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Nov 4, 2016


Welcome to Nebulous! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the time you already spent on the server. This guide will help you understand more about how the server works, and provide some examples of activities you could do.

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Server Rules

Application section


Permanent Kill Appeal

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Read this if you want to understand how to roleplay more in depth

Server Setting

You are currently a citizen, a lucky human who managed to survive the tragedy of the seven hour war in 2012. At the moment, you live under the oppressive fist of the Combine, dubbed by its inhabitants as the ‘Universal Union’.

You’ve just made your way into this city, equipped with nothing more than your suitcase and your CID (CID stands for Citizen Identification Card.) You will need to use the six digit number and name listed on it to identify yourself when needed.

What is Roleplay?

Roleplay is when you are pretending to be someone else. In the case of this server, you are acting as your character.

You will hear the terms “IC” and “OOC” on the server. IC stands for In-Character, which refers to acting as your character. OOC stands for Out-Of-Character, which is when you are no longer roleplaying and instead are simply yourself.

Example of OOC: (OOC) hey gang i need gamer supps

Example of IC: (IC) Hello! Do you have any Soda in stock today?

Important Rules

There are some important rules that you should be aware of.

Don’t mug anyone for money or items: Mugging is allowed but only if your character has a valid reason to mug another character, such as that character stole something from you, or they reported you to Civil Protection.

Disconnecting from the server while you are roleplaying with others: Typically, you need simply let your friend know in LOOC that you need to leave. But if you disconnect from the server while a CP is arresting you or interrogating you that is against the rules.

Randomly attacking other people: You are allowed to attack someone else with a valid reason, but you cannot randomly assault people without a reason. This is also known as Mingepunching.

It is highly recommended to read the full list of rules here. But these rules I’ve listed are crucial to know.

How do I Make a Good Description?

Your character is required to have a physical description. The purpose of the description is so other players know how your character looks, talks, or smells. How descriptive you want to be is completely up to you.

If you need to change your description, you can type /chardesc in the chat, or ask an admin to change it for you.

For example, here is how a proper description looks: A canadian man standing at 6’0. He dons a standard citizen jumpsuit and has some stubble on his face.

An improper description would look like this: i am old as hell. gamer, loves to play half life and portal. my mom wants more cola

Why is my character banned?

If you’ve died and received a message stating your character has been banned (Note this is NOT a server ban.), it means that your character has been permanently killed. The reasoning behind the kill can vary, and you can typically ask a staff member for a summarized explanation.

If you think you have been killed for an invalid reason, you can post an appeal in this area. Acceptance of appeals vary heavily as every PK is different.

Useful Commands

.// or [[ - Sends a message in LOOC, standing for Local Out Of Character.

/me - Allows you to perform physical actions such as waving or smiling.

F3 - Pressing F3 on your keyboard allows you to make another character remember your name, can also modify range of who recognizes you.

/help - Sends a message to all online staff members.

What Can I Do?

As a citizen, you don’t get much freedom in the eyes of the Union. But there is still plenty you can do, if you want to avoid illegal activities. You can collect food rations once every 60 minutes, participate in workshifts by the Civil Workers Union, or report illegal activity to Civil-Protection.

If you want to start a business, talk to a CWU member and they will explain how shops work and help you get set up. These businesses can be anything from a barber shop to a gourmet restaurant, limited only by your own creativity.

If you go through the path of being a good loyalist, reporting all illegal activity and doing tasks for the Union, you may be able to get a loyalist tier. These tiers can give you all sorts of benefits. Click here if you want to know more about the benefits.

Alternatively, if you wish to rebel against the Union, you are completely free to do so. This means you could be a drug dealer, thug, crime boss, or just a simple outlaw. However, be aware that Civil-Protection will not treat you kindly if they discover your illegal activities.

What are Events?

Events are special server activities. What happens in them depends heavily on the person running it. On the server, if the event involves your faction you will most likely be able to simply join in on it.

Sometimes we have closed events. These are usually run on our event server, a server built specifically for events. These events almost always require you to apply for it on the forums with other people.

How do I Join a Faction?

If you’ve looked at the application sub-forums, you’ve probably seen the multitude of factions. After you read this guide to learn the basics of each faction, you simply have to click on the faction you want to join, go through their application information, post an application, and wait for a verdict.

If you get denied, don’t worry. You will always get another chance to apply, unless the management of that faction sees reason that you shouldn’t, based on disciplinary issues.

*Civil-Protection, Overwatch Transhuman Arm and Union Proselytes are not recommended as a first faction.

*Union Medical is for people interested in medicine, Union Innovation Labs for the creative scientists, and the Civil Workers Union is for people who want to roleplay as city engineers. There is also the Terminal for people who like writing news stories.



Citizens are the most common people of the civic workforce. Most citizens aren’t extraordinary, simply oppressed citizens trying to get along with their day. Some citizens run shops, while others participate in workshifts, while the rest simply survive day through day.

It’s expected of all citizens to use a respectful attitude towards others, and are closely monitored by overwatch.

What Should I Do?

Every citizen has their own opinion about the Union. Some are loyalists, while others may be outlaws. It’s recommended to be cautious when acting around other citizens, as their behavior can be unpredictable.

Understand that the main goal of Roleplay is to exist as a character within the world. While there will come times when you are provided with obvious goals, It is mostly your responsibility to find the fun in your character, and make decisions/goals for yourself. Ultimately, you have a large degree of freedom for what you can do, what that is will be up to your personal imagination.


Citizens who work against the Union regime. They generally fester in underground areas, away from the prying eyes of Civil-Protection and city citizens. You’ll find most of them to be armed with weapons.

Some rebels are traders, meaning they will trade items with you. Be forewarned, raw materials such as plastic and metal are your ally in this regard.

What Should I Do?

These characters will either be friendly or aggressive with you, based on their own alignment. Sometimes others’ actions will affect your life, such as rations being disabled. Associating with this group of people could get you in trouble with the Union if caught.


Civil-Protection is the policing force of the Union, composed of once ordinary citizens who wanted better food and benefits. Their objective is to maintain a civil society by using brutal means. Their identities are obscured due to their masks and vocoders, causing them to blend together.

What Should I Do?

These officer’s are almost never your friend, as they are upholding civil society but not your own safety. Sometimes, officers can be friendly. Generally you should avoid contact with them when possible and be afraid to confront them as they are the judge, jury, and executioner. Involving yourself with Civil-Protection is a gamble.


Union Medical is the medical division of the Union. They are composed of experienced doctors and nurses, ready to care for your physical and mental injuries. If you find yourself in need of a heal, you should find your way to their clinic.

What Should I Do?

Union Medical may be doctors and nurses inside their clinic, but outside they are regular citizens. Be wary when speaking ill of the Union around them as they are generally loyal to the Union, but allegiances can vary.


The labor sector of the Union. Commonly referred to as CWU, these people are responsible for the maintenance of the sector and producing Union approved food. They also manage all store related functions.

What Should I Do?

You can participate in their work shifts, which can be anything from producing food to venturing into the outskirts of the city. They are mainly loyalists, so be wary of any anti-Union remarks or actions.


The scientific research and development company of the Union. They strive to locate new discoveries and innovate technology. This faction is in charge of all science related endeavors.

What should I do?

Sometimes UIL hosts workshifts in their facility or requires testing volunteers for an experiment. Besides that, they are simply loyalist citizens without their lab coats.


The Union’s personal journalism organization. They may seem like ordinary citizens, but they write stories on everything that happens in their respective cities, such as bombings or outstanding citizens.

What Should I Do?

If you gain some popularity you will no doubt find yourself in the presence of these reporters. Simply treat them like normal citizens and you’ll be fine.


Alien creatures from an unknown homeworld, but have migrated from Xen, where they were enslaved. They fled to earth after the black mesa incident and now work in menial labor duties such as janitors or laborers. If you find yourself in the underground areas, you may locate a regular vortigaunt, which are able to conjure up something called ‘The Vortessence’, which has a whole range of powerful abilities.

What Should I Do?

Biotics are treated much worse than citizens. This means they are typically not permitted to speak freely, though may be able to interact with you anyway. Be forewarned that if you’re standing in the way of a biotic from performing their tasks, you may be reprimanded by Civil-Protection.

Vortigaunts live almost exclusively in the underground areas with rebels. They don’t have any restrictions on interacting with humans, so you should feel free to converse freely.


Once ordinary citizens or rebels. Now they are under full control of a headcrab and are no longer considered human.

What Should I Do?

Zombies are 100% hostile, so any attempt at interacting with them will fail as they neither understand you or care. They are only interested in killing you, and their only attack is with long claws and typically are slow. Fight from a distance, otherwise, you should flee.


A large variety of violent and feral creatures who also came to earth during the seven hour war, just like vortigaunts. However, each and every one of these creatures are hostile. Each and every creature is different, and with that their attacks and defenses also change just as rapidly.

What Should I Do?

Unless you have a well armed group of people with you, avoid contact with these creatures. One on one, they are powerful enough to kill you with ease.


Hardened military soldiers who have been biologically and mentally altered to be perfect killing machines. They have no memory of their own individuality, and are considered to be the strongest asset of the Union apart from synths.

What Should I Do?

Avoid contact with them at all times. They have powerful weaponry and heavy armor, not to mention that all soldiers are heavily trained in combat. They will harm or even kill you if you stand in their way.


The political government. They are considered to be some of the most important people in the Union, able to use legislation and power to change the city as they see fit. Sometimes it's for you, other times it’s for them.

What Should I Do?

Councillors and other government officials will most likely demand respect from you. Sometimes you can have a normal conversation with them, share your thoughts. But, if you act out against a board member they may have you detained or punished in another way.


The armed guards of the occupational government. They act as their investigatory body and conduct operations on their behalf in the city. They are akin to the FBI of the real world.

What Should I Do?

Unless directly approached by a member of this group, your character should stay out of their way and comply with them, much like how you would with Civil Protection. They are a rare sight to behold in a squad alone, so that alone may invoke some fear.

How do I Become a Staff Member?

If you want to become a staff member, you only need to post an application in this section whenever applications are open. Reviewal typically takes 2-3 weeks for a reply.

A tip about applying for staff is that you need to have been in the community for a little while and have made contributions such as hosting events or leading a faction.

How do I Run Events?

You need simply make an application here with your first event. Be sure to read the application guidelines.


@General Mario - Writer/Publishing/Editing

@Flanders - Proofreading

@Chezburger - Additional Suggestions

@Ricsow - Artwork design/composite/backgrounds

@Yurrie - Faction Poses
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Never thought a new players guide remake would be happening anytime soon. This'll probably be very helpful for the new players who read it down the line.

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Finally an update, thanks a whole lot guys, it looks really good too
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What about conscripts?
Conscripts are in simple terms citizens with guns.

Not much else to say about it, I personally believe their existence primarily so that even citizens can participate in large scale military ops/events which honestly can be fun if done right.

The simplest way to think about them from an IC perspective:
A citizen that gets given a uniform and anything their superiors want to give them from whatever is laying on the shelf at the time. How to join them? Talk to the leadership of the respective 'regiments' and they follow a rank structure similar to the pre-war US military.
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