Denied Torsten Liebehenschel - MSS conduct review and transfer request

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    Name (Steam and Primary Forum): Husky & @Husky

    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:60533443

    Timezone: GMT/BST

    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: I'd play probably daily to bi-daily

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server (WW3RP & HL2RP): None that I recall.

    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?:
    Yes, the primary difference between the two was in previous version, ww3rp was set between two waring factions and followed frontline FOB's and the conflicts between the two factions, now WW3RP follows the occupation in western Europe and the tension and resistance elements that come with that.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?:
    I'm very familiar with the history and ideology of the GDR and USSR.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense:
    The role of the stasi is to act as an intelligence agency, gathering information and intelligence on the surrounding areas and people, as well as the resistance elements in the area and who or what may be supplying them and how they gain those supplies.
    The stasi should be the more subvert and nuanced approach to situations over the militaries hammer and strengh approach.

    -IC Section-

    "Your name."

    "Uhm... My name?"

    "Yes, your name, Fahnrich"
    "Oh. My name is Torsten... Torsten Liebehenschel... Sir."

    "Your age."
    "I am 30, sir."

    "Male, sir."

    "Very good... Do you know why you have been brought here today, Fahnrick Liebehenschel"
    "I don't sir, no."

    "That's dissapointing. You are being considered for a transfer. To West Germany."
    "But I've worked in East Germany my whole life, sir."

    "You serve the the Stasi as a whole, do you not? You do as you are commanded? Don't you?"
    "Of course I do, sir. But I don't understand why I would be transferred."

    "Well... There have been some complications with your stationing in this area. Are you aware of these complication, Torsten?"

    *A long silence is heard on the cassette tape.*

    "... No?"

    "Dissapointing, yet again."

    *The sounds of a chair scratching slowly against the cold concrete floor are heard. Before pristine Oxford shoes are heard tapping slowly against the floor. Some riffling is heard through a leather bag, and then a phut, as something is layed on the table*

    "Do you recognise this man, Torsten?"

    *Another long pause is heard on the cassette.*

    "Yes sir. I do."

    "What is his name, Torsten."
    "Erwin... Sir."

    *The sound of pictures being moved over to Fahnrick, on the cold metal table can be made out*

    "This is your apartment, no?"
    "Yes it is, sir."

    "I'm sorry Fahnrick, I don't have my glasses with me, would you care to explain what the image is showing."
    "It's... Me and Erwin. Outside my apartment."

    "Good, Fahnrick, not so dissapointing now. No need to be nervous."
    "I'm sorry but what is the meaning of this, Herr Leutnant?"

    "Are you aware of and familiar with article 121 of the Soviet Union, Torsten?"

    *A long pause is heard on the cassette tape once more*

    "Well? Are you?"

    "Yes... Herr Leutnant."

    "Are you aware of the poll, conducted in 1989."
    "I'm... I'm not sure which one you mean, sir."

    "It asked people for their views of... Your kind, in the Soviet Union... Do you know what it found?"
    "No... Herr Leutnant."

    "30 percent of those questioned felt you should be "isolated from society", 5 percent felt you should be "liquidated", 60 percent had a "negative" attitude towards You people and 5 percent labeled your condition as "unfortunate"
    "That is... Unfourtunate. Herr Leutnant."

    "I suppose you are one in 5% then... So I must ask... Why should we trust you of all people?"
    "Because I am loyal to Germany he-"

    "Loyal to Germany? So you are not loyal to the Soviet Union?"
    "No, that's not what I meant Herr Leutn-"

    "Then what did you mean?"
    "I meant that I was born and raised in Germany, it's my home... It's treated me kindly and I am here to serve it Herr Leutnant. I know some people may see me with disdain but it is not illegal here, sir. It's only illegal in the USSR - not in Germany sir."

    "And what use is an agent to me if they cannot go to Russia, of all places?"
    "Because I am loyal to Germany more then anything sir. I can assure you of this sir."

    *A long, dragging pause is heard on the tape, the breathing of the people in the room clearly audible.*

    "I... I don't know what you want me to say."

    "Say nothing."

    *Some more shuffling, and the sound of the chair is heard once more, as the officer sits back down with a sigh.*

    "Why are you... Of all people... In the Stasi?"
    "Because as I said Herr Leutnant. I am loyal to Germany, and I am loyal to the stasi."

    "Have you seen your file before, Torsten?"
    "No... I haven't herr Leutnant."

    "Allow me to show you."

    *Some more ruffling is heard as the Leutnant stands from his chair, reaching into his leather case once more, putting a piece of paper down.*




    Liebehenschel, Torsten.

    Age: 30

    DOB: 13th February

    POB: Cottbus, Germany

    Position: Fahnrich.

    Family members:
    Liebehenschel, Gretel - Mother - 50
    Liebehenschel, Arthur - Father - 52
    Handke, Evelyn - Sister - 28
    Liebehenschel, Eckhardt - Brother - 25

    Known affiliations:
    Known to engage in violation of paragraph 175 (Rescinded 1957.) - in violation of article 121 of the Soviet Union
    Loyalty to Soviet Union unkown
    Loyalty to Germany - known to be high

    Psychiatric evaluation:
    Patient appears to be meak in their appearance, they lack self-confidence although they feel secure in answering their own questions - upon repeated sessions the patient became more open and confident among the psychiatrist, the patient does not appear to be neurodivergent. The patients mental status is in good health and does not appear to be deviant of the norm, nor do they experiance any deviation from standard neural or emotional responses.
    MENTAL STATUS: Fit for service.

    Physical evaluation:
    The patient appears to be in good physical health, they exercise regularly and are known to have their own routine, they are not exceptional or up to the standard of an officers physical well being, however it should be noted, physical fitness is not a priority for operative agents. The patient does however maintain their health regularly, they do not drink, smoke or use recreational drugs.
    PHYSICAL STATUS: Fit for service.

    "Do you see this? Torsten?"
    "Uhh... Yes... Yes I do."

    "What do you make of it?"
    "... The evaluations make me seem like a bore."

    *A silence is heard on the cassette for a brief moment, before the operative leans forward, their clothes making an audible crease as they do so.*

    "Right... We will get back to you. Regarding your... Continuation, in the stasi."
    "Thank you sir. Shall I take my leave?"

    "Yes. Leave."

    *A brief scuffle is heard, then the wooshing of someone's hand and heals clanking together - briefly followed by the opening and closing of a door.*
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    Nov 30, 2016
    // Rate this post or bump if you're still interested. Long time since this app was posted.
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  3. Husky

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    May 30, 2016
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  4. Shrike

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    Nov 30, 2016
    I've spoken to a lot of people, looked through threads and taken all things into consideration, ultimately decided to deny this application due to a lack of OOC trust. I'm very sorry that it took me so long to come to this verdict, but my decision nonetheless stands.

    You are allowed to reapply in the future, and I have no problems accepting you into this faction should my faith in putting you in a position that requires a good deal of OOC discretion and trust recovers by seeing you perform well with little to no trouble in your time on the Stasiland and HL2RP server.

    Again, I don't like denying people on basis of their OOC character, but that's unfortunately what I feel the need to do here.
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