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    Hello Nebulous Cloud
    Name's Viljo, something that might would not roll on the tongue well if you are not from Finland, but those peeps who don't speak finnish can pronounce it like Will-joe.

    During these hard times times of staying inside and- *snickers* Who am I kidding, we have been prepared for times like these, we gamers are on top of things. Anyway, to the introduction.
    I am 21 years old short fella(5'5 or 168cm) from the western part of Finland.

    The picture iiiiis somewhat old, like a year or so.
    Anyway, about me? Well, to be fair, there is not THAT much that is interesting to read, somewhat generic even.
    I love metal music, absolutely love it, no exception to this, I love it from industro-metal to hair-whipping, nippletwisting metal, from emo metal to that deep, dark, facepainting metal, hit me up with some bands that YOU THINK I would not know and I will make sure to give it a try.

    On this next paragraph I will you something that I really don't like, do not dislike me for this, but I really don't like books, reading books is agonizing and I just want to see the movie of the book, I love visual stuff. There is an exception to this, I really love roleplay text, stuff that is about characters, a background lore, knowing little-by-little of things that are not behind some pages of a book. That's how I learnt some World of Warcraft lore, I am currently learning the Half-Life lore, since that has always interested me, and I think I am at the right age to make a new discovery, and a completely new aspect of what I would possibly like. I just wished this would have hit me sooner.

    This paragraph oh boy and oh boy, videogames, we all love them, right? I'll keep this short and tidy, because this would end up being a long wall of text.
    It all started when I turnt 9, I got my first PC from my uncle as a birthday present, and he also bought me CS:S, the game was amazing, I loved playing FPS games at that age, I was not one of those screaming kids on the mic, I actually loved talking to peeps on the mic, and I was trying to be as mature as I possibly could. Some admins on the sauna servers(meant for the finnish players) didn't like the kids on the mic, so I occasionally got a mute from the server, or even a permanent ban from the server since the game obviously is age-restricted to +16, a little devil I was, hehe, but we have all played a game that was age-restricted and we were not the right age, right? But I did meet some admins who were nice...
    Secondly, I love the Warcraft world, RPG's have always been my favorite when I turnt 12. I started playing at Wrath of the Lich King.
    At the age of 13, I started getting into roleplaying, in GMod and SWTOR(Huge Star Wars fan aswell)
    I have gone places in GMod, literally, from a DarkRP to a semi serious RP, then ended up introducing myself here to HL2RP, this has been so different and amazing so far the past few days I have played. And feeling of something fresh and new intrigues me, this gives me like a completely new aspect of roleplay.
    Spending 6800 hours on GMod I see as an accomplishment, I have managed to squeeze alot of things out from this game, and it never gets boring, this HL2 world will probably make me sit down on my PC the next 500 hours aswell on GMod.

    Personal life: Finished elementary and vocational school, few years after the vocational school I have worked as an IT-support person on my city's harbour office handing out rentable places on our harbors from rowboats to big boats. Meeting so many different people in real-life has really taught me well on social situations, I am still an introvert, but more or less I am not afraid to speak to strangers anymore.

    See you guys on the servers, feel free to add me on Steam if you want to chat or play together!
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