Lecho's Civil Protection App


Jul 23, 2023
[The Player Background]
Steam name: lechochlique
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:205620574
Previous Combine faction roleplay experience: On this server? None. On other servers? Yes, both serious and semi-serious. In general I was able to grasp the basics of how most stuff works. Unfortunately previously I didn't make it way too far into the ranks, since most serious server quickly lost a playerbase and subsequently shut down, this one however seems to be holding up, so my hopes are certainly larger.
Previous server infractions: None
Have you read the relevant documents in the Combine roleplay documents subforum?: I have aquainted myself will all neccessary information.

[The Character Background]
Question: Character name:
Answer:Teimuraz Nakani

Question: Your character has been relocated to Sector 17 from a major European city. What city was this? (List provided below):
Answer: City 93

What kind of character do you plan on portraying?
Answer: A young man fascinated by science, fooled by the promises of the Benefactors. Immortality, stars, a new step in evolution of mankind. He was merely a teenager when the 7 Hour War broke out and very quickly ended, but as soon as his age allowed him, he wanted to contribute. Originally a Civic Engineering cadet, he thought that there was more he could've done, and then he saw it, a giant tripodal creature, a real showcase of what is possible with the new technology. "I want to work on that!" - he though to himself, and subsequently started to study the Combine tech every chance he'd get. His prominent technical skills and wit earned him a stable position in the R&D department, he was satisfied. Unfortunately for him, things didn't go the way he wanted. In a span of one uprising spearheaded under the persona of a single man, all his work laid in ruins. He had to pick up scraps and figure out a way to work out something, but this was no time to fight with words, but with a gun. The Civil Protection had no trouble hiring him, as at that point they could use anyone that's still loyal. Now he fights to show that mankind is still worth the chance.

Question: If your character was subjected to the Transhuman conversion process, how do you plan to alter and bleed the characteristics and traits of your character into their new Transhuman-self?
Answer: His fascination towards technology and the zeal for the cause would remain, but any remnants of sentiments he had for the old world certainly wouldn't.

[The Scenario Questions]
Take the following into consideration:
These questions are designed to probe the quality of roleplay and the behaviour of the character you wish to portray within the faction. There are no right or wrong answers.

Scenario: A group of two lower-ranking Civil Protection Officers approach you. It does not take long for you to notice they have various omnimous symbols inscribed into their mask. Promptly, they begin to preach about their beliefs and offer you the opportunity to join their sermon. As you look around, the other functionaries in the background appear to disregard the blatant breach of uniformity and simply walk away.
Question: What do you do in this instance?
Answer: He would be rather sceptical about what they are trying to convey, however just out of curiosity, he'd incline about their faith. Who knows, maybe they share the same mindset as him?

Scenario: You and three other functionaries decide to undertake a routine patrol around the vicinity of the base. Whilist on the patrol, you stumble upon a refugee that claims to have fled from a nearby urban centre. Searching their belongings you find no discrepancies. However, the refugee asks whether you could spare some food or water for them.
Question: What do you do in this instance?
Answer:Well, he is dedicated to the cause, but he isn't a heartless bastard, he'd help out a man in need, however afterwards he'd likely inform his superiors of the situation and what to do with him. Most likely he'd comply with the instructions, but were they to order him to...expunge...the refugee, he'd be hasistant, trying to instead pinpoint him to a hidden location while figuring out a decent cover-up to tell the brass.

Scenario: Entering the canteen frustrated and angry, you decide to alleviate the pressure by bullying one of your colleagues. Luckily, you find a functionary writing a letter at the table, a letter that you decided to promptly crunch up into a ball and toss it into the bin. It turns out that the functionary in question was your Rank Leader whom promptly threw themselves on top of you before starting to punch you.
Question: What do you do in this instance?
Answer:I'd likely attempt to resolve the situation peacefully, recognizing the fault on my part with humility, aware that what I did was unprofessional, and in simple words - an asshole thing to do.

[The Extra Questions]
Briefly describe Civil Protection's rank structure in this iteration of HL2RP:
Answer: Non-transhuman officers are usually ranked by Rank Points. Generally they start out at 25 and through contributions and such, move to 50 and 75 respectively. From there on out, there are two paths of promotion - either they are hand picked for the role of a Rank Leader, or they are forced into the transhumanization process.

Question: Do you have any long-term or short-term ambitions within the faction?
Answer: My ambitions mostly regard having fun with roleplay. As for the character, I would find it nice to see him at a higher position at some point, likely within the transhuman ranks.

Question: Do you understand that outside of being a Rank Leader, your character will eventually be subjected to transhuman conversion?:
Answer: I understand and absolutely endorse the idea!