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    Name (Steam and Primary Forum): Nov (both)

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    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: Activity during evening (5:30pm til 8pm), inactivity during morning to noon. (8:30pm til 5:00 pm)

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    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: I would not know, as it would be my first time playing on this iteration on WW3RP Stasiland.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: to reiterate, I myself am german and am vastly experienced with the history of the GDR.
    Ideology wise, the GDR was a left-leaning ideology, which was enforced by the USSR.
    To clarify, that would be in this case socialist-republic with one party.state, henceforth other parties with differing ideologies are outlawed.
    Historywise, the German Democratic Republic was the result of the aftermath of WW2, in which Nazi-germany lost the war, and was split in West and East germany, shared between the winning forces of the second world war, including but not important for this was dissolved parts of the occupied poland, which were given back to poland and the USSR. Now, onto the more interesting topic, that is East Germany. The soviets occupied east germany, via occupation forces and the warsaw pact, yet it is to understand that while East Germany was supposedly a democracy as the name states in GDR, while in reality it was just led by the SED. (Socialist Unity Party of Germany).
    The GDR was dissolved after a mistake in late 1989 and early 1990 which involved the permission to cross the border freely after some months, Now, this ruling was misunderstood that it was immediate after it was forgot to be mentioned that it would be after a few months. Thanks to the press secretary's wording.
    Thousands gathered at the wall, to pass through. The border guards were not informed that it took months until that would be legitmate, and so they let them through.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense: The Stasi, or the Staatssicherheit to understand them as such were a state security office, acting as the GDR's tool of suppression of political enemies, and otherwise spying on the population of east germany. The Stasi did this via the infiltration and their own psychological method: Zersetzung. For this, the Stasi used informants and otherwise watchdogs that report suspicious behavior.





    AKTE 427
    (NAME) Vorname - Lorenz
    (SURNAME) Nachname - Senseman
    (NATIONALITY) Nationalität - Deutsch
    (AGE AND BIRTHDATE) Alter: 26 Geburtsdatum: 10.2.1966
    (GENDER) Geschlecht - Männlich
    (FEATURES) Merkmale: Grün-äugig, Braun-blondes Haar, aufdringliche und junge Stimme. (GREEN-EYED, BROWN-BLONDE, INTRUSIVE AND YOUNG VOICE)
    (CURRENT/PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT) Berufungen: (Derzeit) Zivildienst, Volkspolizei.

    :: INSPEKTOR: Guten tag, Senseman. ::
    (Good day, Senseman)
    :: Senseman: Ihnen auch einen schönen Tag. ::
    (I too, wish you a beautiful day.)
    :: INSPEKTOR: Bitte setzen Sie sich, Senseman. ::
    (Please sit down, Senseman.)
    *Senseman can be seen sitting down on the metal chair infront of him.*
    :: INSPEKTOR: Sie beschrieben Sie wollten einen Transfer von der Volkspolizei zur Arbeitsgruppe sechs? ::
    (You described that you wished for a transfer over from the DVP to AG: 6?)
    :: Senseman: Das ist korrekt, Ich denke mir dass nach meinen jahren in der Volkspolizei ich mir sowas schon leisten könnte, Ich nehme mal an Sie besitzen die liste an Erfolgen und Empfehlungen von meinen Vorgesetzten? ::
    (That is correct sir, I thought after all these years in the DVP I could reach for a higher position, I guess you already received the list of achievements and recommendations from my kin?)
    :: INSPEKTOR: Ja. ::
    :: INSPEKTOR: Herr Senseman, Ich muss sie dennoch fragen, was erwarten sie sich von der Arbeitsgruppe Sechs? ::
    (I still need to ask you, mister Senseman, what did you expect of the AG: 6 when sending the request?)
    :: Senseman: Was Ich mir erwarte? Das ist eine schwierige Frage. ::
    (What I expect? That is a fairly hard question.)
    :: INSPEKTOR: Natürlich, Ich denke mir Sie haben Schwierigkeiten es professionell zu vermitteln. ::
    (Naturally, I thought as much that you would have difficulties bringing that along professionally.)
    *The Inspector can be seen how he raises his left eyebrow, asserting a dominating position over Senseman's uncertainty*
    *A minute worth of pause seems to occur.*
    :: Senseman: Sie... Sie würden warscheinlich nicht verstehen warum, wenn Ich ihnen es sagen würde? ::
    (You... You would probably not understand why, if I told you about it?)
    :: INSPEKTOR: Schieß los. ::
    *The Inspector retains the position and mental domination.*
    :: Senseman: Inspektor, Ich denke dass nach meiner Erfahrung im Dienst Ich schon geeignet währe für so eine Position. ::
    (Inspector, I think after my experience in the service of the DVP, that I would be more than able to join this position.)
    *The Inspector returns to a neutral stance, bursting out laughing.*
    :: INSPEKTOR: HAHAHAHA... Sie wollen mich auf den Arm nehmen, Herr Senseman. ::
    (*Laughter* You are kidding me, Mister Senseman.)
    *Senseman seems to smile, laughing along, however he retains the smile.*
    :: Senseman: Ja, Herr Inspektor. Meine Talente liegen in dem anderem Gebiet, Verunsicherung. Wie sie wissen von den Dokumenten, konnte mir jeder Bürger vertrauen weil Sie dachten dass Ich ihnen nahe lag, es brachte mir sogar mal eine Standpauke von den Hauptkommissaren der Volkspolizei, allerdings stellte sich raus das meine Dienste immer Erfolg brachten im ende. ::
    (Yes, Inspector. My Talent is the opposite of what you'd expect, Trust. As you should've read by the documents, every citizen could trust me cause they thought that a Policeman like me would stand close to them, however that also brought me disciplinary warnings by the Chief of the DVP at my area, those in the end did turn out withdrawn due to the subsequent success.)
    *The Inspector seems to listen eagerly, however leans back into his leather chair.*
    :: INSPEKTOR: Sie wissen dass... die Arbeitsgruppe Sechs ganz anders funktioniert? Allerdings, denke Ich dass auch in unseren Methoden auch sowas schon gut ankommen könnte. Verlassen Sie sich allerdings nicht darauf, wie schon gesagt, dieses Interview dient nur um sich vorzustellen und uns ein Bild zu verschaffen wie Sie handeln könnten im Ernstfall. ::
    (You know that... AG: 6 is working differently? However, I think that Our methods could use a certain someone they could talk to. Do not rely on this, as we said this interview serves the sole purpose for us to imagine how you could act in the real case.)
    :: Senseman: Jawohl, Herr Inspektor. Ich möchte noch erwähnen falls meine Methoden nicht erwünscht sind, sind auch noch meine Grundeigenschaften durch andere Erfolge dennoch ein Merkmal warum Ich geeignet währe. ::
    (Very well, Inspector. I want to mention that if my methods are not welcome, then my other traits should suffice, that proved to be fruitful.)
    :: INSPEKTOR: Angemerkt, das würde unser Interview schließlich beenden, falls sie noch andere fragen haben beziehungsweise, andere Eigenschaften.
    (Noted, our Interview would be over, unless you still have questions or otherwise other traits to name us.)
    *The video seems to cut off before Senseman can state anything.*

    Started at the young age of 19, after his father forcefully sent him to the DVP.
    NOTED AS: Quick learner, obedient, good relations with other officers.

    Lorenz Senseman started out as a recruit, who was unusually talkactive during his first year, this changed during his second year where he learned about the death of his sister. The deathcause was unknown.

    At the third year of serving the DVP, his arrest count was well above ███.
    Disciplinary action was taken after he was reported to have overly conversed with civillians. It was withdrawn after ████ ████████ was arrested, who was only found via the contact to his relatives.

    The SED noted Lorenz as a tricky individual who seems to lie more often than is good for him, although he does not seem to look or feel dangerous in the presence of anybody.

    At the fourth year, Lorenz was transferred from Leipzig to Berlin at the demand of the chief.
    He performed slightly worse, but that only accounted for his first year in Berlin.
    After the second year in Berlin, his performance was returning to his previous standards.

    In the sixth year, his father died in a shootout. The cause was a revolutionary group that was caught in the open, and retaliated against the officers there.
    Casuallities were counted in the hundreds, 50% of the accounting deaths were the gangsters, 28% Civillian deaths due to bombs and otherwise crossfire, 22% of these were deaths of the DVP.
    Official numbers were not released to the public.
    As a result of this, Senseman was struck heavily with the feeling of vengeance, and was reported to have murdered ████████ ████████████ after continuous arguments, which were all proven against her. She was affiliated with the same group, it was stated that Lorenz began choking her for every minute she lied.

    In the seventh year of service, Lorenz was recommended by both the DVP station in Leipzig and Berlin, for his services. Lastly, he requested a transfer from the DVP into the AG: 6, as Fähnrich.

    There were no incidents regarding his health apart from smoking frequently.

    The person is deemed fit to transfer.

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    █████████ ███████

    Senseman, Lorenz.

    Stage the activist arrest test outside his apartment and see how he performs, get a letter from the sister as well. Put FIM Knecht on it and set up the standard monitor. If he passes clean for a week then stamp off on the Frankfurt transfer, Fähnrich, badge and uniform.

    Klaus Hauer


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