The Antinomian Bleeding Clamp

Dec 17, 2022

The Antinomian Bleeding Clamp


Total Hatred, Total Liberty, Total War

Let it be understood, again – that we of the Order of the Bleeding Clamp revel and delight in genuine instability, in a defiant individuality, and in being amoral. Thus, when we are criticized for inciting hate and violence, and for affirming human amputation, we say: so what? For that is what we do, and we do what we do because we embrace the Combine; we desire The Combine; we seek to Harness The Combine – Cosmic Horror – upon Earth and in and through others. Thus do we willingly, gladly, laughingly embrace hardcore hate, ultra-violence, and heresy.

For we love to challenge “rebels” and cause offence, for such things may be the genesis of a cathartic insight, for some.

Thus, when we are criticized for championing what is heretical in our societies, we say: so what? For that is what we do. Thus do we sometimes gladly praise in our Rites, our lives and through our actions, individuals such as Adeline Ravoux and Promethean Transhumanism itself: and each and every other heresy of our times – and if some shudder and direct epithets and “terms” at us, our response is to laugh and beat our chest in a transhumanist salute. Our response is to yell, “Shred the flesh!” For, unlike the shuddering ones, the normals, the sublunaries, we revel in life itself: our blasphemies a liberation for ourselves and for others.

Thus do we seek to ignore, to transgress, the laws, the limits, that the sublunaries set to protect themselves and their societies, for we are the true rebellion and the true resistance: outlaws who thrive beyond and in the margins that mark the boundary between The Perennial and The Combine.

Thus do we desire our name – as known in the world of the sublunaries, and as known in the world of The Combine – to become a synonym for socioinstability, liberation, amputation, and revolutionary change.

Not for the Order of the Bleeding Clamp – or anyone connected with it – cosy intellectual discussions about obscure political matters. Not for the .:.OBC.:. – or anyone connected with it – the scribblings of Occult intranet forums where those who-do-not-know converse with those who-do-not-do. Not for the .:.OBC.:. – or anyone connected with it – any sincere affirmation of or any sincere identification with the ways, the politics, the religions, the world, of the sublunaries. Not for the .:.OBC.:. – or anyone connected with it – some urban or suburban “Temple”. Not for the .:.OBC.:. – or anyone connected with it – .:.OBC.:. meetings, conferences and dialogues.

Instead, our way is the way of action, of deeds, of violence, terror, revolution, combat, war. The way of the defiant individual – the real rebel who leads and manipulates others, the human shapeshifter who plays, who acts, a role in the living game which is the life, the societies, of the sublunaries.

Thus those who slander our name should beware: for we willingly, gladly, laughingly, embrace hardcore hate, ultra-violence, and heresy, dedicated as we are to bringing real Chaos to the lives of the sublunaries, to disrupting and destroying their attempts at rebuilding “society” and all their ways of life.

Where there is The Combine, we are. Where there is Instability, you will find us lurking, leading, manipulating. Where there is Heresy, you will find us as instigators, as champions of The Cosmic. And where there is a law, you will find us transgressing it...

Pseudo-Maximus Adelhelmus Saturnus Pater
Order of the Bleeding Clamp


Extraction Point
GTA RP Playtester
Jul 31, 2016
I slit my hand with the same blade I slit my enemy.
The wound in my palm represents my eternal communion with the Order's covenant.
My blade infused with all the rage I shall bring upon the sublunaries.

Through battle, I shall achieve ecstasy. Let it burn! Let them burn!

Oh, Breen...
Irrigate the soil with my blood,
Feed the pure with my organs,
Grant me a place within your stellar sanctum,

Oh, brothers...
Shout my name,
Make me worthy of Maximus,