows is that in a matter of a few days, he’ll either be still training recruits here, or will be serving in Germany, the last time he’ll ever be serving according to his uncle. After thinking of the deal his uncle offered him, he sighs, and mutters out,

    ‘Alright, uncle… I’ll do it. Just remember that you promised me my resignation papers.’



    FROM: Colonel Boris Cherdenko, Commander of the 14th Guards Army
    TO: Colonel Leonid Petrov, Commander of Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

    Comrade Petrov,

    Salutations from Moscow, comrade. I do indeed hope you are faring well in Germany. Speaking of which, We have heard that your company is rallying veteran troops from all over the Soviet Union. Therefore, I would like to recommend to you Sergeant Leonid Cherdenko.

    Sergeant Cherdenko has seen his fair share of battles throughout the years ever since he was enlisted to the Soviet Army in 1983. I have spoken to him on multiple occasions about quelling guerilla warfare in Germany, and it indeed was not an easy job, you know how it was for anyone who went to Afghanistan. Nonetheless, I believe he will be a useful asset to you in the upcoming days, and I’m fairly confident he will not be causing much trouble and devote his services to you and the Soviet Union. He will be arriving in a matter of a few days, shall you accept the transfer request, comrade.

    This document will uphold the full service record and psychological analysis of Sergeant Cherdenko besides this letter of course, and comrade… I’m sure that he will make you more than proud. I'm... also quite aware that the Sergeant has managed to pick up German pretty well due to his German ancestry, further more proving his usefulness. Just, ehh- Don’t mention Afghanistan too many times infront of him. You’re free to discuss it with him, of course, just… don’t get into details. He still has nightmares from those days. But do not worry, his tactical awareness and skills will prove more than useful to you and your men. Best wishes, comrade.


    Col. Boris Cherdenko


    desired rank: any

    specialization: heavy weapons (rifleman, i suppose?)

    EDIT: replaced a pic, thanks @Laura
    EDIT #2: added music and a small intro to make the app more aesthetic, and also this: (can remove if unnecessary)
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    I do not want to sound impatient or anything, but I would really appreciate it if I could get a verdict as soon as possible. My finales will start in about a month and a week and I would like to play for a bit before I get driven in revising.

    Once again, I really do not mean to sound impatient, but I just wanna have some fun before I get thrown in the yearly torture cycle of getting ready for the finales.

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