Kindling: The Human Soul.

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    -Among various dissident circles in eastern europe, a story is handwritten and passed around; the handwriting is consistent, like a typewriter with spraypainted images applied afterwards.-


    The reclaiming of Ukraine was thought to be the final nail in the coffin for humanity. The furthest they had got and it had proved to be nothing more than a cardinal stepping stone in their complete annihilation and demise. This message was hammered into the minds and spirits of the world. Over and over again until everyone knew it word for word, beat by beat.

    "Rebellion is, was and always will be a lost cause" A voice among the commoners stirs.

    The crowd turns their attention to the speaker like usual, a hint of enmity and...Something else in their eyes as they listen.

    "You cause nothing more than bloodshed and decay - history is an indicator!" he repeats, just like the day before. The one before, and the one before that.

    But something was different this time. The air was no longer cold, the sky was no longer dark and the spirit was no longer broken.

    Their souls were on the mend.
    Their wounds were sealed.
    Their heart was beating strongly.

    The crowd takes a defiant stand; refusing to let the courier continue - they screamed, mocked and spat - they scorned, ridiculed and taunted. He stopped in his tracks - his masquerade was shattered, everyone could see him for what he truely was.

    "Stop yelling that trash" A commoner yelled
    "We heard you the first million times" Another quipped
    "Only bloodshed we'll speak of will be yours!" A final one remarked

    "N-No- What are you doing?! I'M IN CHARGE HERE! STOP! You dare question my word?! My word is law!" he stammers.

    The crowd wasn't having any of it They took to his stand, they toppled it down and tore it to pieces, bit by bit; his message was eroded away and the commoners were ready.

    Ready to think freely - once again, like before.

    All it truely takes - is a lot of time and a bit spirit.

    Never forget their sacrifice. They did it for us.

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