[CHARBIO] dongo


Sangheili Bias
Apr 27, 2016
everyone and their mum is doing these so fuck you


Basic Information

Name: dingo

Gender: dude

Age: old enough

Date of Birth: 02/03/98

Place of Birth: Syndey aka new bejing

Nationality: American-Australian

Spoken Languages: english, surrender-speak (frenchy)

Sexual Orientation: Sangheili

Religious Beliefs: jesus

Affiliation: the emu resistance

Alignment: idk


Detailed Information

Appearance: male_02

Personality: human

Medical Records: i thought i had appendicitis once but it was constipation

Character Voice:


this is a knoife
lee enfield .303

Attire: clothes



In West Australia, born and raised. In the ocean, there I spent most of my days. Chillin out, maxin; relaxin all cool, stroking some stingrays inside the pool. When a couple of crocs who were up to no good, started making trouble in Australia Zoo. So I got one little bite, and Terri got scared. "you're moving with your aunt and uncle in Bel Air" I whistled for a boat and when it came near, the licence plate said fresh and had dice in the mirror. If anything, I'd say that this boat was rare, but forget it, yo captain to Bel Air. I pulled up to the sting ray about seven or eight and I yelled to the captain yo holmes smell ya later. Looked at the sting ray my heart it did puncture i sit on my grave as the crocodile hunter
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