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    I'm making this document to showcase a way in which you can partake in the process of getting your character educated through Union Designated training facilitates located outside of the city. Do keep in mind that this is for the most part related to head cannon material so consistency between people may be off to some degree. The idea behind this is that your character is seeking a certification, training, or a basic level of education in a particular field (be it medical, construction, whatever). To do this all you need is time and the right amount of creativity. These steps can be changed around to fit your desired RP if you so wish.

    How to be Sent off to Acquire An Education
    Step 1.) Pick your desired training or education.
    Maybe you want to be a doctor but you never had any pre-existing knowledge to warrant becoming such. Maybe you're fresh out of one of the camps but have no further education to your name. Knowing what you want is the first step. So in the case of those who wish to become a doctor, maybe you would fancy a certification to become a nursing assistant or pharmaceutical certification. Whatever you think you might be doing as a future occupation, that's what you want to think about.

    Step 2.) Chose a school/location.
    Next up is to pick a school. Now there isn't exactly a list of Union Training facilities or Universities but you can use some creative freedom in conjunction with neb lore on this one. First, think about a location. Maybe it's in a nearby sector or just a city over. You can go as far or as close to your home city as you want.

    Use this to help you decide.

    Next, you'll want to name the school or facility. Examples include:

    Union Occupational Training Facility XXXX
    University of XXXX
    Sector X University of XXXXX
    District XX University of XXXXX
    District XX Training University

    Now that you know where are going, you need to depart. You can do your RP of packing and heading for the train station to depart, but how long should you be away? This is what I recommend.

    Simple Certifications/Training: 4 Weeks (4 OOC Days Flagged off that character).
    Intermediate Certifications/Training: 12 Weeks (12 OOC Days Flagged off that character).
    Advanced Certifications/Training: 18 Weeks (18 OOC Days Flagged off that character).

    (As you can see, these can take some time. They are idea for doing if you need to take a break from a char or you're going to be off the server for a whole.)

    Step 3.) Return and update your status.

    After the training is up, you can come back on home (flag up) with your new found knowledge. You can use this on job applications and other means of employment or just bragging rights.

    Some people may chose to pay for their education. Some mock or ideal prices I listed below.

    Simple Certifications/Training: 400 Tokens.
    Intermediate Certifications/Training: 800 Tokens.
    Advanced Certifications/Training: 1200 Tokens.

    (You can just RP paying this or just break some cash you throw on the ground)
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    What types of education can someone obtain? Is there a list?

    Are there new types of educations like cybernetics and transhuman studies?
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    You could probably RP anything that'd make IC sense
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    my headcanon for camp children is that they stay in mainstream education until they're 16 then specialise in civil work, medicine or law enforcement for 2 years and leave at 18 going straight into their field
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