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    Name (Steam and Primary Forum): liew

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:121261777

    Timezone: GMT+0

    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: I'll attempt to be as active as possible, in regards to inactivity I don't see any major hindrances.

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server (WW3RP & HL2RP): I have been banned once or twice from HL2RP on nebulous. I can't recall being banned at all from WW3RP, and forum-wise I have been banned twice, back in 2017.

    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: I am. I'm aware Stasiland is far more roleplay orientated, in contrast to the S2K nature of WW3RP - it's far more focused on the civilian aspects of life in dire times such as those presented in the lore of the server.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: I've studied the Cold War in general a basic amount, I believe I'm knowledgeable enough to a degree where I can understand the ideology, history and motives of the GDR. I'd argue that my knowledge is somewhat more than average however don't consider myself an expert, though, this period of history (the subject of Germany, too) interests me greatly.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense: Essentially, the Stasi (AKA the Ministry for State Security) are regarded as one of the most effective, albeit ruthless form of secret police. Their main aim was repression of political enemies, and rooting out any form of activism that deviates from the GDR's ideology. Their actions were not limited to spying on its own population, compiling documents upon documents of their own citizens - they were able to subjugate the people of the GDR for the betterment of the East German ideology by very harsh means.



    -(Above) 1983, Re-Unification, Berlin-

    "Wie heißen Sie?"
    Becker responds eagerly, without hesitation, he peers up at the gaunt looking man from his wooden chair, scratching at his chin before blurting out "Thomas Becker, Herr."


    By this point, when we'd first approached him at a cafe in KaDeWe, Becker had distinguished himself within his time serving in the NVA since around 1985. This was a result of compulsory conscription, as required at the time. Our ideology had been instilled within him at a young age, his mother was a prominent member within the local branch of Thälmann Pioneers, whom directed Becker's group. He was a designated watchdog of Wohnblock Neun - where he'd report to H. STRAUSS, a delegate from the Volkspolizei every other week to discuss the goings on of the block - of course, this was when we'd picked him up as a mere informant - since Mielke valued those within more docile occupations however, since 1989 (following Mielke's retirement), Becker now operates as a Fähnrich within the MfS - a uniformed member of our organisation. Whilst Becker has been working with us since far earlier, we have believed it fitting to allow him entry, after his willingness to participate.



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