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  1. Jfish

    Jfish Quark

    Oct 23, 2016
    - OOC Section -

    Name: Peter Griffin

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:152018814

    Timezone: Eastern Standard

    How is your activity? / How would you rate your interest in Stasiland?: 1-10 a solid 8. I try and get on everyday.

    Any previous infractions at the community? If so, can you explain?: In 2016, I was banned from WW3RP for 3 days for making a throwaway character to attack a local patrol.

    Previous WW3RP / RP experience: I played WW3RP heavily from 2014 to 2016 just before it was shut down.

    How familiar are you with the Soviet Union (ideology, history etc.)?: I am incredibly familiar from schooling and from several books I've read in the past about their time in Russia before the Union was disbanded.

    Are you aware of the new concept? What are some of the differences between this iteration of WW3RP and the old one?: The new concept aims to make a long lasting WW3RP experience. I've noticed the locations are different, as well. We are in West Germany now as compared to we were in different locations with the previous versions. The engine is also different, they are using a Helix platform instead of a Clockwork platform. Last thing is the Soviets are aiming to be the supporting force for the civilian population while the American's are considered the antagonists.

    What do you think this faction will be doing on the server?: They will be patrolling and trying to push the American's out of their region while trying to care for the civil populace. More of a hearts and minds approach compared to previous versions.


    - IC Section -


    Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

    Age: 24

    Occupation: NVKD Corporal of the Soviet Armed Forces

    Background: Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was a Moscow born man with a somewhat easy childhood growing up. He lived in an apartment in Moscow with his two parents Dimitri Pushkin and Nikita Pushkin. He went to school with his two brothers, Ivan Pushkin and Makarov Pushkin, at Palouse Prairie Charter School. Considering his grades were low and his athletic abilities were high his advisor sent him into the military. There he trained with his brothers and was deployed to Afghanistan for 2 tours before eventually being sent back to his base to serve the remainder of his time in the military. He soon realized there wasn't much for him in the business world once he had gotten out of the Army. As expected he enlisted back with the same rank status and is now stationed at 102nd Military Base in Russian.
  2. GenericPlayer

    GenericPlayer i like firetruck and moster truck

    Jul 1, 2016
    Gonna have to deny this one. Looks kinda low effort, and the NKVD stopped existing in the fifties as an organisation. Might wanna read up on some of the docs a bit more.
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