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  1. Jas691

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    Feb 4, 2017
    - OOC Section -
    Name: Jas691

    SteamID: STEAM_1:1:198424841

    Timezone: GMT +1

    How is your activity? / How would you rate your interest in Stasiland?:
    I have a very good activity and a lot of interest in playing this gamemode.
    If i had to rate it with numbers i'd say 10/10.

    Any previous infractions at the community? If so, can you explain?:
    No, none.
    I would never intentionally break any rules set OOC.

    Previous WW3RP / RP experience:
    I've played WW3RP ever since around few months before Globalists vs Coalition was no more.

    Before that i've been playing HL2RP on Nebulous.

    My first experience was roleplaying as a German inside the Coalition faction and somehow managed to get behind the enemy lines during an S2K fight because i have no orientation of where is what back then when i was in a firefight. I'd run into walls, i'd have horrible sensitivity on my mouse, you name it, i had it.
    I found myself going to the Globalists FOB which was inside a giant mining place with an elevator whilst radio'ing with my team, trying to communicate to them that i'm lost and have no idea what to do and that i need help.

    Roosebud warned me for "Alone".
    And i thought it was a jab at me for having no friends in the community cause i'm new.

    So the Coalists helped me orientate myself and i made my way halfway back when i found two teams killing eachother and being the naive dummy i am walked behind these Globalists asking for some more directions because i have no idea about anything at all and they called me mentally disabled then captured me and made jokes about homosexuals for the duration of the entire walk back where i ended up in a cell with Chef Jones constantly going away from keyboard and without any real roleplay.
    There was no chance i'd ever be able to get back to my base unless i request NLR.
    This made me realize that war truly is heck.

    Which is why i ended up joining the Military Police as my first branch in the Globalist faction, to interact with Prisoners of War and give them something to do. Sometimes i played chess with them, one time i had them stich shut bulletholes in our ACUs or we talk about parallel universes. Just anything to make POW roleplay not bad.

    Ever since then i've developed fondness of trying to carefully think about what kind of character i roleplay. How my character will affect the playerbase and server as a whole if i decide to roleplay them.

    Also, if it matters, my highest rank was a JNCO rank.

    How familiar are you with the Soviet Union (ideology, history etc.)?:
    I'd say i'm familiar enough to roleplay the part of a soldier.
    Learned about the Democratic Republic of Germany in school.
    I've also read the guide made by Poopship McGee about character and faction creation.
    Understood it aswell.
    There's some things which went over my head and didn't get stuck under my roof but that's mainly just some numbers and dates, nothing nobody needs to know how to play a realistic character in my opinion.
    I'm well aware that if you want to roleplay a character as being very intelligent you yourself need to have the smarts for it. It's easy for someone who's savvy to roleplay an idiot but someone without the knowledge can't roleplay someone who's informed.

    Are you aware of the new concept? What are some of the differences between this iteration of WW3RP and the old one?:
    Yeah, i'm aware of the new concept.
    It's slower, which sounds more attractive to me personally. It also has it's focus on citizens and people don't just go around senslessly S2King eachother like it's a fancy team deathmatch with roleplay only inside FOBs and nothing else around the map unless patrols are going on, which again are only shoot to kill.
    There's also little to no NATO.
    It feels to me like a guerilla war.

    What do you think this faction will be doing on the server?:
    Occupy Germany.
    Create roleplay for the citizens by showing it's presence.

    - IC Section -


    Emina Herovic

    Magadan, Russia

    80th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade
    7th Operational Squadron
    803rd Motorized Rifle Regiment

    Infantry, Rifleman


    Born and raised in the port town Magadan, which is known to be one huge entire graveyard, Emina lived in a family consisting of both parents, grandparents and four siblings all of which have little to no influence and are common humble people trying to live their life in peace and humility to the best of their capability.

    Emina shot through any expectations in the earliest stages of her life by having the best grades in her school, making all sorts of friends and being generally popular among the people in her hometown.

    Though after reaching her sixteen she left Magadan behind.

    She had made her way to Yakutsk.
    Two-thousand kilometres away from her family.

    From there she made her way all across through Russia in a long journey for maturity.
    She eventually found herself, in Alakurtti, where she joined the 80th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade.

    Thanks to her impressive endurance and skills in swimming she was transferred
    to the 7th Operational Squadron of the Northern Fleet, doing an impeccable job.
    Although a promotion seemed as it just was never meant to be.

    After a fatal error in machinery she nearly drowned with the rest of her crewmen in a submarine.
    Almost dying of hypothermia has given her adventure pause.

    Until she recovered.
    Requested transfer to the 803rd Motorized Rifle Regiment.
    Back on her feet, but this time, she will be fighting along the front lines.​
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    Apr 26, 2016
    Accepted for Soldier, Medic.
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