Suggestion Officer and Witness Testimonies 2.0


HL2 RP Administrator
Apr 25, 2017
Improve the Officer and Witness Testimonies on the MDT with a simple (probably easier said than done) function of a button and sub-menu.

First of all, remove the Officer Testimonies section on the automatic report preset and perhaps remove Witness Testimonies as a whole as well but it can still potentially be useful to dictate who an individual on the 'Persons Involved' section might be in terms of involvement, witness, EMS, etc. (definitely didn't run out of examples)

Then, add a button probably where the red box is next to an individual's name in the aforementioned sections. Name the button something like "Testimony"


Pressing the button would open up a 'seperate' text document you can fill in, edit or adjust along with seeing who last edited or adjust it and when.

The benefits of this are:
- A cleaner incident report, perhaps it can also make the general report be more used for factual reports or other case/incident specific information.
- The ability to edit and fill in testimonies simultaneously allowing incident reports to be properly filled out faster.
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