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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by `impulse, Apr 6, 2017.

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    This section is meant for serious threads about - you guessed it - current affairs. News, debates, etc. You should keep news-like threads in here so we don't have !! BREAKING NEWS !! threads sprinkled across sections. Here are a few tips to avoid getting your thread locked/removed or getting banned, in addition to the global forum rules:
    • It is advised to post a source to whatever your thread is about, if possible.
      • Considering this, don't post articles from bad sources (i.e buzzfeed and the like)
      • Not every thread is about Capitalism/Communism - making it so will count as derailment, keep it to its respective thread.
    • This section is not restricted to just political debates. Feel free to post anything that you might find newsworthy.
    • Provide a descriptive, non-clickbait title. Using the title from your source is advised.
    • Serious discussion for a serious section. Irrelevant or low-effort posts should be reported for removal.
    • Keep your posts civil. No need to get hostile because someone has a different viewpoint on things.
    • Ratings have been restricted to a select few, so don't complain about them.
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