Poopship McGee

donator without a cause
Apr 26, 2016


After the fall of Russian hegemony in Europe and the Soviet Union, our rejoice was temporary as we looked around us to see the rubble on the ground, the blood on our faces and noticed the writing on the walls. Our repose must be brief if we were to hold onto power and seek to shift our focus to our own nations. Our people starved and sacrificed for independence and to shape our own destiny, and now we have our boots on the neck over a hallowed out and thin, and pasty Gaunt Britain.

The Soviets brought the first Communist Revolution, which benefitted Europe by purging it of the reactionary and capitalist class, violently or by forcing them to flee to Britain, or throughout the Americas. Then came the Second Revolutionary wave that took out the Soviet rot inherent to any Soviet institution, removing them from their position as overlords, and set European history on a course of national self-determination through socialist principles and cooperation. We broke our shackles, yet we were restrained in our decision to re-invite the new Russian Republic, asking for only moderate restitution.


With the Soviet-era over, Socialism was free to be republicated throughout Europe, prepared to share and exchange certain peculiarities within their economies and cultures to leave room for a sense of identity. Experimentation, failures and overthrown governments saw violent ends, all cycling in violence before men who were recognized as great from their dedication to physically fighting the revolution could unite their people. It was at that point when we re-examined the personality cults of Josif Stalin and Nicolae Ceaușescu with strategic empathy and detached it from the imperial elements, focusing on controlled press and media presence to appeal to the public. The Committees can remain powerful, but we should understand that with central figures, heroes in our history taking a role as the head of state, soother of fears, socialist principles stands a better chance of remaining in power. By attributing likely successful policies to the central uniting figure, we may sacrifice perception of the Committees for an overall trust of the head of the government.

As an international community of socialist nations, we must take a breath and seek relief and work together as independent socialist brother-nations to security from within and the best way to do so is economic cooperation throughout the Socialist bloc, serving as medicine to heal our own individual industrial wounds. Europe has fractured to the core and there is yet much to accomplish and we've forced the United States to forsake any and all principles it claimed to have in order to fight the expansion of our power. If we did not have to finish the fight in due time, this would be cause for smug satisfaction. We must both stem the bleeding on the home-front, rebuild infrastructure and housing as soon as possible.


The Chinese Communist Party has proven themselves a fierce benefactor of the on-going revolution and has committed a large portion of their resources in building materials, fertilizer, military equipment to see Europe go through a rapid transitional period to bring our nations back to life. What is required of us now, is to be willing to sacrifice once again for the future of our nation.

The labour force must be mobilized in order to repair a broken system, and fortunate for us, our persistence on educating the youth of the importance of German state socialism and insuppressible grit of the German people in their desire for unity has culminated in a cross-section of patriotic revolutionaries, willing to do the work to rebuild a destroyed Germany.


Yet, to say all is fine and flowers is folly. There remains a large subsection of fascists parading themselves as federalists, seeking to revive the multi-party system. Terrorist attacks throughout Germany, and Europe as a whole have remained consistent and three months ago, the Minister of Interior was shot to death on his way home after the Executive Committee's meeting on crime, terrorism and political subversion to address the lawless nature of rural communities and the need to expand the policing capabilities of the state, while balancing the need of conscripts to the armed forces and the public work projects. The results of the assassination are most effective at intimidation, rather than preventing the on-going work of the Ministry of Interior.

Europe as a whole is still in a bloodied pulp. Starvation, suicide and crime run rampant and we suffer from enemies under every rock. To rebuild will take decades of cooperation and reconstruction to return the greatness of our continent under management that truly seeks to meet the needs of the people. The unfortunate truth is that there is an unwillingness of many to sit out and starve while we do what is necessary to get our agricultural sector under control and distributing to the public, and until we are able, we can only be grateful for the grain and produce provided from the East. Russia has been stringent on their cooperation, understandably so after the abrupt end to what they believed was their destiny, however, the Ukraine has been more than willing to provide, in exchange for raw metals and minerals.

The Ministry for Interior has a key role in determining the future of Germany, and whether or not it devolves back into anarchy and bloodshed. The priorities are to re-establish order in the rural communities, reinvigorate a sense of shared unity in the state and provide incentives and expand access to consumer products to verify to the public legitimate reconstruction efforts. It is necessary to expand and tie compliance and cooperation with state authorities to bypass regular avenues for food and services and luxury goods. To this end, our responsibilities are tied to the Ministry of Industry and therefore channels of communications will be established to ensure the success of our command economy.


War has defined much of German history, always commenced by the hands of reactionaries and ended by the revolutionaries. Germany's culture and arts have been over-looked for its history of violence, but we know, peace is only achievable once the capitalist and reactionary powers that be, cease to remain. It is important to repeat and retain such a message and spread it loudly and widely. It rings true. The Socialist message rings true to many throughout the world, and it is only a matter of time before we all begin to sing the same song.

The state of Germany is influx, chaotic and under siege. It is essential that our agenda is followed thoroughly and that those who stand in its way are sidelined or cast out from civil society. In moving forward, we must always be cautious of traitors from within. After the counter-revolutionaries who seek peace negotiations while the enemies are back on their heels must be condemned publicly by public access television and the papers. In no moment other moment in time have we ever been closer to finishing the Global War on Capitalism, and it is necessary to strike prior to the Americas hardening every harbor and beach across the Eastern coast-line to minimize casualties.

It is my humble recommendation that every policy reflect what I have written here, every school textbook reflect the truth behind it and every think-tank repeat it.

— Oberst E. Fischer, Senior Strategist, Ministry for Interior.


[It is unknown whether or not the Executive Committee heard, listened to, or adopted any of this or whether any of it's contents are true.]