Accepted Fluffy's EMS application


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Jul 24, 2016
Character name:
Peter Parkson

State Id:

None yet. (still need to make the char.)

Date of birth:


Briefly describe your character's background:

Anna Gorovichinki, Mother - Death due to age
John Parkson, Father - Death due to age

History: Peter was the only child of a Russian mother and an American father. Even though he was born in Texas, he never has seen much of the place itself due to the early moving of him and his family to Russia.

He was brought up by his father and mother in the fairly large city of Vladivostok. He got used to the people around him on a young age and tried to learn Russian with his father. Him and his father had a great relationship together, they were always trying new stuff, and found their interests mostly in common. His mother took her time off work to teach him Russian, however he struggled and had to get a real teacher who would come to his house three times a week.

He didn't learn much of the Russian language, but had fun spending time with his teacher. He even thought him a few words English. After a long time, he finally made the decision to learn the arts of marketing and salesmanship. He opened his own pharmacy at one point. It grew out to be a huge success, but the language seemed to still be a barrier between him and the locals who were the most common found in his store.

Why do you want to join the EMS? (IC & OOC):

OOC: Because I think it's fun to drive around and help people who've crashed on their bike for the fourth time.
IC: Because Peter is motivated to help out wherever needed. He's a dedicated doctor and wants to help as many people as he can.

What are your character's short-term and long-term goals within the EMS?:

Fly a helicopter, become an active member of the EMS, and of course have fun on the way.

Do you have experience on any other roleplay servers?:

Yes, HL2RP, WW3RP both on GMOD.

Do you have prior medical experience? (optional):

RP wise yes, actual IRL wise no.

What is your time zone?:

GMT+1 Amsterdam

Do you understand that this role is very strict and not following the rules/protocols will result in your removal:

Yes, I do.

Are there any additional details that you would like to share? (optional):

"His smile always got the best out of people." - Anna Gorovichinki, Mother
"He always took care for us, even when he was sick." - John Parkson, Father
"The only way to describe Peter would be: Positive." - Gregory Pastolovich, Old teacher
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Mar 25, 2018
Hello Fluffy!

Thank you for applying for EMS. I'm happy to tell you that we've decided to accept your application on your character, Peter Parker son. Once you got access, please familiarize yourself with our Subforum. Please also join the Discord, and if you're already a part, send me a message or ping me please.

Considering your high degree of activity and generally being well known as a good community guy, this is an easy choice for me to make after talking with @Agitha. Thanks again for applying :)

Once you're in-game, please make your way to the Pillbox Hospital and call for staff to whitelist you, please. Thank you, and good luck! See you on the blue side.
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