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May 31, 2016
Hello there!
If you clicked this thread, you are most likely curious as to what "E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy" is, or maybe you just want to discuss the game since you already had experiences with it.
If you already know what it is, just skip all this and actually talk your opinion over the game, or whatever you want to talk about related to it.
If not, well, just keep reading and I'll explain everything possible.
So here I go:


So, what the hell is E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy?
E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy is a slow paced tactical RPG FPS Cyberpunk themed game made on the Source Engine with fairly complex and confusing mechanics... including the story. It was developed by Streum On Studio on July 29 of 2011.
That's really all I can tell about what the game is.

How does this thing play?
The gameplay at first can be excruciatingly confusing since it features waaaay too many things, going from things as simple as the character and inventory screen, to researching stuff in order to become a bit more powerful and upgrading your cyber implants and other stuff. It really is more complicated than I'm making it sound.





However, once you dedicate enough time to comprehend the game's main mechanics, you will be in for an experience to remember.
It gives you the freedom to do things your way, just like the original Deus Ex did!
You can either go extremely violent, find alternatives to complete missions without provoking too much of a mess or even hack your way through (almost) everything.
It does have it's disadvantages however, the combat, although is for the most part comfortable, can turn really annoying since getting shot makes the screen go blurry as hell, and in the case of being overwhelmed by enemies it disorients you a lot to the point of not even being able to retreat properly as well as the bleeding feature which makes you lose blood until you "Maintain" yourself, losing sanity which makes your character go all crazy and start shooting/moving on it's own and even a weird thing which is a half RPG system, like sometimes, if your accuracy isn't high enough, it will say things like "Bullshit! Ultra failed attack" showing that you indeed, missed a shot... but of course, there is always people that find it challenging enough to be entertaining.


The obviously principal way you are going to play the game, is by completing the objectives you are given, and at the same time the optional stuff you can receive by finding the right people and knowing how to talk to them (which is a ton of secondary "quests" by the way). Sounds simple right? Well, it does at first, but as you advance through the levels/maps/missions you will get to bigger and more open maps with a lot of hardly visible entries that make it feel as if reaching an objective is intentionally impossible. This of course is annoying as it can easily make you get lost on the simplest of tasks, unless you have a good eye or you have that "speedrunner orientation", if so, you are fine.
Sometimes, your skills will determine if you are going to finish an objective or not. What do I mean by that? Well, the hacking skill is a MUST if you want to get past some levels that require you to be good at hacking.

And here is where the hacking part comes in; In E.Y.E hacking can be a pretty lethal weapon as everything is pretty much electronic machines and other stuff, now don't think hacking in the game is just solving a puzzle. It's much more complicated actually as it works just like a turn based combat game which requires you to be quick and know EXACTLY what to do, so you have to actually be smart and good at the game's hacking system.


And what is the price to pay in case you fail to hack whatever it is you are trying to hack? Does it becomes unhackable? Does it get destroyed or fried? Does an alarm sound alerting all the enemies in the area and more?
No, something even weirder. THE MACHINE HACKS YOU. Yes, you read that right.


And what about the "gunz"?
Jeez... I have no idea what to say about E.Y.E's weaponry. The weapons are either really strong or really horrible, depending on the enemy you use it against and even the mission you are doing, so it is really important to change your loadout so it works the best way possible depending on what you are currently doing.
And hey, unlike other games I know, the way you get the weapons and ammo is soo good it makes me cry. You see, in most games you usually buy the gun you want to use, then the ammo, once it runs out you have to buy ammo over and over again, if you throw the weapon away you have to buy it once more to use it...
In E.Y.E the way it works is, you buy the weapon, it will be free forever. Once you have bought something it comes with the ammunition set in the "armories" which can be seen anywhere, with those you can equip any weapon and as much ammo as you want for absolutely no cost (including changing the armor to whatever you want).


And before I forget, the "magic" in the game is nothing more than augmentations and psychologic attacks, which can range from becoming invisible, to cloning yourself to make a literal one man army to even possessing enemies to fight for you. Yeap.

SPOILER ALERT! If you like the game already and want to play it, I recommend skipping this entire thing.

What's the story of the game?
To be honest I'd rather kill myself than attempt to explain with complete accuracy the story of the game. Why you ask? Because the game literally defies any possible logical story and instead decides to make everyone call their view on the ending as "theories"... if there even IS an ending.

Here's some reading music.

I'll tell what I know:
It is the story of you, a member of the Secreta, a shady cultist group that dedicates itself to worshipping cybertechnology (hence the name "divine cybermancy") who by some not too defined at all reason decides to end with their sworn rivals, the Jiangs.
Before the real game begins, you are put infront of a mysterious gate that has your mentor's dead body infront of it, which once approached, your character will say he killed his mentor, yet he wasn't the murderer.
Upon entering the gate, you wake up with no memory on a cave, where you are told to get out of there and get back to the HQ, where once you get there, are greeted with a message left by yourself which doesn't tell you what happened for your own "safety" and instead says you should trust no one but yourself, even though you still take orders from the Secreta. And so, you go doing your job with no complete explanation of what happened before your memory loss, gathering information, killing targets, cleaning places. That is, until you are given the order to go and kill your own mentor for being a traitor, if it wasn't that once you do, it is revealed by him what the real intentions of the Secreta are. When you go back, everything is quiet and empty, only to then be attacked by what was once your allies, and you only have 1 objective, find and kill the leader (obviously).
Once done, you are teleported to the same place where you began, infront of the mysterious gate, but something is different, your mentor and a mysterious person is there, who then tell you only a portion of what is going on, and when you step into the portal, you are teleported back to the starting point of the game, inside the cave, but this time you have everything your character got all the way until reaching the end.

"What kind of ending is that?" you might be asking. Well, this is dissapointing but, that's not the real ending. I'll talk about the "ending" a bit further on.
Let me tell you about what is really going on, or atleast my "theory" on it;
You are living a dream that loops over and over, which can be proved once you run out of revivals and eventually die, who gets you to speak with the mysterious man that then tells you that you are still dreaming.
The reason being that someone used a cybermancy spell on you known to put people in an eternal trance of dreaming for the rest of their life, making them unable to wake up from it (you can obtain that ability by reaching the ending the first time), it is unknown who did that to you and why, but you are reviving the same memories over and over from before getting into eternal dream state, and there is absolutely no way to escape from it. Literally, there is no real ending to the game, it loops forever.



What sucks about the game.
Oh boy, here we are at the part that everyone hates about their favourite game, the flaws.
It's obvious that such a complex game like E.Y.E would have it's big amount of flaws... aside of being underrated.

-One of them being the obvious confusion factor which makes people even believe the game is shit because they don't understand anything. It's common when an Indie game tries too hard to appear AAA, and that really kicks out the reality of how the game really is. It's clear no one wants to be lost on the "tutorial".

-Talking of tutorial, that's another flaw, yes. There isn't an actual tutorial, but rather they are just a bunch of texts written in order for the player to understand how it works, the problem is that no one wants to read 50 lines of text just to know how to do 1 simple thing, and the fact that the interface is hell doesn't help it too much neither.

-Of course, ladder to ladder, the interface is by far one of the biggest flaws, it is the most important element in the game as it is the "core" of all gameplay and mechanics, and you know it's a big no-no when you don't understand what each thing is. Trust me, that "little thing that might not change anything at all" can greatly affect the way the game plays.

-The story could give major brain damage to anyone, for obvious reasons, it isn't just that it literally loops once you finish it and there's no explanation as to why, it's just that to begin with, you have no idea why you are doing each thing or what each thing is meant to do against or in favour of the other factions, and that greatly affects the immersion.

-You know what gives me some serious cancer? The way to get the "real ending".
You aren't supposed to find some secret entrance, or do things differently to the first time (although it's highly possible), no, this is what you do: You finish the game 3 TIMES.
I am extremely glad the game in general is only 4-5 hours long depending on how fast you go through it, but it is still really bad that to find out about the real deal you need to finish all the missions 3 times...

-The battle features, more than anything tend to be annoying, because the effects take out about 80% of your vision by blurring shit out or taking control of your character to do random shit getting himself killed in the process... not cool... not cool at all.

The GREATEST things of the game.
There are reasons this game is one of my secretly most favourite of all time, and what I'm about to show will apply for anyone that is trying and tried the game out.

Divine Cybermancy did the coop mode flawlessly, it's so well optimized and thought out, it is actually preferable to playing the campaign solo. It gives you a chance to make the experience 2 times more tactical as players can perfectly take up different roles to solve problems more easily and even beat the game much faster than normal. For example while a player especializes in hacking, being fast, and sniping, another is the perfect subject to clean rooms full of feds in 0.5 seconds. I refuse to believe there's a game that does Coop much better than E.Y.E does.

-The AI will kick your ass twice, and then kill you. And it's true, the AI was made up to be smart and challenging, being able to do stuff I didn't know could be achieved technologically with the Source engine. They actually think of what's going on around them, they have a gigantic field of view, making them see as far as the player itself can, they know exactly where and when to take cover, they react differently depending on what they hear, example if it's a gunshot they will go running ready to blow your brains out, if it's footsteps they will go carefully but still alert, they are aware of what's going on around them and will take tactical decisions based on the enemies, will become fearful once they see enough of their buddies dead and will make use of turrets and other stuff whenever necessary (tho they can still be dumb sometimes), and in case you can't live without your softcore chicken experience, you can ease the AI.

-The way the combat works is satisfying as well, and I am not talking about the effects, but instead of the combat in general. There's just something that makes killing enemies the best feeling ever, it might be how you can dismember them entirely by getting a point blank attack, or how you can slice them up with a katana in a single hit, or maybe how they react to 1 hit kill headshots.

-It's freedom, seriously, if you want to accomplish a mission in a specific way, you can do that, nothing is stopping you. You want to shoot your target down with a sniper rifle? Sure! Or how about the alternative of contracting a group of bandits to do the dirty work for you? Of course! Ooooor, not getting into violent situations with the target and make a "trade" to get rid of him? Boring, but yes.

-Upgrades on it's own can be purchased with the ingame currency called "brouzouf", which means, if you feel like it, you can waste your money to upgrade your character without needing to farm for a level up or some shit. And what's the best part? You get brouzouf by literally doing anything, and that includes breathing.


So, do you recommend the game?
If everyone was like me, yes, I'd say "Buy it or die a horrible death".
However, here's the thing, only some specific people can enjoy E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy as it's not a generic FPS game with action around every corner and the classical "you are the hero, you can't lose" motto. This game takes a person that enjoys learning complicated games and doesn't bother at all if it can be confusing at first, since that is the charm, being able to know things others don't have the slightest clue about. This game will hate you, it will keep things up to you, it will punish you for not thinking before taking action and will require you to read as much as necessary which means that if you dislike those things, you should definitely stay away from it.
I enjoy it because it got me immersed with the many ways you can go about everything and even how I got the opportunity to learn on my own what I now know about the game, as well as it's complex story and gameplay style which can go from quiet to stressful really quick, including the Coop which makes players act as a team rather than just aimlessly shoot everything.
So be very careful at the time of buying this game, you have to think "Do I like to get myself into more complication than necessary? Do I accept a game for what it has to offer? Am I willing to learn even if it means knowing nothing at the beggining?". You can't just "try it out" and think that the first 20 minutes of gameplay will show you what you wanted to see, it takes time to enjoy this game, and it also takes the will to do so.

Well, there's all I had to explain to everyone who got here with no idea as to what E.Y.E is, now let's see what the rest of you has to say about the game itself!
Also if someone has the game and Hamachi, we could go for a Coop session. It should be fun.
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Apr 26, 2016
Holy shit you wrote all of this?
Bro you should become a game reviewer XD


Apr 26, 2016
I played this game once, it was really confusing and barely got out of the tutorial, I got a lot of brouzouf tho