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    Name (Steam and Primary Forum): Anothertime & Brandon.

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:47174690.

    Timezone: AEST.

    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: Decent enough to put in two-ish hours on averge per day, provided exception circumstances do not prop up my inactivity won't be a problem.

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server (WW3RP & HL2RP): If I have any at all, I don't remember.

    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: Older iterations of WW3RP were more combat-focused, with the conflict between fireteams meeting in the middle of the map on patrol and engaging in shoot outs was common with the roleplay mostly being on the sidelines when it came to it. The difference this time around is the RP aspect will be the main focus rather than combat given the shift from the front-line war to an occupational setting.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: Nothing extensive, and perhaps a tiny bit lacking but I know the surface level detailing the history.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense: The Stasi were the state and secret police of the GDR, while publically portrayed as a police force and an intelligence agency, under the veil they had a much more sinister purpose. Tasked with locating and containment of those deemed dissidents by their actions against the state, whether it be from a book that does not align with the party views to outright propaganda.

    To accomplish such an act their main weapon was subtle sabotage in all forms, be it from mass informants in the civilian population to more extreme measures such as active wiretapping, breaking and entering of those suspected of dissident behavior in order to acquire personal information that could be later documented and weaponised down the line against that very person.

    The remove of problematic sources came not from direct murder but rather from behind the curtains in a sense. Stasi saw that even if a person was simply convinced to turn away from the source that drew their attention in the first place was an acceptable result, although this was accomplished in a way as make their life utterly to miserable to continue. Social Stigma, friends turning their back on one another, misplaced important items like travel documents and car keys, rumors and gossip were all tools which were used in their psychological harassment into somebody's private life.



    Transfer Dossier Dokument 7251#

    Nur offizielle Augen



    Hans Axel.

    Date of birth.



    Potsdam, German Democratic Republic.


    Olaf Axel-Father, alive, occupation: Factory welder.

    Monika Axel-Mother, Alive, occupation: Industrial secretary.

    Former occupation.

    Automobile Salesperson.

    Medical Evaluation

    Hans physical evaluation reveals no abnormalities and for all intents and purpose maintains perfect health save from him suffering from myopia (short-sightedness). Treatment rectified by the simple acquisition of adjusted spectacles to his retina.

    Mental evaluation leaves nothing to question save for slightly abnormal levels of inquisitiveness and early signs of Survivor guilt.

    Below I have attached a small snippet during my interview, review at your pleasure.

    Diagnosing Physician- Kelper █████.

    -Recording start-

    Kelper █████: Hans, I wish to further discuss in-depth on the incident in your life, the one that involves the Rally?

    Hans Axel: Doctor, that Rally brings me nothing but bad memories, I would prefer if we move to another topic.

    Kelper █████: To help soothe a problem in one's past, it helps to discuss it in great detail, I will not probe you further, but keeping it bottled up is an unhealthy obsession.

    Hans Axel: L-look, it's just. I'm still mad, mad at myself most of all for went down there, you know? It's just a bunch of bullshit and I hate it. I hate the people who did it, I hate the impact it forced on me when I was younger because I honestly do feel I could have done something, anything back then.

    Kelper █████: Could you perhaps go into more detail, who do you hate? Why?

    Hans Axel: I was perhaps fifteen at the time, was a good lad, passed my school tests, went to my rallies, support my country. It was just, Potsdam is far east. Really far, you know? Far away from the wall, far enough that you would think this wouldn't happen. I was there with my Pa when I noticed a somewhat savvy man adored in a trench coat.

    Kelper █████ A trench coat? I take it something had to be out of the ordinary here for you to take interest in this?

    Hans Axel: Well, yeah it was summer, I've always had a prying nose, it.. didn't help me very much with making friends, wanting to know the gossip, who's who, did somebody do something embarrassing.

    Kelper █████ An inquisitive mind is not something to be shunned Mr Axel. Sadly not everybody in this world can be trusted to be forthcoming in their desires and what those might entail on people.

    Hans Axel: It's like an obsession to me, it's like. I got to know, you know, regardless of what becomes of it.

    Kelper █████: I see, and the nature of this man having such a large jacket during that heat is well worthy of suspicion.

    Hans Axel: That's what I thought, I turned to my Pa, tugged on his sleeve, you know to get his attention. He kept me quite as the speaker was taking the stage, I kept my eyes on him for a few minutes but eventually, I drifted my focus to the stage

    Kelper █████: And then?

    Hans Axel: The shit fest that still knots my stomach happened. I was too focused on the rally speech to notice him shifting in front of me before he lifted his coat off, as you can probably guess where I am going, he had a weapon, there was no way he was getting through the crowd to get any closer.

    Kelper █████: Hmm, I've read about this one in the papers, he was quite frankly a poor shot, never landed on his intended targets.

    Han Axel: That was never the problem, well it was. His poor aiming resulted in a line of the dead in front of him. I just, I hate myself because I felt like I could have done something, perhaps If I had just called out to an officer, you know. Something.

    Kelper █████: You blame yourself, or part of yourself for what you perceived to be your supposed in-action that resulted in those deaths. Tell me, if you could, what could you have done if you had the chance?

    Hans Axel: What kind of question is that doctor? I would... Well. Could we perhaps change the subject please, I don't wish to discuss this anymore.

    Kelper █████: If that's what you want.

    -Recording stops-

    Military service history: Conscripted at the age of 18, passed basic firearm training with slightly above averge scores, assigned to reserve Batallion stationed at installation ██████

    Rotated and assigned to Innerdeutsche Grenze patrol group B on ████ 4th, involved in multiple incidents detailed below

    27th of June 1980: Reported conversing with multiple civilians with the reported reason as boredom and as a way to strike up conversation to pass time. Soldat Reprimanded

    5th of 1980: Soldat involved in the minor arrest of activists along the outer wall after refusal to dissipate. Total arrested suspects numbered at Seven with anti SED propaganda found in their possession.

    1th March 1981 Passport and transfer permit of Lower party speaker ███████ ███ presented at Checkpoint C, multiple errors noted in the documentation, namely official markings dictating the length of stay and authorization. Suspect arrested and moved to question. Soldier and group B commended, investigation into ███████ ███ ongoing

    6 July, 1981 Patrol group B came under armed fire after Hans Axel denied entry to a group of male travelers bearing official documents numbering at three suspects. Reason for denial was the ongoing reinforcement and refurbishment of defenses.

    Upon being notified of denied access (1) dissident broke away via physically assaulting inspecting soldier Hans Axel and attempted to bypass the gate. After multiple verbal warnings were issued to cease and remain in position patrol group B open fired, suspect pronounced dead on the scene. Remaining (2) suspects removed concealed weapons from below their work clothes and engaged patrol group B.

    End result of casualties.

    Soldat Jason ████-KIA via Exsanguination suffered from firearm wounds sustained from insurgents.

    Mikael Amish-KIA via standard Karabiner S rifle after attempted scaling of checkpoint

    Jane Kosh-KIA via Standard Karabiner S rifle after opening fire on Patrol group B

    Kendrick Yale-In custody, suspect suffered sustained injuries to lower body region resulting in the shattering of the left knee and eventual incapacitation. Investigation into aforementioned next of kin ongoing, Soldat Hans Axel and patrol group B commended, Jason ████ issued full military honors.

    Political History. The Soldat has expressed no ill intention against the party or the state, with official records confirming participation in multiple rallies of the SED. Consulting information gathered during conscription reveals Hans Axel expresses disapproval to westerns, primarily citing to fellow barracks members on how they bend the knee too easily to allied western occupation forces even after extensive pillaging of land, resources, and scrutiny.

    Hans has been practically vocal about seeking improvement towards his fellow countrymen, especially those are under economical turmoil and hardship and. This was found to be the result of Stabsfeldwebel (now Fähnrich) Joseph Moss engaging in a lengthy conversation, practically about strife in which blame is placed upon Bundesrepublik Deutschland when stationed in Potsdam.

    Transfer authorization pending.
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    █████████ ███████

    Hans Axel, transfer from Innerdeutsche Grenze.

    A Border patrol experience. I want case file #14, 6/7/81, sent to me along with the man. Regular Fähnrich assignment, border and police division at AG6, Frankfurt inner. Badge and papers on the train as usual.

    Klaus Hauer


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