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    Krasnoyarsk. 8th of April, 1995. 7:49PM

    "You fucking rat!" - Screams out an elderly woman in the house.

    The house's windows were barely lit, cows lying just outside of it and a faint white smoke coming out of the house's pipe.
    "But I was just trying to take care of you!"

    "I was living just fine before you begged for money for your money-dump business, and now where'd all of your money go, hm? Paid to get out of jail I bet?!"

    No-no, you dont understand how all of it went down, I just explained my situation and... And they understood!"
    "You're just another Russian oligarch and a corruptionist, just like all of these pigs! Get the fuck out of my house, you're not Anton anymore!"

    "Please--mother, I can fix everything, just give me a little bit money and I'll profit to pay you back!"
    "Because of you, I am now in debt with some muslim from Kazaghstan, and I'll be barely able to pay it off! Get out of here and don't come back, you're an embarrasment of Sildur's family bloodline, you even avoided the military recruitment! Sold the house! And sold my family ring! I've been too kind! Fuck off!" - The elderly woman then throws out a bunch of clothes and documents to the man standing outside the door of the house, she then pushes him on the ground, landing on a fecal matter belonging to one of the cows.

    "W-What about my rare coins?! Please, I can't--"
    "You've got everything you need, bugger off!", then a loud sound of a door rings out, lights in the house dying down.

    "Fucking whore, I'll prove you wrong..." says the man covered in feces, picking up his documents and clothes as he then walks away from the house, glancing at it one more time as he walks down the road.



    8th of April, 12PM.
    Krasnoyarsk in the evening is absolutely stunning, it's evening lamps showering the entire city with light, cars turning the streets alive and giving a feel of a crowd. Anton Sildur walks down the road towards a building which has a huge USSR flag hanging from it's roof, the design clearly from the Industrial Age.

    Many well-clothed people glance at Anton shocked, some making nasty remarks about his poop-covered left shoulder, one even suggested Anton to go to a circus, but he didn't care, he knew where to go to and his only exit- The Soviet Army.

    Anton enters the building that has almost no one in it, dimly lit by the cold lights, a military officer quickly stands up from his table and flinches his right shoulder and raises it to his head, only to notice that it's a poorly-dressed and a dirty civilian, the officer looking seriously concerned at Anton.

    "You lost, boy? Mama threw a shit at you?" - Says military officer, giggling as he finishes his sentence.

    "Yeah. Let's get on the business, I want to enlist into Soviet Army."

    "You better clean yourself up at least." - says the officer, changing his tone to a much serious one.

    Anton throws a bunch of documents on the officer's table, heading to the door which has a toilet sign above it, stepping in to turn on the sink and start washing away a now-dry cow feces on his shoulder.

    The officer grabs the documents and inspects them, chuckling as he starts to write down the information while a sound of a sink spreads out in the room.

    SURNAME: Sildur
    NAME: Anton
    PATRONYMIC: Artyomevich
    SEX: M

    D/O/B: 8/04/62
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Novosibirsk, Russia
    NATIONALITY: Russian

    DATE OF ISSUE: 19/02/89
    DATE OF EXPIRATION: 19/03/95
    PASSPORT ID: №63565
    Anton leaves the bathroom with his shoulder clean but wet, still looking poor. He steps in front of the officer, wiping his mouth as he waits for the officer to finish up the paper work, looking around.

    "Got anything to bring with yourself, clothes, food, family pictures?" - says the officer.

    "No, not anymore. I am practically empty-handed."
    "Then take these documents, step into the door behind me, take a turn to your right and get ready for medical examination, see if you're fit."

    Anton nods and opens the door, officer glancing at him with a suspicious look as if he had seen him somewhere before, but he sighs and slowly sits down on his desk. Putting a cap on his eyes and crossing his arms.

    A chilly air starts to surround Anton as he walks in the dimly-lit white corridors, and there is only one cabinet that has a cold light coming out of it. The corridors begin to smell of medicine, as Anton walks into the cabinet, knocking on a door and looking at a nurse reading a book.

    "Are you available to inspect me? I am enlisting into the army."

    "Come on in, put your documents on the table and undress until panties"
    Anton awkwardly puts the documents on nurse's table and starts to pull off his shirt and pants, the cold air starting to surround him while nurse inspects him to see whether or not he's fit for service, she then stands closer to him, wearing a pair of rubber gloves to start moving it towards his hair, inspecting them for any fleas. She then moves back and sits down on her table, starting to write some documents without speaking anything while Anton just awkwardly stands there, eventually taking a seat on a table and dressing up again.

    The nurse looks just like any other medic you would see, eye pockets dark from a sleeping deprivation, curly black and gray hair and a pair of glasses. "Being a medic must be very stressful" thinks Anton, before being asked a few questions by the nurse, relating his health & mental status. Anton is handed his documents and a pass, before being told to move into another room.


    NAME: Anton
    PATRONYMIC: Artyomevich

    - Received a treatment for a broken nose.
    - Treated for a potential infection on right hand, anti-biotics given.
    - Leg pain due to a possible strain, painkillers given.
    - Vaccinated for H1N1 flu.
    - Vaccinated for Tuberculosis.
    - Vacinnated for Influenza.

    After a rather awkward and almost silent medical examination, Anton sighs and walks on to another room where he is met by a yet another military officer and a few sleepy men, standing on the wall with duffel bags that contained their personal items, while Anton was empty-handed. Many people look at Anton confused as to why he carries nothing on his hands, but the officers seemingly don't care.

    "Put your personal items away for now, you will need to fill-out some documents first. And then... You'll have to wait in this building for sometime before we head out to a training camp. The truck should arrive tomorrow, so if you want to mail your relatives, the best time is now or they will be informed by us. You will spend at least 1 month in the training camp, before you're possibly deployed to Frankfurt or any other outposts in Russia. Got it?"

    "Yes comrade Major!"- says the cadets, except for Anton who just remained silent, nodding.

    A few men put their bags on the ground and some open it to take out their pens, while others including Anton receive one for a temporary time from the NCO. Anton sits down on the desk and is handed a template, a yellow and a seemingly old paper which hasn't seen the light for a while. He starts to write down on the paper, in silence.


    N/S/P: Anton Sildur Artyomevich.
    D/O/B: 08/04/62
    P/O/B: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

    Passport ID: N63565




    Anton then picks up the paper and gives it to the military officer, he is escorted out of the room into a sleeping room filled with double-beds and already sleeping men. He sneaks into a free bed, undresses and goes to sleep, while looking at a window as he thinks what will happen in his military career, how he will prove her mother wrong and how his life changes here and now, on this certain day right on his birthday.

    Name: Antloin

    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:28475316

    Timezone: GMT+9

    How is your activity? / How would you rate your interest in Stasiland?: My activity is usually 1-3 hours, as I am really interested in current events and the general setting of the server and I am really enjoying it's atmosphere and it's events.

    Any previous infractions at the community? If so, can you explain?: I don't really like talking about it. I've had a problem with the community and it's members after I just "blew up" and insulted everyone, then left the community for months before coming back to play WW3RP.

    Previous WW3RP / RP experience: None

    How familiar are you with the Soviet Union (ideology, history etc.)?: Not very much actually, I think I barely even know about it's general history as I haven't began studying it in school yet.

    Are you aware of the new concept? What are some of the differences between this iteration of WW3RP and the old one?: The new concept is to have much more roleplay than a 24/7 S2K which the previous server had. The older one relied on S2K and it's playebase was enjoying it, while the new one mixes both RP and S2K/S2RP, to create a perfect balance of roleplay and combat for WW3RP feeling to the server.

    What do you think this faction will be doing on the server?: The faction plays the second important role, standing next to Stasi faction. Soviet Union Forces will be occupying the German Democratic Republic and working with the Stasi Government, to ensure that the Frankfurt and other German territories are under the control of USSR and are part of Russia. They are also keeping peace & order by forcing it's civilians to comply with their orders and forcing their ideology on them.

    edit; fixed some grammar mistakes and aligned a year to WW3RP, giving Anton at least 10 months of training and guard duty.
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