Lazul Clarke LSPD Application


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Nov 19, 2016
Character name: Lazul Clarke

Date of birth: 18/03/1999

Briefly describe your character's background: Lazul didn't grow up great, having a bit of a rough childhood. His parents weren't around a lot, between work and the bar, so he took care of himself for a long time, and kind of got used to it. It led to him getting into a lot of trouble in school when he came head to head with people that teased him about it, even if he was an academically average student, and his sarcastic side made his teachers snap at him quite often. He didn't get many glowing recommendations from teachers, which led him to working in a warehouse for a couple of years so he could move out the second he turned 18. He bounced from job to job, never really settling in anywhere. But, shit, there's a youtube ad to join the police force. Why not, it's just a job like any other, maybe it'll be a bit of fun, he always wanted to be a cop when he was a kid, who didn't?

Why do you want to join the LSPD? (IC & OOC):
OOC: I just like working in the cop role honestly, gives a bit more direction to playing the game with having specific 'things to do' (patrolling and stuff even is A THING). I find it fun to interact with people in the capacity of a cop though, gives it a different dynamic whilst still being able to be casual about it (hopefully)

IC: It's really just a job, he clocks in, does it and clocks out. Under the surface though, he does enjoy helping people and being able to stand up for the little guy, like he did for himself when he was younger, so it makes it more rewarding than other jobs he's had.

What are your character's short-term and long-term goals within the LSPD?: In the short term, Lazul just wants to join up and get to work, understand how everything works, go through the motions, grab a few decent sized paychecks. He just wants to do the job, and understand how to do it well.

In the long term, it'll very likely depend on what happens to him on the server. If he's involved in a lot of shootouts, maybe he'd want to join SWAT to be able to respond to those situations better. If he rubs up with a lot of criminals, maybe he'd want to do some sort of undercover thing. If he finds himself directing people during situations, maybe he'd want to climb the ranks a little, become a supervisor. From an OOC point of view, I'm interested by all of these possibilities, so I want the IC experience to shape where Lazul's interest is drawn to.

Do you have experience on any other roleplay servers?: Have experience with Nebulous on HL2RP which I played for (looks at 4k GMOD hours) a little while. Also played GTARP on BluebirdRP for quite a while, worked as a copper on there too

What is your time zone?: GMT+1

Do you understand that this role is very strict and not following the rules/protocols will result in your removal: Yep

Are there any additional details that you would like to share? (optional): The fact that these apps are available means release is rapidly approaching, and I cannot WAIT to play, even if I don't get in as a cop
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