THE TIMES - Statue of Liberty destroyed by Terrorists

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Apr 26, 2016




(Pictured: Statue of Liberty immediately after the attack, hours before the remaining carcass crumbled under its own weight)

June 2012: Shock across all of New York City as an iconic monument faced destruction at the hands of terrorists.

A series of controlled explosions took place within the Statue of Liberty on the morning of the tenth. The landmark was destroyed by what military officials report may be a radical domestic religious group.

CCTV footage shows a group of armed individuals arriving to Liberty Island. The group, consisting of five individuals carrying with them identical sports bags containing high-power explosives, assaulted and restrained the statue's security before proceeding inside to lay out the explosive ordnance.

Following the planting of the ordnance, the intruders fled on a boat off the island where the explosion took place approximately twenty minutes later, causing irreparable damage to the Statue of Liberty. There were no casualties in the attack and it seems the only target was the landmark. No known groups have stepped forward to take responsibility for the attack.

Despite the lack of casualties, Interim Mayor of New York City Brian Irons labeled the destruction of the statue a national tragedy. He promises the military will be swift in finding the individuals responsible for the act of terror and the perpetrators will be trialed.

This is one of many incidents of such nature that have occurred throughout the past month, following the global rise of religious and anarchist groups after the emergence of Portal Storms and alien wildlife.

The efforts to clean up the rubble left as a result of the attack have been temporarily suspended due to the worsening severity of the portal storms currently ongoing within the immediate area.

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