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    ACT I

    1st of May, 1966
    Dietrich looked to his classmates and teacher, in his hands he holds a set of notes detailing the great speech for marxist-leninism and German unity he shall hold. He threw his notes onto the floor, looking towards the crowd with the glimt of radicalism in his eyes. He then opened his mouth and the crowd cheered with great passion towards the speech. As he thanked the crowd for listening in to him, the only thing he could feel is emptiness. He knew relations between the Eastern bloc and the Capitalist west is deteriorating at a rapid pace. Soon there would be war, and Dietrich would be one of the people on the frontlines of the oncoming ideological conflict.

    This is the memories of Dietrich Hersh, a student, a radical, a soldier.

    two years later...
    10th of November 1968
    Undisclosed location, East Germany
    Dietrich looked down towards his gun resting on his lap before looking over to his new comrades. Conscription has been hard to young Dietrich, but he'll manage like he always do. Suddenly he felt a light pat to his left shoulder. He looked over to see Axel, a man the same age as him, but lacking the same amount of motivation that Dietrich has. "Mind if I bum a cig of you?" Axel also lacking the money to fund his vices. "Nah, I only got two left and it's a long way to the next stop." Dietrich said, reaching into his pocket to protect the ciggies from being poached. "A-come on man, I forgot to buy my cigs at the next stop. Be a comrade wouldn't you? You always talk about that shit when we were at boot camp." Axel now had a smug smile on his face as he said that. "Comradery doesn't mean I have to give you shit. You damn beggar." Dietrich snapped, now tired of Axels feeble attempts at begging.

    Before the argument could continue the truck stopped and the conscripts exited. This was a temporary stop and Axel was already getting ready for a scuffle with Dietrich who responded with a nod. A true revolutionary never backs down from a fight, especially with the bottom-feeding cretin like Axel. However Dietrich knew one thing...

    And that he was in the right place.


    ACT II
    26th of April, 1983
    Berlin, SED HQ
    Dietrich overlooked the cheering crowd, holding a glass of champagne. Finally after several decades of capitalist occupation, the west has been liberated from the western imperialists. As he sat alone for himself he saw two uniformed men approaching him, a serious look in their eyes. One of them was taller and slim while the other was bulkier and a bit shorter.

    "Dietrich Hersh?" The taller man asked, seating himself while the bulkier man overlooked the crowd, keeping guard. "Yes, what is it?" Dietrich asked, looking puzzled. He recognized the several insignias on the mens cap and uniform belonged to the MfS often referred to as Stasi. "We need to talk to you, please come with us." the taller man stood up from the chair, motioning Dietrich to follow him.

    Now the thing with Dietrich is that he was an collaborator and he was a collaborator ever since his days of conscription. Usually you just hand of your information to your designated contact and then you be off on your merry way. Getting contacted like this meant something had gone horribly wrong.

    26th of April, 1983
    Stasi Headquarters, Berlin
    Dietrich was taken to the Stasi headquarters in Berlin, walking through the long hallways of the monument of repression that resides in Berlin. Eventually he reached the offices that deals with recruitment. He was brought into a room with a simple office layout, with an older-looking man sitting behind the desk.

    "Ah, good day to you Comrade Hersh, please take a seat." the old man said, motioning to one of the seats next to his desk. Dietrich of course sat himself down, what was he supposed to do? "My name is Adam Köstner, I am responsible for finding potential applicants into the Ministry of State Security. After the reunification, we are in need of more applicants." Adam said, reaching towards a file on his desk as he begins to read it outloud "Your name is Dietrich Hersh, you have had a long involvement into FDJ starting from the age of fifteen and continuing up to age eighteen where you finally joined SED before continuing on in your eighteen month conscription." Adam took a pause in reading the notes, reaching towards a nearby glass of voter, taking a sip. "You've been reprimanded for fights during your conscription, but also been commended by your officers and political officers for your beliefs in socialism and efficiency."

    Adam smiled, reaching towards another note "Ah, I don't think I need to read this one. I've already handled dozens of your reports to the Stasi. Is it true that your first report was against an Alex Pilzer for counter-revolutionary thoughts?" Adam said whilst Dietrich nodded. "That is correct." Dietrich said, looking confused as to why his folder is being presented.

    Adam stood up, walking towards the window "You know of the reunification, yes? We lack manpower in the west and here in Berlin, the heartland of our republic" Adam turned around, looking over to Dietrich "You're one of our candidates to be enrolled into the Stasi College as you've already completed your university degree." Dietrich looked shocked at the news. "Why me? Why now? It's been years since the war started. Adam looked Dietrich straight into the eyes, speaking with a stern-tone in his voice "Because the west is fucking collapsing. We are having rebels, counter-revolutionaries and terrorists in every City, all from Munich to Frankfurt to Cologne. We need people, and you are one of the people who are going to be sent there." Adam put forth a document and a pen, once again staring at Dietrich "Do you accept this offer, Comrade Hersh?"

    ACT IV
    February, 1992
    Cologne, German Democratic Republic Stasiland
    "Another bomb has gone off near the Soviet checkpoint guarding the entrances to the townhouse in downtown Cologne. Soviet officials deem this bomb to be an act of terrorism by the current freedom fighters that are being supplied by NATO. Stasi has asked all residents of Cologne to supply them with information regarding the recent bombing." Dietrich turned off the tv, sighing. First it was the food riots, then came the assassinations, and now? Organized rebel groups funded by NATO.

    Hersh knew this was just another regular day in what is commonly referred to as Stasiland. A land of warfare and anarchy. Stasi barely has any influence here, and are already having trouble asserting their independence to the Soviets who are often making demands to them.

    As the situation is deteriorating in Cologne, Dietrich has decided to send a transfer dossier to his Stasi office. After all he cannot let his career die in this part of Stasiland, and the newly formed Arbeitsgruppe 6 can be a way out of the shithole that is Cologne. He poured himself a drink, turned the tv back on while looking at the letter he planned to send to his wife. Maybe he should get back to writing it soon, but hey he got work to do.

    In Stasiland you would be keen to maintain your vigilance, especially if you're a Stasi agent.


    Name (Steam and Primary Forum): Mert

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:53987738

    Timezone: GMT +1 (Scandi time)

    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: I will be available most of the week from 4pm GMT +1 to around 11 GMT +1.

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server (WW3RP & HL2RP):

    Forum: 1 day ban for telling @Husky to end himself

    Forum: 1 month ban for hosting the Current Affairs awards

    HL2RP: 3 day ban for lynching vorts

    HL2RP: 3 day ban for drawing a swastika

    HL2RP: 3 week ban for flaming and apparently making a throwaway

    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: I am aware that in this iteration the focus will be on passive roleplay rather than s2k battles like in the previous iterations. It will still remain a fast-paced military roleplaying gamemode, but with a greater emphasis on citizen aspect rather than the military one.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: I see myself to have a good understanding of the history of the German Democratic Republic and the ideology they based their state around on. Then again I am not a historian so I don't consider myself to fully know every single detail of the GDR and I might be wrong in some areas.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense:
    Stasi was the official state security service of the GDR and dealt with intelligence and secret police operations. One of their main tasks was to recruit informants to spy on the population on the GDR and raiding dissidents apartments either openly or stealthy. They commonly used psychological warfare against dissidents aswell, and one of the most known tactics was to break into the apartments of dissidents and move furnitures around, eventually driving the victim insane.

    In Stasiland the Stasi will be entrusted to keep law & order and administrative affairs. They will also stick to their main task which is to spy on individuals and mapping out known dissidents and eventually bringing them down with their methods. They are an independent entity but will be cooperating with the Soviet forces when it comes to snuffing out heavier armed rebel groups, but they won't take part in firefights.
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    █████████ ███████

    Hersh, Dietrich. Stamp him.

    His officers tell me he's settled down. His service makes him reliable, waste no asset. Provide standard badge and papers for a Frankfurt transfer, Fähnrich grade.

    Klaus Hauer


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