snoozu's assault support app


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Dec 19, 2016


1st Operational Legion
334th Assault Support Activity

OOC Section

Steam name: snoozu

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68270423

Timezone: GMT+3

How do you rate your activity on a scale from one to ten: 7

Previous infractions and/or bans: One ban over some dumb shit that I've done in Stasiland

Previous experiences with Military Role-play (Not necessarily Garry’s Mod): Only little experience with ArmA 3 and mainly GMOD (LP & Neb 2016)

Why do you wish to join Assault Support of all branches: The fun times I've had when I used to be part of the engineering branch before and after Stasiland lore. I hope that in this lore it will bring somewhat a similar/unique experience. Maybe even much of a bigger option like bring new items to the table and other advanced stuff.

IC Section

Full name: Benjamin Raslav

Rank: Trooper

Date of Birth: 7th June, 1979

Country of Origin: Russia

Past military experience (if any): None

Relevant experience: None

Medical conditions (if any): None

Motivation for submitting this application: I feel like I'm not doing enough as a soldier and would like to give off of myself more than just some regular infantry. I'd like to serve my people in a much more advanced way. Either by supplying them with assistance, vehicles ,ammunition, food or even comfort. I'll do whatever to make myself feel better about me and for everyone else to see me as a useful Trooper.

Do you agree to uphold and abide the rules set in place within this unit, as well as performing your assigned tasks to the fullest extent of your ability, do you swear to serve the Coalition of Independent Nations in whatever way is deemed necessary and without hesitation?: Yes

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