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    Name (Steam and Primary Forum): Afran/bidde bop bop

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60634992

    Timezone: UK

    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: Should be able to find time most days but I have two-three days off a week to play.

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server (WW3RP & HL2RP): Some minor infractions on the forums and the old WW3RP, the only serious one I remember was for RDM but managed to sort it out later on iirc. This was all a while ago however and doesn't reflect the kind of person I am today.

    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: Yes, besides being a continuation of the old lore, Stasiland aims to convert the heavily combat focused gamemode into a more passive environment. The main focus is civilians trying to survive and thrive in a lawless area filled with occupational soldiers, covert agents and secret police all with their own goals and agendas.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: I am familiar with the basics and am currently doing more research into the topic in anticipation for the server.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense: The Stasi was East Germany's infamous security service formed in the image of it's soviet counterparts, mainly the Cheka. The main body of the organisation acted primarily as a secret police service, it's success is arguably thanks to the culture of paranoia and surveillance it created within the nation largely due to it's army of informers. Those that were discovered to be working against the state were often sent to Stasi owned prisons where solitary confinement was the norm and citizens were helpless in the matter. The organisation eventually found that covert means of punishment like physiological torture refereed to by them as zersetzung benefited them greatly as they were less susceptible to international scrutiny. The HVA was also a notable part of the Stasi machine, acting as it's foreign intelligence agency which was involved in various operations across the world including espionage, training, sabotage, misinformation and information gathering.



    Konrad's life started in East Berlin during the early winter of 1970. His mother died giving birth, leaving him as the only child to his father, a high ranking MFS operator. As a child, Konrad felt heavily isolated due to his familial ties to the infamous Stasi secret service as even his teachers secretly feared interaction with him for reasons he couldn't understand. Many evenings were spent playing alone at the schools after hours club until his engrossed father could find the time to retrieve him. His father pushed an extremely restrictive lifestyle onto him and had little care for his personal needs and ambitions, however all this did improve as he grew older and Konrad would eventually come to appreciate the morals and strong socialist values his father instilled in him.

    As a young man, Konrad had dreams of becoming a professional athlete, specifically as a swimmer which he had a natural talent for. At the age of 17 he passed The German Sports Association of Swimming trails and was granted membership, he quickly progressed as one of the top in his age group and later participated in semi-professional events. However his goal of reaching an Olympic stadium was distributed at the age of 18 as he was inevitably conscripted into the Armed Forces. His father, now even further up in the chain of command managed to have Konrad be assigned to the Stasi's personal paramilitary wing and main recruitment source, The Felix Dzerzhinsky Regiment.

    Not long after basic training, swimming laps for a living seemed almost foolish to Konrad, although most his days were spent guarding quiet government buildings, this new life seemed full of purpose to him and the idea of eventually working for the MFS seemed more and more natural to him as time went on. A couple years into his service, Konrad proved himself a reliable and loyal asset and was selected for recruitment into the HVA, undoubtedly with some influence from his father.

    September of 1989 Konrad receives his first real assignment, assisting a team of combined HVA and KGB operatives tasked with disrupting anti-soviet armed resistance across the Balkans. Konrad's detail was first sent to Poland to investigate and take down a smuggling operation, transporting weapons and equipment across the border into the hands of Czechoslovakian resistance cells. A few weeks into intelligence gathering, the team was close to uncovering the source of the supply and had a few potential locations for where the weapons were being stored. Shortly after Konrad discovered intel which confirmed one of the suspected locations to be the cache, along with information detailing a transfer of the weapons to a new location on the same day. Unable to reach the command of the operation held up in a meeting, Konrad naively saw the opportunity to prove his worth and took the initiative to act upon this. He assigned the task to a local military unit who quickly drew up plans and carried out a raid on the compound.

    However to Konrad's dismay, the building turned out completely empty. At first he believed he was too late and the stockpile was already on it's way elsewhere, but it would turn out that the intel he discovered in the first place was simple bait by the suppliers to confirm suspicions that they were being investigated. As a result, the weapons were presumably transported far out of the area and the smuggling operation ceased for the time being. The failure served as a complete embarrassment to the HVA and of course Konrad was heavily reprimanded for his rash and foolish actions, if it weren't for his fathers influence he would likely have been discharged from the MFS altogether. After suspension, his punishment was eventually decided as a transfer, or unofficial demotion to the Division of Garbage Analysis, severely restricted room for further career advancement and a troubling reputation that would take a lot of effort to mend. And so with that, Konrad spent the next two years inspecting garbage bins across Berlin and collecting data on residences that were using contraband consumables or items. For the most part it was very unfulfilling work in Konrad's eyes and a waste of his potential abilities, but understood that it was a necessary path to get his career back on track. And eventually he would actually make some worthy successes after he uncovered a couple moderately large contraband distributors. After over two years in the division, Konrad decided he had put in enough effort in to warrant a place back in the HVA, whether or not his transfer request will be granted is yet to be decided.
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    Very good app but I have some activity concerns that I can't really verify on my own because of your profile status. Going to put this on pending until you reach out to me on the forums so we can talk about it.

    E: Denied after a brief private chat.
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