Gameplay Update #28


Head Staff
Apr 26, 2016
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  • Overhauled our entity management system
    We've been having issues with FiveM's server-side entity spawning and data management. As such, we've implemented our own solution for spawning non-population entities (e.g personal vehicles) and tracking data assigned to these entities like inventories/items, fuel, etc. Vehicles you leave for later should despawn much less frequently now.
  • Overhauled delivery job selection
  • Payouts for the delivery job have been adjusted
  • Added keybinds for cycling frequencies on radios
  • MDT now shows prior charges on profiles
  • MDT now shows owned vehicles on profiles
  • Added some more emotes - jogging, flexing, hammering, and more

  • Fixed assets app sometimes not tracking vehicle location properly
  • Fixed some cases where vehicles marked as stolen were not reported as such
  • Fixed not being able to talk on radio when in a phone call
  • Fixed cell doors in BCSO not being lockable
  • Fixed emergency siren sometimes playing when it shouldn't
  • Fixed emergency siren sometimes sounding like it's coming from somewhere else