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    Eddy ☭


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    Fairly active, inactive whenever midterms and such kick around in school. Will probably be around for weekends in evenings.

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server (WW3RP & HL2RP):
    None. I am new.

    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?:

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?:

    The German Democratic Republic is something I have studied extensively in the last few years along with the Soviet Union and other previously and currently existing Socialist states.. The ideology of the GDR, Marxism-Leninism, is something I am well versed in and have extensive knowledge of theory of. I know the history of the DDR pretty well, from its cultural icons (Sandmännchen, etc), food brands that came as a result of 'Consumer Socialism' (Vita cola being a favorite), to the architecture and layout of the Palast Der Republik. I have studied the inner workings of the Volkshammer and the SED to some level. I have read Erich Honecker's "From My Life" Which gives an exclusive view of the development of the DDR from the perspective of its most prominent leader.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense:
    The Stasi (MfS, proper) were the sword and shield of the party and the dictatorship of the proletariat established within the German Democratic Republic. Their job is to root out counterrevolutionaries within society, a large extensive network of informants are set up to assist in this act. Comrades of the MfS will report counterrevolutionary activity and suppress or monitor it.




    Name: Edvard Schnitz
    D.O.B: 5/1/1964
    Age: 40

    Medical Information:
    The Soldier in question shows no physical abnormalities and has passed
    all previous medical and fitness exams.

    Ideological Information:
    Soldier has been interviewed by political officers and asked about their ideological loyalties. The following interview contains the information in question.
    Interviewer: Explain your political background.
    SCHNITZ: My Father was a Communist organizer in the years prior to the Fascist coup in the German bourgeois republic. He and many comrades were locked up when the Nazis came to power, but were liberated by the Red Army in '45. I was raised on the values of proletarian and scientific Socialism. At age 12 I joined the FDJ.
    Interviewer: So, you identify as a Marxist and Leninist?
    SCHNITZ: Correct.
    Interviewer: What age did you join the SED?
    SCHNITZ: At age 20, I had spent my final years of teenhood enlisting for the Volksarmee and after two years of service I joined the SED to show my dedication to the socialist Fatherland and to the construction of a revolutionary movement.
    Interviewer: That will be all.

    Information: Edvard Schnitz is a 30 year old Male from Dresden. Records indicate his family were at the forefront of the United Front against the Nazi Government 1933-1937. His Father, according to Gestapo records, was organizing for the KPD in the Saarland when they were arrested in the flat of one of their Comrades. He survived his stay in Sachsenhausen until 1943, where he was relocated into another prison in Berlin to engage in forced labor to produce weapons for the Third Reich. His father was subsequently released in 1945 upon liberation and was quick to join the SED in its early years. His Mother met through SED organizing and the two would Marry in 1950.

    Edvard Schnitz was active in his local FDJ branch. Often partaking in ideological discussions and education sessions adamantly. Immediately upon turning 18 he joined the Nationale Volksarmee and continued service until recently. Participated in German War for Reunification and was an active participant in the suppression of counter revolutionaries during the initial occupation. Was recalled to homeland after seven months on the front line.

    Edvard Schnitz was then sought by the MfS as potential talent and offered a position in the Fähnrich program. Herr Schnitz accepted and would go on to complete Fähnrich training at the ████████ facility in ████. His training lasted ████████████████.

    Personal Relationship status: Edvard has been known to have on and off relationships with several individuals in Primary School:
    Greta ████
    Erika ████
    Monica ████

    However, research has indicated that all contact with these individuals has been lost and Herr Schnitz remains without emotional attachments. When asked if he had any relationships, he replied "My marriage is only to the revolution."

    Subject is currently awaiting transfer from his NVA post. Awaiting further word from the MfS command.

    Edvard would move quickly down the hallway of the army barracks, his few service medals bouncing off his stonegray coat with each loud step. As he walked down the almost endless hall, he'd often pass by rooms filled with rows of bunks and other soldiers of the Volksarmee. The incredibly high amount of soldiers a full decade or more younger than him made him felt uneasy. He hated how quickly his age seemed to be catching up to him. Before I know it He thought I'll be as grey as papa! He chuckled to himself softly Or I'll look as saggy as General Kessle- Before he finished his thought, he realized he was in the front door of his barrack. He'd knock quietly, hoping his room mate was not around to potentially bother him. There was silence and a sigh of relief came from the soldat's mouth. He opened the door and quickly set his peaked cap onto his bed, turning over to the mirror before giving himself a confident smile. "I HAVE to get in. My loyalty to the party is unmatched.." He said to himself, turning towards a portrait of Marx on his wall "Humanity depends on what we do today.." He would then sit down on his cot, a loud squeak being heard as the metal frame adjusted for the sudden weight forced on it. The soldier would look blankly at the wall, twiddling his thumbs, nervous and waiting... And wait he did.

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