Time, Devourer of All Things.

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    A chance...


    A chance for a new... Revolution.

    That is what Takagaki dreamed of. Takagaki Shozaburo. A man once unknown, perhaps even respected. One of the main developers of transhumanism within City 17.

    Inheriting a failing organisation by the name of Ranarchi, later Order of Ravoux, he revived it to what he would believe was the best... Way towards enlightenment.

    Oh how wrong he was.


    With bad practices, hateful pasts, he ruined all he had. His reputation, everything he possibly had before. All for a single transhuman dream. Do transhumanists dream of a better future?

    Dead at the hands of someone who had decided to snuff out transhumanism once and for all. All his research and knowledge gone upon his execution by the late Hajime.

    Was it all worth it? Was it worth it leaving his family and friends behind?

    Many regrets. Yet, not a chance to redeem himself. All he did was for his family and friends. Fooled by Cyrus, he did what he was commanded to do. His death was only his own fault in part.

    His comrades and friends were even more important to him than even transhumanism or Ravoux herself. Those people were close to him, Order members and even unaffiliated ones. Even enemies. He has yet to say goodbye to any of them, to hug them. To remember them. He feels nothing now.

    He misses them. He misses being a normal person. Not having to be hunted.

    Or be dead.
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    Temporary stay at A Union Political Refugee Camp pre-relocation to C17.

    Placed in District 30.

    Brief encounter with Chairman Locke in District 30 following the Districts violent reformation.

    Resulted in ending up in I17.

    Beliefs shocked following an encounter with Vucub-Came, Ending in exile.

    Captured shortly after.

    Pact with (former) Premier Zing Li for a second chance. On one condition:

    The life of Wayne Mcdonough.

    Traitor to
    the cause, died like one: With a bullet to the head. Unmourned.

    Dying regrets were never getting his name cleared, never killing the traitor Wayne, never getting a shot at Zing Li following his deal, never seeking out Rubin Locke for his atrocities at D30 and never meeting his family.

    Worse yet, letting them die through failure.

    credit to @Ricsow for character image

    Thanks to Nexus for allowing dead characters, regardless of who gets in to get a proper finale. Or perhaps, continuation.

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    Past member of the infamous Order of Ravoux.

    Voluntarily transhumanized and augmented in Kiev with no mental and little-to-none physical side effects, he was never a slave to extremism as some might expect from someone from the infamous transhumanist Order.

    No. He merely followed the ideals of the great medieval sultan, Saladin, who used the superior tools and weapons of the invading crusaders against them to defend the holy land, a way of thinking he applied to the present world. Transhumanism was, to him, a pragmatic tool and a means to achieve the goal of liberation instead of a ideology or mantra to live by. He never cared for what the fanatics may have interpreted Transhumanism as.

    After the leading members of the Order were all murdered in cold blood by Hajime, something he hardly could forgive, he desperately tried to pave a new path for Transhumanism, to cleanse its name and show the resistance community that it did not need any pseudo-religious or political nuances to work. After acquiring a rare and most exotic otherworldly crystal which defied the laws of gravity, he ventured to ensure that it would not go to waste and that perhaps he could find capable scientists to make valuable use of it. He wanted to make sure that Humanity would continue to make scientific discoveries which may help them against the Combine.

    His efforts were in vain.

    The leader of PSI-Tech, Tel'vurr, expressed mere disinterest at his offers and the crystal artifact.

    And while "Leo" and "Strelok" did indeed care and joined him in his search for a interested scientist, it was of no use.

    Civil Protection had entered the sewers and were trying to force themself into the settlement.

    Uno took arms.

    Three officers down at his hands.

    And in exchange he gained martyrdom

    The fate of the crystal is unknown. Uno's augmentations may never be replicated or improved upon.

    Transhumanism is dead.

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    norton deserved everything he got and more, spineless little rat
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    Carter Oakley, something to die for.
    Carter Oakley was your normal man on the civil protection team, all the way up to his final rank: 50.

    He was average in every way: From America, a history of violence, baggage, secrets.
    He quietly sat on the sidelines, throwing around old-movie quotes and jokefully faking anger at anyone that hadn't seen the classics.
    Plotting against senators and civvies that showed a distaste for his flavour of orientation.

    He had his reasons for the force, a husband back home to fight for, forgiveness in the eyes of the world for the heinous crimes of the past.

    Retirement was not close but not far.
    Carter Oakley, lived and died like a scumbag.
    [Killed by psycho-murderer's @dee pixel The Lighthouse inspired event.]
    Normal Tuesday: Grab rations, eat, mask on, double-check mask on, walk out, 10-8, triple check mask on.


    Abnormal Tuesday: That.
    Couldn't say I was surprised I was picked for this special mission in uhh, Siberia?
    Either way, we never made it there, something shot us down and we crashed in an ashy wasteland.
    In it, only an old man.

    With my gear gone and no clue where I was, my only choice was to trust him.
    He didn't live more than a week, I bludgeoned his head in with a brick when he fell down the stairs.
    You need not understand why I did it, just believe me when I say I did it because of the ghosts.
    He turned on me when I destroyed the car, I turned on him when he wouldn't relinquish the key to the Obelisk standing ominously a short hike away.
    I got the key to the Obelisk, was it worth it for what was inside? No, maybe.
    All I know is the shock of it, sent me over the edge and I went tumbling down the stairs.

    Carter Oakley, last thoughts of a madman.
    I ran with a crew when I was a teenager, we all scattered years and years later when the war happened.
    The last thing I remembers doing together was lynching some poor black kid.
    I got community service for minor arson, they never found the body I dumped in the river to put out the fire.

    So why was I seeing ghosts? Simple, he lived.
    He found me, shot down our carrier and left me alive.
    I found the bodies he left lying around, with their throats cut.
    He wanted me to suffer so he set up this elaborate plan to torture my mind slowly til I cracked.
    The old man was in on it.
    The Obelisk was a diversion.
    The fatal fall, a setback.
    I will find him.
    Finish what I started and go home.

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    Haa'Kuu Al'Halla-Seng

    Haa'Kuu Al'Halla-Seng. My name, my title...

    Does one's name truly matter? I suppose mine never did. My title was mine alone to know. It lived with me and so, died with me.

    In a way, one can take solace in this place... knowing that their name is not marred but merely forgotten, like so many others. Such are the consequences of adopting so many human customs.

    Though it is this place... this - place, between worlds. Reality and the Void... may be my prison for all time.

    Though was I truly, evil? I destroyed so much in my quest for power. Burning bridges, standing on the edge of the knife. All in the company of the same people who would call themselves the righteous and the good but they were no better than me. No, they were less than I was. At least I - Cyrus, offered them mercy. I offered those who wronged me a chance to begin again. I showed compassion! What do they know!? They all talk about the liberation, saving this world... Our world and yet, they were unable to wield the power to do so. Ending me and the hopes of a future by the cold steel of a gun.

    Even my own kind... though, I suppose they were right. They are not my kind... not anymore. They turned their backs on me, scheming against me. I suppose they had their victory in the end, they would have done so sooner were it not so taboo to kill one of Vorti-kind. Even if that one is no longer tethered to the collective. All I wanted was to feel strong again, to be powerful. The darker powers turned to the side of good. Was it right? No, but this is war... not just between us and the Shu'Ulathoi but humanity as well, One by one we fall to them under the pretence of justice and you may sleep soundly that they rid us all of a blight on our kind but one day... there will be no others for them to take. Except you.

    I suppose I can take comfort in that fact that the Combine will prevail, why should I feel sorry for them? It is no less a punishment they subjected me to and a fitting end. For if I must die alone in the dark, so will they - when one by one the stars of their universe are consumed by their hunger.

    Still... I think about those others, the essence-thieves. No one dared listen to them or give them a chance and yet... they were the strongest of us all... Does that excuse them of the atrocities they committed on their path? Of course not but they are still, Vorti-kind. They always were powerful when we encountered them. Who is to say they were not serving a greater good? Sacrificing many, so others could live? Just like me. It was surreal, when I spoke face to face with one of them. They were so stubborn, afraid. I saw myself in him... and what did the others do? Shun him, threaten him and we all nearly paid the ultimate price because they were too blinded by the light to see the truth.

    What is that truth? That all light, no matter how bright - casts a shadow. Division has only lead Vorti-kind to ruin in the past. All I wanted was to show them that there was reason to their ways, that we are what was and they are what could be...

    I want to know what I could have been...

    Maybe I was destined for greater things...

    Another world... Another time.​
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    Apr 26, 2016


    by Dr. Adeline Ravoux


    How did they die?

    Subject Ravoux died during a transfer to a host body. Her mind was torn into pieces by the process and her body was never recovered.

    Did they leave loose ends?
    Ravoux upended occupational politics and left many earthly political crises that would continue long after her death. Her promotion of a violent, extremist vision of Transhumanism would be adopted by both Combine and resistance forces alike - although the true nature of her allegiance remains debated among post-liberation scholars.
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    Denied, Ravoux alive in Syria
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    May 18, 2017
    None of my characters are good enough by far but I have to say this is the most kino event I've seen yet. I hope someone good/worthy gets chosen for it
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    Truly a good day to be a ravouxist
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    Eight people are having dinner around a table. Where and when doesn't matter.

    @IDK who the fuck was this




    Each of them are having some steak with an alcoholic beverage. Wine for Tagaki and Beneventi, beer for Korval.

    They begin to talk about old times.

    How Locker got a face full of lead when he chucked a Molotov cocktail to an administrator, who was in the end only a body double.
    How Perkins jumped of the C8 bridge because his party fell apart in less than 24 hours
    How Beneventi reigned until City 17, still debating what infact killed her
    How Chekov and Vegas drunkingly fell on Korval when they were detained
    How Korval was trying to get into an escape pod, but it was full so he got involuntarilly ejected from the plane.

    He thinks about what he could have done.

    Could he have done a better job at the Defense Ministry?
    Could he have done a better job as the Party Director for the Peoples Alliance?
    Could he have lived?

    He left shoes to fill. The people who knew him back at the senate, now long dead or somewhere else, felt the shock of his death.

    What happens next?

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    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Many have roamed the wide plains, hiked the sky-stretching mountains,
    braved porous storms and low-visible oceans to trek from one end of the Earth to another.

    Some, like Silas Langley, did for employment. Others, opportunity, escape, refuge.
    The expanse offered shelter, sustenance, water and security.
    A perfect place to prevail, or perish.

    It could, unlike the living, never judge one man from another.

    Never questioned why someone would run.
    Never blocked a man from enacting his paradise.
    Nor stopping one from swiftly eradicating another.

    Many enlisted their souls for servitude to one of many great machines, be they violent
    extremist groups or the many arms of one vindictive, global one-world government.

    Tokens, Breenbucks, Universal Credits. Profit was the multiplier and elusive ghost

    haunting the many employees, depriving man from mankind. Replacing memories
    with seductive motive, adding manipulation in another new form: a lifeline.

    Better to work than be on the street. Better to kill than be killed.
    Better to commit atrocities than have those inflicted upon you.

    The young, the old, the infirm and decaying. A suppression field stripped
    humanity of the meaning behind these labels. Murder became
    only constrained by vestigial scraps of morality.

    Lives taken, lives spared.
    Each etched in memory.

    Many plunged into the desperate, plied from the dying, looted the deceased and
    ravaged the revenge-filled mindsets of men unable to live without hate,
    in a world wrought to an early end with only one universal enemy,

    each other.

    Some folk croak, physically destitute on a ill-fitting mattress.
    Some get to be surrounded by friends and family when they pass on.
    Some died from boardroom politics, some to meager causes, some from
    inane complications or punitive punishments.

    Some stare down the barrel of a loaded gun and never see beyond the blank abyss.

    Many took the cause celebré of their adopted identities to their epitaphs, dying for causes
    seldom with direct ties to their old lives, tossed away in hasty adaption to the new world's
    hazardous complications. Hundreds died each day; one man was one number.

    Nothing more.

    Silas was one of them, painted on the pavement with the single spray of yet
    another stolen Heckler & Koch four-point-six surplus submachinegun. Fitting,
    for a man who denied himself exposure in life, he eluded remembrance
    from the majority in death.

    For he had joined many departed friends, killed before their prime.
    Two years of torment, sorrow and suffering ended that day on cold concrete.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep.

    I'm sorry to let you down,

    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.

    I'm sorry I couldn't stop you,

    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn’s rain.

    I'm sorry I couldn't protect you,

    When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
    I am the swift uplifting rush.

    I'm sorry I couldn't save you,

    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.

    I'm sorry I couldn't help you,

    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there. I did die.

    I'm sorry, Ines...
    I couldn't see you one last time.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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    Sophia Mosi

    She's been missing for a few days now.

    Her locker is slowly gathering dust.

    Where is she?


    Alone. She is alone.

    Left with nothing but her own thoughts.

    When will it end?


    Out of boredom, the woman starts speaking to herself. Reflecting on her past. If only this could've been avoided. Did it really have to end that way? What will happen to her things? How unfair is this?!

    "Why'd I get the boring death? Ugh. Literally like, everyone else got something more exciting. Ricardo died fighting a cop. Paez? I dunno' really. Why the fuck did I even go to the cops? Stupid announcement thing... Stupid proselytes. One of them was bald- No, the fella' who SHOT ME was bald. How humiliating... I died at the hands of a bald man!"

    "God, I was so spoilt... If I ever go back, I swear... I don't care about the stuff. Other than the blacksuit, that's Paez'. Oh- And a gun. Need that too. Everything else can fuck its self. Or it can't. I don't know.

    "God... I hope Vito finds my stash. He could really use the weapons. Vilo would just scam people with 'em. Selfish prick... I love that guy."

    "Ugh. It's so boring here. There's no one to make fun of, and nothing to do. Where even am I?"


    And with that, Sophia was met with a bright light. From the shadows, a man approached. It looked as if a door had been opened, blinding her with the bright light. The mysterious figure walks toward her - she's unsure if it's menacing or not. He opens what appears to be a note-book, and retrieves a pen from his breast pocket. The silhouette beings speaking, the white light behind him remaining as he does so.

    "How did you die, Miss Mosi?"

    "A proselyte shot me."
    "Bit shit, right?"

    "What was their... Reasoning?"

    "Dunno' really. Well, I do, I confessed to having a tonne of guns."
    "I got captured, too. That's important."

    "Have you left any loose ends, Miss Mosi?"

    "More than I can count."
    "Getting justice for what they did to Paez. That's the first priority."
    "And Colarone. Bit ambitious, we wasn't even that close. I don't care, he was a nice guy."

    "What will you do about it?"

    "I ain't too sure. I've got time to think now, I suppose."

    And with this, the mysterious figure appears to offer a simple nod, flipping the notebook shut, before being placed carefully inside a pocket. He pauses for a moment or two, considering something carefully. The silhouette's head bobs once more as he nods, with him turning on his heel and walking toward the door. As quickly as the figure arrived, he'd already left again, leaving Sophia in the dark, confused. For once, she sensed that this figure was powerful, and she probably shouldn't taunt them, whoever they are. Will they offer her freedom from this eternity of boredom? Who knows.


    "I've never been religious, but if there is a God, I pray to him that I ain't stuck here forever."

    For now, though, Sophia remains in the dark. Clueless, bored, and dead. Not gone forever, just dead.

    // not entirely sure on the mystery man, thought it'd be a nice touch, let me know if it shouldn't be there

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    Who needs G. Freeman when you have S. Mosi
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    the delusions of a dying mind

    thats my interpretation atleast
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    gman the pk appeal manager
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