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    Name: Rarmir.

    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:34824997.

    Timezone: GMT.

    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: Upon launch, I will dedicate most of my spare time to this, so I will be very active, and whenever occupied by school or else, I will be easily reached over Discord, Steam or forum. A possible spike in inactivity will be during my examinations for A-levels, after which I will have a lengthy period of high activity. Nonetheless, I'm pretty dedicated.

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server: None. At best, I've only been once verbally cautioned for using a forum tag improperly about a year or so ago.

    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: I've played all previous iterations of WW3RP before, and I am fairly aware off the top of my head, amongst the brief advance in time and focus on the setting being particularly lawless. I do admit I've spent more time on adjusting myself to this setting rather than focusing on lore back when WW3RP was more S2K-centered.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: Well, I've not had much formal education on it as it isn't covered extensively in the basic British curriculum but I've been rather interested and informed on the living conditions, story and reality during Soviet occupation of territories, including the DDR which I feel fairly confident in, though I am by no means a specialist in the field. It's more of a personally learnt share of knowledge, having relatives lived in socialist Poland, which grew my curiosity. Considering the alternative history setting and reunification, I have looked into it more in depth once WW3RP was announced.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense: For the purposes of the gamemode, Stasi are intended to provide a foundation of enforcement of the loyalty to the state and it's ideology, neutralising threats intending to undermine either one, or sow dissent, greatly including possible riots and rises in public unrest, whilst also contributing to the organisation of intelligence and managing the smooth running of the region. However, as much as the closest force to a police force, independent of Soviet army jurisdiction, they are not to violently persecute, execute and torture enemies of the state, instead utilising well-planned uses of the Zersetzung tactic to ensure hostile organisations and acts are deterred, impeded or hopefully caused to be redundant. With the bulwark of the intelligence being provided by loyalist informants and non-uniformed officers, Stasi are intended to preserve a positive public image, whilst serving their duty of maintaining order, peace and integrity within the small chunk of unified Germany.

    Ministerium für Staatssicherheit



    Jäger, Frank.
    GDR Passport currently held by the state.
    Uniformed Unterfeldwebel F. Jäger, 1980
    Name: Frank Jäger.

    Gender: Male.

    Date of Birth: 26th of May, 1960.

    Age: 32.

    Place of Birth: Frankfurt an der Oder.

    Residence: Friedrichshain, Berlin, German Democratic Republic.

    Sabine [Weber] Jäger - Mother: Alive, Berlin.
    Tomas Jäger - Father: Alive, Berlin.

    Rank: Oberfeldwebel.

    Unit: 1. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division, Mot.-Schützenregiment 2 Arthur Ladwig.

    Unit Record
    o 30th of May, 1978: Obligatory conscription.
    o 3rd of July, 1978 - 16th of March, 1979: Unit stationed for guard duty at Berlin Wall checkpoints.
    o 17th of March - 20th of July, 1979: Unit stationed at Potsdam garrison.
    o 21st of July - 1st of October, 1979: Unit participating in cross-state Warsaw Pact forces training.
    o 2nd of October, 1979 - 30th of June, 1980: Unit stationed at Potsdam garrison.
    o 1st of July, 1980 - 15th of May, 1981: Unit stationed for guard duty at Berlin Wall checkpoints.
    o 16th of May - 30th of November 1981: Unit stationed throughout eastern Berlin as a deterrent force.
    o 1st of December, 1981 - 30th of March, 1982: Unit stationed at Potsdam garrison.
    18 months of compulsory service, 26 months of extended conscription.

    Basic intelligence:
    Frank Jäger is known to have been born in 1960 to a loyal member of the state, Tomas Jäger in Frankfurt an der Oder. The 3-member family had requested relocation to the region of Brandenburg in 1963, which had been approved in 1965. A known member of the FDJ, born into the GDR under rightful control of the state, he has been educated and proficient in the obligatory curriculum, including the minimum standards of the Russian language.

    A vocal supporter of the SED, he has been noted to have registered and attended several political movements loyal to the state. His application comes with recommendations of his political officer in the NVA, secretary of the regional SED, chiefs of the Bezirk's Stasi and Volkspolizei.

    He is a known collaborator of the Ministry's intelligence programs, with several infractions or concerns raised in his military unit reported to known representatives as a trusted informant.

    Wehrbezirk V
    Neubrandenburg, MV
    Ministerium für Staatssicherheit
    Lichtenberg, Brandenburg
    30th of March 1982

    Dear comrade,

    This letter of recommendation is attached to the form of transfer requested on behalf of Oberfeldwebel F. Jäger. Under the commendation of Arthur Ladwig officer Hauptmann S. Schmidt, this soldier is deemed capable of consideration for Ministerium für Staatssicherhei servitude. Further documents enclosed in this letter.

    10th of December, 1982

    To whom it may concern,

    As one of the officers of the Arthur Ladwig unit of the 1st Motorisierte-Schützen-Division, I can confidently confirm that Comrade Frank Jäger is a true friend of the state and a hardened soldier capable of performing tasks given upon him. He has often shown hatred towards Western symbolism and culture, which has brought any dissent within ranks and populace to attention of the leadership. He has served his conscription with utmost zeal and determination, and I have witnessed him eliminate threats to himself and his comrades without hesitation.

    With my personal perception, he is a patient soldier and capable leader, though not one without a temper, which has led to some concerns amongst the leadership - though within his 18 months of servitude, we did not witness any noteworthy incidents.


    Stefan Schmidt.

    25th of December, 1982

    Dear comrade,

    The office of the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands in the regional district of Brandenburg as upon request, does confirm that the comrade Frank Jäger is a registered member of the party and has been participating in political rallies, campaigns and is a known supporter of the state.
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    I am aware this application is IC'ly dated far from the current year. The intent is for the character to have served in Stasi for years.
    It is not an attempt at an rank or more respect from other officers, it's merely an interest to play a hardened officer dedicated to his task, subtly fitting his character and hopefully age.

    If all applicants are intended to be fresh off the boat, I'll make the necessary adjustments.
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