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Apr 26, 2016
As I was digging through the web, I came across this website and took my time to read some of the articles on it. To be honest, I found those fairly realstic, reflecting the current state of our society has been going with for a time. Even though, it's not fully visible and solid, men get more feminine and weaker, while women become more masculine. In my country, we are still somewhat bound to traditional values that we have preserved for ages. I am all okay with that. However, in more modernized countries such as USA, SJWs, special snowflakes and other people with similiar idelogies literally create asspulled genders, races, weird pronouns, just to be more unique and there is no limit for this. At the other hand, some group of individuals cry like infants, whenever they say they get offended from something unrelated. When you actually devote your time to thinking about it, this is the future we are going to leave our kids to live with. A world full of overly sensitive people and their words with "muh feelings." Completely terrible. These are what I observed over the web, from another country. I would like to know your opinions about this matter, doesn't matter what you think, be it contrary or the same, just post it below.
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