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Jul 29, 2018

Steam name:


Steam ID:

Previous experience with Vortigaunt factions:
None on Serious RP, but plenty as shackled vort on Semi-Serious

Have you read the Vortigaunt Guide?:

Character Name:

What kind of character do you plan on portraying? How do their traits distinguish them from the rest of their species?:
Due to their abuses by the Combine, they've developed severe paranoia towards humans, primarily those he cannot identify. For this reason, masks are dissuading Quee'ay.

Brief Backstory:
Quee'ay spent most of their life enslaved by the combine, used for manual labor such as janitorial work. After the uprising, he was transported from city to city, showing little interest in keeping track; however, once Quee'ay reached City 14, they began using him to charge batteries, slowly but surely draining the life out of the vortigaunt. Sure of his demise in the city, Quee'ay was suddenly freed when the city fell to rebel forces. As the systems of the city started giving in, so did the pod that held him captive; he didn't think much of it but quickly came to realize he had been spared. A few hours in darkness saw him released by his kin and later unshackled.

What kind of group(s) are you planning to work with (if any)?:
They would generally avoid interacting with large groups of people, however, things may change and views may shift. As for now, Quee'ay would only work with his fellow kin, trying to recover his full connection to the Vortesence.

Do you intend to request a power specific to your character? If so, specify (Keep in mind you cannot use this in S2K situations):
Having time to recover from his draining sessions, he'd have built up resilience to Vortal exhaustion. Though his powers are weak, he's capable of using them for a longer time, most prominently to charge machinery.​
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