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    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: Same as before, it has been a long while since I participated in WW3RP. It was around the time when Lemonpunch was still alive, as of now I am currently studying solely on Stasiland.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: Very Familiar as I have lived in Germany for 2 years and spoken with many military individuals in the German Army who lived during that time while I was stationed.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense: The men and women who are selected to be apart as a Stasi Officer are one of the GDR's best and the brightest. They are vital to the solidity of Stasiland to remain under its original rule and to support its Allies against the enemies that oppose them all the while keeping order within its lands and acting as a buffer between NATO and the Soviet Union which in that format remains as their bread and butter and their knowledge of the land gives the advantage to their Allies as they can contribute to the ideas of defenses or offensive engagements.



    -Ministerium der Nationalen Volksarmee-
    Noted as member of the Volksarmee current pending transfer to the Ministry of State Security and subject has been appraised and received all the required physical and mental aptitude exams which were coordinated by Higher Head Quarters of the 68th Grenadiers, branched from the Motorisierte-Sch├╝tzen-Division. This transfer document has been prepared by Stabsfeldwebel Unter Lange of the Motorisierte Commission and has been noted to leave this file dispatched to the nearest recruitment office immediately.

    Subjects Current to Date Information
    File No. 66178 is as follows-

    Name: Klaus Held
    Age: 33
    Birth Place: Landstuhl Germany
    Service: Conscripted for National Recall into the Volksarmee
    Time in Service: 9 years, 3 months, 4 days
    Civil Status: Married /Subject's Spouse Name: Inga Held/
    Infractions: 60 Day Barracks Restriction and 30 Day loss of Pay due to Drunk and Disorderly Conduct.
    Education: Degree in Business Administration
    Current Rank:

    Attachment Included, Hand Typed transfer request to be personally read.

    "To the one who may decide the acceptance of my transfer.
    As my Stabsfeldwebel may have mentioned about me, I wish to give you the chance to read about me through my own words and the reason I seek to transfer to this honorable group of countrymen and women in its time of need. Germany has never since been the way it was after the Great Patriotic War and our efforts to reunify back to its glorious days is still over the horizon: but your call for the greatest minds the nation can acquire in order for this dream to become a reality and to the aid of our allies, you are indeed in need of more than just basic foot soldiers and old Sergeants. I cannot express my own knowledge and smarts through letters however and even my own achievements may not be taken to consideration, but the thought of the chance to learn with these talented individuals and serve my country in more terms than any ordinary soldier is an opportunity that I cannot simply pass even if the chances of me being enlisted in its ranks are low. I only ask for your consideration and your decision whether is agreed upon to accept my transfer or not is still mostly appreciated. My deepest gratitude to your time reviewing this and I wish you nothing but the best of health.

    -Feldwebel Klaus Held"

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