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    Name: Heinrich Vogt

    D.O.B: 3/4/1961

    Age: 33

    P.O.B: Rostock, German Democratic Republic

    Medical Record: Soldier has been analyzed by a psychologist for mild paranoia, suspecting every foreigner and even some of his own for conspiring against him. Gunshot wound on his right leg.

    (Note: Soldier has obtained the Paranoia after the following interview recorded before his training in the Fähnrich program after successfully discovering and killing State enemies:

    Psychologist: Tell us about what you saw, or what you heard.

    Patient: It's, It's complicated ok? Listen, this sounds crazy but the people I shot, I knew they had a gun and I knew they had explosives.

    Psychologist: How?

    Patient: They acted weird, they had- they had this look on their face, the look that says I will cause trouble, I decided to keep an eye out while they passed, so I followed them a bit ahead, and I was right.

    Psychologist: What did you do next?

    Patient: I did what every comrade would do, I saw their bag was heavy and they were about to take something out I aimed my gun in the distance and when I saw what they took out, that weapon, I took em out.

    Psychologist: Comrade Heinrich it's quite peculiar to be so perspective against people, have you had any experience in the past to gain such... Skils?

    Patient: Well, It's hard to recall when this started, but I think I started seeing the look on people faces after my deployment at Berlin with my NVA squad. My family was poor you see, they didn't make the winter after they got sick, so I understood how some of this people felt looking for someone to talk to, this little girl and her mother approached me, they were looking for food and I was separated from my squad.

    Patient: I accompanied them near a place where I noticed they did not have their papers on them, once I questioned them they started acting suspiciously they avoided my question. Suddenly the Mother started running but the child slipped, I chased after ready to shoot but suddenly the child that slipped jumped on me, my gun dropped, she was at least 14, I could easily overtake her, but...

    Psychologist: But?

    Patient: I didn't want to kill them they were just a child, but as she reached for my own gun I had to do it... I took my knife from my boot and, and I-

    Psychologist: What did you do Comrade Heinrich?

    Patient: I Stabbed her in the heart... She dropped on me her eyes lifeless as I stared at them, such pure child tried to kill me... Her mother was soon after captured and taken in custody. I realized at that moment that no matter who it was in front of me, I should never drop my guard down, no age, gender, nationality, or friend. It's sometimes scary but, I've managed to save people and most importantly saved myself and the state I love.

    Psychologist: Very well I think that's all Comrade Heinrich, Be sure to pack your bags for tomorrow, and get ready at the station for pickup at 6:30 AM.


    Reason For Transfer Request: Soldier successfully completed Fähnrich Program training at ████████ Location. Soldier first Enlisted in NVA at age 19. Fähnrich Program Training first started May ████ And ended December 1991. The soldier has completed the necessary courses and passed all checks in the Physical area.

    Enlistment History: Soldier Enlisted at 19 and began basic training which completed as normal and active duty February █████. Soldier Quickly advanced in Ranks after deployment in East Berlin, Proceeded to capture various deserters and civilians escaping the city. (Refer to Form █████ For More information on captured civilians) After custody of ████████ and the ████████ Group Soldier had been flagged for the Fähnrich training program at Age ██.

    Political Notes: The Soldier has not been involved in politics against the state, he has passed the courses that SED mandated in school with success. And has spoken against the evil of capitalism on numerous occasion, blaming them for the lack of Medicine for his family. The soldier has been involved in Rallies of the SED before his enlistment and has proven to be cooperative with government agents before and after his enlistment. The Soldier has shown disapproval in West Berliners and their ways and maybe biased against them.

    Personal Relationships: After analyzing the background of the soldier the following results have been found: Both parents (Makel Vogt) (Kass Vogt) have died of sickness. One other relative, The Soldier Sister has been taken to ██████ location and has been ████████. Yet when asked about other relatives the Soldier denies knowing of anyone else, it's possible he does not know of her sister, perhaps a family secret? Other relations include former Comrades in his squad which are all in different ranks, they speak highly of the man even if sometimes they noticed he questioned them a lot but after the ██████ incident in 1986 they have begun trusting him more with their lives.

    Final Notes: Soldier is currently stationed at ████████████████ Base where he has been placed while awaiting transfer approval. That is all Comrades.

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    █████████ ███████

    Stamp Genosse Voigt, Heinrich

    Give him der Feindliche-Psykologe test and send him the shoulder mark in the post, see if he walks out into public with it. Put FIM Knecht on him and grant him a three-day transfer delay, create a letter from his sister too and search the house for a reply in case he writes one.

    Frankfurt transfer to garrison if everything checks out, papers and badge for Fähnrich regular.

    Klaus Hauer


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