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    This is a chronological timeline of events from the beginning of the lore, to the present day. It details all significant events and their impact on the world. The thread will be divided into three different eras:

    The early era: - 2008 to 2012
    The occupation era: - 2013 - 2018
    The late-occupation period: 2018-2025

    The present day timeline will include key moments from events and IC interactions, effectively meaning the players and event makers will shape this timeline as it progresses past the present day. If you have any suggestions of ideas for pieces of the timeline, send myself and @Hoovie the Apansenok a forum PM.

    Nihilanth Homeworld Invaded:
    Before their presence on the border world of Xen, the Nihilanth’s homeworld is subsequently invaded by the Combine Empire; it is said that the Nihilanth that escaped was one of the last of its kind to remain free from enslavement. It along with many xenian underlings and wildlife escape through the portal into Xen, where they lay in wait until an opportunity arises.

    JANUARY 2008:
    Black Mesa receives funding boost:

    The Black Mesa Corporation is granted a high amount of funds from the United States Government, not only a promise that the incumbent administration campaigned on in an attempt to oppose their anti-scientific opponent but also the result of some behind the scenes deals solicited by an unknown accomplice.

    NOVEMBER 2010:
    Xenian Breakthrough:

    Newly paid for equipment combined with the newly secured funding results in a huge boom in research and developments; the HEV suit is developed and used to briefly traverse Xen for the first time. The first crystal sample is excavated. These breakthroughs steadily continue until 2012.

    MAY 2012:
    Xenian Crystal sample acquired:

    Administrator of the Black Mesa Corporation agrees to a deal with an unknown investor, of which he is provided with an extremely pure and unstable sample of Xenian Crystal. It is said the Administrator went to extreme lengths to make the deal, the rest of the deal is not disclosed.

    MAY 16th, 8:58 AM — An event dubbed the ‘Black Mesa Incident’:
    The New Mexico Black Mesa Research Facility is hit by a Resonance Cascade scenario which results in a rift opening up allowing alien forces to invade Earth from the borderworld known as ‘Xen’. The Facility is subsequently destroyed and only a select few to live to tell the tale: Eli Vance, Barney Calhoun, Arne Magnusson and the daughter of Eli, Alyx Vance showed up in her father’s care shortly after they were presumed to have perished in the incident.

    The 'Horizon' Incident:
    On a moon-base controlled by NASA, a supplied xenium crystal is tested with a high-grade industrial laser. Through over-resonation, it shatters, generating an interdimensional portal which summons an alien beast. Chaos ensues and all staff are presumed dead following the attack.

    The ‘Nihilanth’s’ Demise:
    In the wake of the Black Mesa Incident - A single scientist wearing a HEV protective suit and with the help of their peers; made it into Xen and confronted the alien overlord behind the invasion, aka The Nihilanth and subsequently defeating them; releasing their enslavement over several alien species - the main of which being Vortigaunt kind. Control of the border world is then occupied by an unknown force.

    News of Alien existence leaks:
    Several media outlets receive a leak from an American whistleblower believed to be working for the Department of Defense, releases a shocking memo detailing a report speaking of ‘other dimensions’ as well as other life forms that exist within these dimensional spaces. The Government attempts to cover up the existence of the memo.

    Portal Storms Begin:
    As a result of the Resonance Cascade - the globe experiences changes in weather and seismic portal storms that brought in stragglers from the border world; headcrabs, bull squids and most notable of all: Vortigaunts. Their newfound freedom proved to be a double-edged sword as they found themselves in an alien world with a xenophobic population. This continues into June.

    An event dubbed the: 'Dallas Airport Incident':
    In the aftermath of a massive portal storm that struck an airport located in Dallas, Texas - a team of four trained military soldiers were sent in to rescue survivors. Despite their success at rescuing two survivors, their superior was court marshalled for defying direct orders from the Department of Defense. This was one of the first recorded incidents of human-vortigaunt conflict following the Black Mesa Incident.

    JUNE 2012:
    Panic and Migration:
    As the presence of extraterrestrials grow more and more prevalent outside of large cities, huge amounts of people fled inwards to seek asylum while the Military and other armed forces are sent in to exterminate the alien threats. Some citizens within the United States and Switzerland even formed their own Militias and attempted to hunt the creatures down themselves with minimal success.

    An event dubbed the ‘First Vortigaunt War’:
    A period of conflict as Earth’s military is sent in rapid response to portal storms and attempting to quickly contain any and all alien threats. Large gatherings of Vortigaunts located particularly in North America get into many skirmishes leading to various deaths on both sides. The conflict officially ends when the remnants of the North American Vortigaunts retreat into Alaskan regions.

    Martial Law is declared across continental europe:
    The European Union as well as the governments of each country met at a summit and decided to temporarily assign more authority to each of their militaries; all offering to assist one another in keeping their countries safe.

    Diplomatic ties across the world weaken:
    The three main superpowers: US, Russia and China all accuse one another of being responsible for the portal storms yet reluctantly agree to keep aiding one another as they continue. Tensions between India and Pakistan grows as firefights break out at the border.

    Breen’s Trial Suspended, Appointed Head of U.N Committee:
    Wallace Breen was set to be trialled for his involvement with the Black Mesa Incident, however as the tension and conflict ramps up; his trial is suspended and he is granted a seat on a committee set up specifically to counter the alien threat. His expertise was put to good use.

    JULY 2012:
    The Combine rearrange Portal Storms, directing them at human Cities:

    The portal storms are utilized by the Combine Empire as a means of teleporting ships, fleets and synthetic units onto the planet to begin a full-scale invasion. Most Capital cities were targeted at the same time.

    An event dubbed as the ‘Seven Hour War’:
    As the Combine’s military prowess arrives through the harnessed portal storms; they waste no time wreaking havoc upon the now crowded city centers. Buildings are demolished, Civilians are murdered in the thousands and the Military being caught off guard and using ineffective weaponry resulted in extreme amounts of damage being done in a short time span.

    Russia urges Nuclear weaponry; is vetoed:
    The decision to fire nuclear weaponry as a knee-jerk reaction to the invasion was ultimately voted against by the sitting members of the United Nations Security Council, citing that there would be too much collateral damage.

    The Security Council refuse to consider surrender; Breen negotiates a surrender on their behalf:
    The Security Council were extremely stubborn and ultimately refused to entertain the notion of a surrender, however the UN building was struck by Combine Military Ships. It is here that Breen managed to negotiate a surrender and the order is given for all military forces to stand down and submit to relocation.

    Military Desertions; an event dubbed as ‘Summer of Defiance’:
    After the order to stand down is given, many straight up defy the order; various subsections of the western armies and in some cases entire militaries all together are defiant and end up retreating underground to continue the fight themselves. Many would remain in hiding until an opportunity to strike emerged.

    Establishment of the Universal Union, Sol. 3 and its constitution:
    July 29th is declared as ‘U-Day’ also known as Unification Day. The New Governmental body is created: ‘The Universal Union’ with Breen as the Administrator of it. Once the cities across the globe are sectored and numbered, Breen creates ‘Sol. 3’ aka the council of Sector Administrators who are delegated authority and power over the Earth and its affairs.

    Portal Storms become far less regular; Literal Chunks of Xen are left stuck on Earth:

    After several huge incidents of portal storm incursions - their activity begins to steadily decline, however in their wake; chunks of the borderworld had been left behind. Some were taken in for research, others were unable to be moved

    The Suppression field is activated:
    Following another announcement from the Interim Administrator, the Combine activate a device known as the suppression field which engulfs the majority of the planet. The device inhibits several different types of protein chain developments in mammalian creatures inside of its radius. Thus, temporarily sterilizing them whilst the field is still active.

    An event dubbed 'A Cowardly Betrayal':
    Administrator Wallace Breen begins talks with the benefactors to further humanity's presence within the Combine Empire. The concept of Transhumanisation is brought to the table and Breen puts out a speech to various military forces, informing them they must voluntarily come forward for their "Next phase". Many accepted the offer, those who refused were either successfully hunted down or defected and ended up reinforcing already defecting military groups across the globe.

    First set of Transhuman Soldiers created:
    After a month of experimenting, human scientists under combine supervision achieve a first stable transhuman soldier; The Transhumanization of Earth’s Military begins at a rapid pace - several cities are designated ‘conversion’ centers.

    An event dubbed as ‘The preservation of great minds’:
    Famous scientists creators and other people with great pre-war accomplishments undergo the process of grubbing / having copies of their minds added to host bodies to preserve them in case the original is lost during the occupation.

    Cities are reorganized into temporary settlement camps. Human Conscription ramps up:
    The slow progression of Earth’s on-going sectorisation - various worker camps and settlements are created to keep inhabitants occupied and in controlled areas. These areas were in part, staffed and policed by human conscripts coerced into policing their peers for threat of torture and death.

    Mass Vortigaunt Enslavement occurs:
    Captured vortigaunts are used as minor power sources across the currently being occupied globe- their shackles are forcefully reinstated and those who fought back were quickly expunged.

    An event dubbed as ‘The Mark of Caste’:
    Every citizen, via the usage of combine machinery and organisation - are designated a string of digits and are given their standard uniforms. This marks the beginning of societies new organisation. The young are given unique treatment; locked away in the remaining labour camps until they come of age or pass away. Their lives also used as a means of coercion to their siblings.

    First instance of massive Citizen relocation in action: Citizens from overpopulated regions in India and China are relocated deeper into the Eurasian continent. Various populations of the world are beginning to be spread out across the entire globe for ease of coercion and reducing chances of insurgent movements being able to coagulate with high amounts of denizens.

    Continued Disarmament of Earth:
    Global Disarmament / Majority of Earth’s pre-war Military vehicles, weapons and equipment is destroyed and recycled into various materials, limiting the looting options for insurgents. The absolute majority of Nukes are also destroyed

    Resource Appropriation:

    The Universal Union forcefully appropriates pre-war companies and their assets to begin designing products for them (weapons, transport, foods etc):

    Creating a monster - Overwatch’s reign begins:
    Scientists and tacticians across the world are forced to begin adapting the Combine military AI to suit human combat capabilities and tactics, creating Overwatch.

    Massive Famine ensues - Xenians settle elsewhere:
    The Universal Union begins construction of massive automated food (and other basic items) manufacturing plants but it’s very slow. Xenians settle in the Moderate and Southern hemispheres.

    Doctors are put back to work:
    Citizens with backgrounds in Medical Professions are recruited by camp administrations to create makeshift clinics; This will later be reformed into the Union Medical institute.

    An event dubbed as ‘Ties that bind’:
    Vortigaunts come into contact with human insurgent groups - first truces are formed. Tensions still very much apparent and three-way skirmishes still occur between the factions.

    An event dubbed as the ‘Winter of Tears’
    Defected Military forces begin to strike back against the ongoing occupation, utilizing the remains of various prewar human technology and weaponry.While they ultimately lost in the end after a long fight as the underdogs, their message was spread worldwide and their sacrifices remembered.

    Remnants of Black Mesa emerge:
    Eli, Barney and Kleiner slowly settle in the depths of Europe; Work with local insurgents begins along with research into Teleportation. And with it, a new era begins as the current one ends.

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    JANUARY - APRIL 2013:
    An event dubbed: ‘The beginning of the end for World Hunger’:
    The construction of production plants is completed, slowly starting to solve the food crisis and developing items of necessity in preparation for rehabilitation

    Overwatch AI is finished. Deemed unfit for policing by Breen. Creation of Dispatch is started:
    Overwatch is extended to a new system of policing known as Dispatch in preparation for upcoming programmes that relies on completely human volunteers and conscripts to function. Dispatch would serve as their ‘eye in the sky’.

    Civil Protection programme is created:
    A new form of policing was established as a means of oppressing and coercing citizens of the urban centers without needing to use a full military presence. Thus recruits underwent basic training in preparation for service and were given pre war weaponry

    Vortigaunts are reintroduced as Second-Class ‘Biotics’:
    When they are not being drained of their vital energy, they are left in the streets to wander and slave away doing mind-numbing work until they either die of fatigue during energy extraction or succumb to their collars when attempting to flee. Truely a fate worse than death.

    Start of the Urban Reinhabitation program
    Camps slowly begin their conversion back into Fully fledged Urban Centres. Massive amounts of low quality Soviet-Type mass housing is built in circles around the initial cities, forming Industrial and Residential circles; Citadel is wired to provide energy for cities and supplemented with extracted Vortigaunt power.

    Combine Civil Authority is established:
    Created out of Camp administrators, preparing to begin administrative duties within cities. The Civil Authority serves as a local governing body of sorts that answers to the head of the Universal Union and as a puppet to the Combine Empire. At this stage their political prowess is more or less nonexistent, serving mainly as faces and puppets.

    MAY - SEPTEMBER 2013:
    Spread of resources results in more human conscription:
    The continued occupation had been a strain on resources in some areas, resulting in more human conscription forces being recruited. These forces would later go on to become the ‘Civil Worker’s Union’ once their military use was over. A union that specialised in mechanical work and distribution of basic consumables.

    Dispatch is completed; Civil Protection are fully deployed:
    The Civil Protection programme is put into full force- mass conscription and volunteers shortly follow. Dispatch is given an omnipresent presence with scanners, cameras and trackers.

    First Urban Centres are established in Switzerland and Kiev:
    The biggest countries and cities in the world took longer than expected to fully convert into urban centers, however centers within Switzerland and Kiev were quickly constructed and used to help speed up construction.

    Union Innovation Labs is established:
    This organisation served as the first Non-Military Union research facility, located in their Headquarters in Switzerland. Their function was primarily small scale research as well as work in regards to the creation of ‘Union Branding’ and its effect on items.

    Civic Administration begins taking shape:
    Their presence as policy and local governance begins to emerge and grow as vast amounts of Overwatch Military forces are sent elsewhere for more useful purposes such as dealing with outland escapees.

    Suppression of Information continues:
    A Propaganda machine ramps up and continues to rears its head - working to convince citizens; Pre-war influential figures are coerced into cooperation and propaganda. Marble Busts of Breen are created and distributed globally as monuments.

    Creation of the Collaborator system:
    Following the information quarantine and in light of growing tensions - A system was put into place and created as a joint effort by pro-union forces in order to reward those who obeyed the occupation and punished/exposed those who went against it. December 12th was marked as global collaboration day.

    JANUARY - APRIL 2014:
    Transportation and logistic overhaul:
    With the cities established the Union begins reacquiring previously abandoned pre-war logistical points to heighten transportation efficiency (roads, airports, ports, etc); New Railways are built. The APC is designed, created and manufactured for Civil Protection and Transhuman usage in the field.

    Urban center expansion:
    C.W.U and conscription forces begin constructing cross-city power lines to allow for the creation of Urban Centres that don’t have citadels of their own. More biotic harvesting cells are created as well.

    Relocation system re-introduced:
    With better transportation and shaky social stability the relocation program is re-introduced, masked as a means to combat overpopulation and to improve coercion of Earth’s population

    Commune creation:
    Intended as small villages built for various means of production and / or citizen employment outside of cities, these Communes are constructed across the globe and supplied with relocated citizens and in some cases, anti-civil labour.

    MAY - DECEMBER 2014:
    Even more recruitment ramp ups:
    In time, the Union begins recruiting more Conscripts and citizens with Education-related pre war background to assist in the management of Child concentration centres. The employees are put on permanent residence. Soon small communes begin forming around child camps - allowing for relative stability.

    An event dubbed the ‘Bitter Lake Decimation’
    The largest underground insurgent group in Europe - Lambda - is compromised. Breen learns of the people leading it and makes it priority number one, leading to the first battle of Bitter Lake with the crushing defeat of the areas most potent and skilled rebellion.

    The demise of Eli Vance:
    Shortly after the Bitter Lake Decimation, Eli Vance was tracked down and subsequently executed after he refused to disseminate information in regards to the whereabouts of his daughter and refused to cooperate with the Administrators demands. This may not have been the case after all though, as there was obvious animosity between the two. The rest of the remnants of Black Mesa were scattered, some taken into custody and are rumoured to still be very much alive.

    JANUARY - MAY 2015:
    An event dubbed ‘Broken Souls’:
    The Bitter Lake Decimation leaves many spirits and wills to fight completely crushed, many seeing the death of Eli Vance as their last hope being snuffed out. Some ex-members turned themselves in, others went deeper underground, never to emerge again.

    Sector Council is born:
    With his greatest enemy now out of the picture, The Administrator trusts the threats in the rest of the world to be feeble enough and creates the Sector separation and Sector Administrator council respectfully.

    A Shift in ethos:
    Breen now focuses less on defense and more on benefitting the Union to win their favor and improve occupation conditions; He focuses on Black Mesa’s teleportation technology and Aperture Science.

    JULY - OCTOBER 2015:
    Transhumans grow in strength:
    The modern equipment for Transhuman Soldiers is perfected, finalizing their appearance and equipment across most Sectors and facilities.

    Raids on various Aperture facilities across the US:
    These raids are conducted in mostly secrecy, little is known to the public. only a few ended up seceding. Mentions of Borealis are discovered along with some beneficial technology which was later implemented in both the Urban Centres and the Overwatch Military.

    Search for the Borealis begins:
    Various combine scouting teams, synthetic hunters and human researchers plan to spend as long as possible tracking down the fabled Borealis ship.

    What could’ve been:
    Kleiner and Magnusson begin researching teleportation technology based on Aperture tech and stained Xen crystal samples; Without Eli, their research proves inconclusive for the time being.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely:
    First signs of corruption within the Civic Authority begin showing in secrecy; deals, bargains and cut-throat tactics begin to emerge. Still hidden from the public eye and the eyes of the Council.

    Two loose ends:
    Borealis is never located, the search is put on hold for an unspecified amount of time. In addition to this, The Combine attempted to establish a connection to their overworld shortly after the revelation of Borealis not being located. It backfired and resulted in an anomaly that left decimation in its wake; portal storms firing up again across the planet and a continent in crisis.

    Earth takes a backseat:
    After a period of relative stability and lack of any new opportunities of development, Breen manages to bargain himself and the Sector Council more power. With very little to do, Advisors on Sol3 go into Standby mode, leaving the earth in control of Breen, Overwatch and the human administrations.

    African Dissidents finally silenced:
    Main groups Islam-driven Insurgents in Northern Africa and the Middle East are largely pacified. The region finally achieves stability; Remaining resistance goes underground.

    The great reconstruction of the Middle East and Africa begins:
    The region finally begins being rebuilt in the combine’s image, although the style and overall aesthetic of the region would remain consistent, albeit warped in the combine’s metallic image.

    Peace at last?:
    The Union dominates most of the globe; Resistance groups are limited to small guerilla organizations in areas of heavy Xen infestation, which they take to their advantage and team up with Vortigaunts to control the Xenians and take advantage of the sparse Union presence there.

    A halt in relocation:
    The Relocation program is partially suspended, now mostly relocating by choice or in dire circumstances. Marking the end of an era.

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    THE YEAR OF 2018:

    A new age of administration begins:
    Breen, having grew older over the years is less concerned with military operations, each individual Sector administrator is given more power and leniency as time continues

    The first Compromise:
    The southern part of the Western United States falls due to widespread famine, with the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas soon being captured in their entirety by the local Insurgent cells. Not willing to waste resources on a city known for its occupational troubles, the Sector’s administration chooses to form a pact with the rebels in hopes of creating a satellite state. This becomes the first incident of this kind. Soon, other Sectors around the world follow the example and begin using Insurgent groups to their advantage.

    Standards adapt to the times:
    Sectors begin to form their own standards, using the standards set by the Benefactors in the earlier days of the occupation as a guide. Each Sector eventually begins achieving a slight semblance of culture, defined by local policies and relations with neighbouring sectors.

    The Solaris phenomena:
    As a result of the failed Overworld Link experiment, a new generation of Portal Storms is created. They appear to be gateways to random points across multiple different universes and are much more permanent in their presence, leaving many locations across the globe permanently affected by alien worlds of all kinds. Due to rarity of these portals, however, the Union does not deem these portals troublesome enough.

    Corruption begins to set in:
    As a side effect of the changed standards and new powers devolved to government, corruption amongst their ranks begins to slowly rise, at a subtle rate. The behavior not yet having complete counters to it.

    The Transhuman Crisis:
    Due to a lack of a global pool and a less-than-simple recruitment process, Transhuman numbers in certain Sectors begin to dwindle, causing conscription numbers to skyrocket and making actual Transhumans a political tool used by many sectors to provide leverage over others.

    An event dubbed: ‘The Empire Effect’:
    Japan is hit with a wave of political scandals after the failed Commonwealth delegation from the American sectors was revealed to have attempted information theft from the Sector’s Administrator. This is the first major incident of Sectors conspiring against one another in subtle ways. Political tensions begin to brew.

    Border-world possibilities:
    After the teleportation research was put on hold, former Black Mesa research team members manage to successfully open a brief portals to the Borderworld of Xen. Up until that point, largely abandoned due to it becoming inaccessible to both Earth and the greater Combine Empire alike. It now serves as a remote colony and one of the Union’s most secure compounds, becoming a metaphorical frontier for the Combine.

    The establishment of operation ‘Black Snow’:
    The Sectors collaborate on creating project Black Snow - a network of top-secret research labs spread in a thin line across the Arctic Sector, becoming the main bastion of the Union’s military progress.

    Reactivation of the Advanced Transhuman program:
    Scientists of the Northern Sector resume their research in the fields of human augmentation. Their research proves to be fruitful, but instead of becoming a new standard of Union Military, the products of this program are instead used as a valuable resource used by the local administration to manipulate neighbouring Sector.

    Polarisation skyrockets:
    With living conditions improving and partial civic liberties making a comeback over the years, the ideological split between the population grows, with resistance sympathizers growing more ‘radical’ whilst the Union began acquiring first ‘genuine’ believers in its cause.

    Death of a King:
    Administrator of the Pan-Atlantic Sector is killed in an accident, leaving the Sector in the hands of her son. This marks a great shift in the politics of continental Europe as the newly-appointed figure proves to be a polarizing figure.

    THE YEAR OF 2019:
    An event dubbed the: ‘Lord of the Flies’ Incident:
    Insurgents across the world liberate a series of child compounds, recruiting its inhabitants as child soldiers as part of the operation “Lord of the Flies” - a largest cross-continental resistance effort since the war;

    The Revival of Eastern Insurgencency:
    After a series of failed manipulations through political opponents, the insurgent groups of the Middle East re-enter their pre-war cycle of radicalization, clearly sparking massive rebellion across the sector. Thie SA is assassinated in the process, which leads to the Global SA council placing a more compliant leader in his predecessor's position. The Sector soon becomes a complete mess, with undesirables from neighbouring areas being sent there to fuel the never-ending conflict.

    A Traitor amongst the ranks:
    A previous Black Mesa employee is permitted an administrative position in City 17, but it isn’t enough to negate his dislike of Breen. He secretly begins working with local insurgents covertly

    An event dubbed: ‘Conscript Desertion Incident’:
    Over the years, the European resistance rebuilds itself with the help of less than honest administrators. They manage to convince several Conscript Regiments to go rogue, effectively becoming an Army.

    THE YEAR OF 2020:
    A Degree of oversight:

    Wallace Breen, still the acting interim administrator and representative of Earth, has less involvement with majority of Earth’s affairs by this point, however he still regularly convenes with the Sol 3. Council and aims to continue to push Earth in his direction.

    The failings of Oceania:
    Due to constant uproar of the local resistance and the heavy Xenian infestation, the Oceanic Overwatch servers are damaged. This leads to the local Sectors switching to a more traditional chain of command, distancing Australia and the neighbouring islands from the rest of the Union.

    The beginning of a period dubbed: ‘Revolution’:
    The ensuing conflict will be known as War of Seventeen. Crucially understaffed, the Sector’s military was unable to crush the resistance at first, leading to the city of Kiev becoming a literal war zone for over three years.

    THE YEARS OF 2021/22:
    A Bittersweet victory:

    The rebel occupation of City 17 continues, but their domination over the local Union forces is severely weakened due to infighting between the resistance leaders.

    Victory turns to defeat:
    Eventually, the insurgent forces are defeated with the help of forces from the Northern-European sector courtesy of SA, leaving the Eastern European Sector in debt. The main reason they were defeated was due to the eventual separation of the cities between different rebel groups.

    THE YEAR OF 2023:
    The end of a period dubbed: ‘Revolution’:
    City 17 is slowly rebuild over a span of a year, with forces from across many different sectors being relocated to repopulate the newly rebuilt Urban Centre; They await their relocation in the upper levels of Nova Prospekt, which has been temporarily repurposed as a relocation / refugee camp.

    THE YEAR OF 2024:
    The better part of a year is spent working on rebuilding and reorganising the sector where Kiev was located, various sectors across the globe assigned resources of some kind in assistance of this.

    THE YEAR OF 2025:
    The beginning of a new period dubbed: A new beginning:
    The year is 2025. The Urban Centre renovations are almost complete. City Seventeen is about to reopen its rusty gates to let people in.

    Back in action:
    The majority of Kiev is back under union control and all associated Universal Union factions are put back to work: CWU, UIL, UM and Civil Authority and Protection forces are put back to work.

    Cell activity begins to rise in District Forty-Seven:
    Whispers and murmurs of dissident behavior begins to hit the populace as the names and ideologies of several particular groups begins to spread.

    Failings of the New Eastern Bloc
    With Seventeen retaken, the Administration of the Eastern European Sector finds itself strained due to the cost of repairing and entire city and the severe debt the neighbouring Sector left them in. The sector begins to crumble as foreign influences slowly reach Kiev.

    An event dubbed: ‘First Strike: Sabotage’:
    A cell group operating under the name of ‘B.A.F’ with assistance from alien allies, successfully strike and neutralise a union experimental facility, rendering it disabled for the time being. Local propagandists and Civil Authority members are briefed.

    The BAF's infamous terrorist operations within Kiev seemingly come to an end, reportedly due loss of manpower over a fight with another Resistance group. Even so, select incidents occur, despite no official activity for the next two months.​

    THE YEAR OF 2026:
    Heavy Snowfall Evacuates City 17:
    With an unprecedented dip in winter temperatures, City 17 had experienced a harsh and unforgiving snowfall — harsh enough to cover the streets in feets-worth of snow. While the snowfall was harsh in the cities, it was nigh-unsurvivable outside the safety of the walls. With resistance operations beginning to funnel people into the perimeter, the Universal Union instead evacuated all conformist citizens, and subjected a great majority of the city's districts to dangerous, lethal gases. With a sizeable resistance group seeking to take the city by force instead, the Civil Administration retaliated the move by instating forced conscription to beat the refugees back.

    The Resistance grows in power:
    The "B.A.F." terror group declares allegiance with the East Asian insurgent movement "Eurasian Liberation Army", spreading its influence to Sector 14 as they begin militant operations within City 8's reaches.

    City 24 is attacked:
    Amidst celebrations for the changing of a new City Administrator, an explosive device detonated, killing the majority of the City's Cabinet. The previous Administrator, who had been impeached on corruption, had escaped from the city with assistance from City 8 insurgent forces.

    The Civil Body is transposed to City Eight:
    With City 17's conflict coming to an end, the civil body that had their hand in the war against the resistance was relocated to an ostensibly more stable sector and city — City Eight. Largely independent from the sector's politics due to its prosperity and inherent corrupt nature, the resistance followed tail following the promise of safety, security and an easy route.

    Despite a seemingly promising campaign along the Dnieper River and almost encirclement of the dispersed Kiev militants, the operation quickly falls apart. By a mix of incompetence and poor supply, vast swathes of the insurgents successfully flee, mysterious individuals appear within the Conscript camps at times of sudden sabotage, and finally swathes of the Kievan conscripts desert, some with stolen heavy munitions.

    A rocket launches in Hokkaido:
    Within an abandoned rocket silo on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, an ICBM rocket launches, and its payload manages to operate for six hours in orbit. It is subsequently destroyed by small-scale space debris. Neither the site of its launch nor the exact payload it carried were ever discovered.

    The E.L.A. takes another victim:
    A chemical-laden missile impacts a siberian work complex and devastates the community's administrative building, killing thousands of resident workers and likely as many staffed guards and personnel. Among them is prominent senator-turned-warden Pytor Bezukhov, somewhat recently instated as the head of the facility.

    An attempt on the Administrator's Life:
    City 8 Administrator, Gustaf Strindberg, isseriously wounded in an assassination attempt during a senate meeting with a visiting diplomatic envoy from City 13, perpetrated by the visiting party themselves. Following extensive surgery, Strindberg survives, albeit with subtle differences.

    One Mind Awakens:

    Following the attempt at Strindberg's life and a subsequent terrorist attack on the citadel itself, the citadel had gone into momentary lockdown, and its chief — City 8's resident advisor — was roused from stasis. Subsequently, war was declared on City 13, with the promise of swift, violent vengeance.

    The Neo-Korean War begins:
    Following an official declaration of war, City 13 seceded from the Universal Union, and immediately gained stock within two other dissident states: Cities 392 and 515, both already held in poor light by City 8 following espionage and terrorism scandals.

    Failed Truce Talks & Vladivostok's Destruction:
    The City 8 delegation to the truce talks regarding the Neo-Korean war in City 515, Vladivostok, is taken hostage by members of the E.L.A. resistance group and kidnapped aboard a hijacked Boeing 747. Meanwhile, a nuclear warhead detonates on the ground, completely destroying Vladivostok. Responsibility for this catastrophe is unclear, and both insurgent and Union sides keep pointing fingers at one another.

    City 262 secedes from the Union:
    Following international correspondence between Cities 13 and 262, the south-korean city of Daegu secedes from the Universal Union. Almost immediately, the city was assaulted with a one-kiloton nuclear warhead, decimating the entire city center and contaminating much more of the land, air and water around it.

    The unending war:
    The Neo-Korean War has no end in sight, despite constant advances on many fronts and failed political developments.

    A Voice In The Dark — A transmission goes out:
    Within a relatively recuperated City 8, the Citadel stirred and activated, and citizens were pushed to the trainyards in districts closest to the monolithic structure. The sky split open and blasts and beams of energy were shot into a rift of pure darkness, sustained by a film of white, nearly bluish light. Similar to a transportation sequence, the citadel didn't send resources or individuals, but information; yet stranger still is the fact it succeeded.

    The civil body of City 8 is brought to the Sea of Azov:
    Following a lengthy train ride along many interconnected bridges, citizens located within City 8's first to tenth district were brought to the dried-up Sea of Azov, and settled into a cramped depot, with a single directive: To finish construction on a large resource pipeline. The environment was more relaxed, with OVERWATCH's presence diminished, and thus allowed for Civil Protecton and Union Proselytes to act more autonomously — even if it came at the cost of more unchecked civilians, escapees, deaths and riots.

    At many occasions, the pipeline was assaulted and nearly destroyed in many areas, once with scattered, old sea mines, and another time with improvised, plastic explosives. The foremanship was ultimately forced to concede the area to resistance forces, following consistent attacks and no sign of giving up.​

    The civil body is returned to City 17:
    Following an all-clear message from the interim government of City 17, the civil body was relocated to its origin point — Kiev. This time, rather than being situated within a cramped residential block, the newly-established 'Duma of Kiev' instead nestled itself within the prosperous industrial part of the city known as District 27. With City 17 still repopulating, it remains politically weak as before, but may bloom into a powerful force.

    For the first time, self-proclaimed E.L.A. forces cross the Urals and are spotted by the sea of Azov refinery. They claim responsibility for the Refinery's destruction, and a few weeks later this same group is spotted within the outskirts of City 17, moving in with the returning population.​
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