Suggestion unpopular suggestion: disable 3rd person


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Mar 26, 2017
My problems lie almost entirely in crosshairs.

As of now, we're not at a point of overproliferation of them - but I think the idea and push towards using them has been a mistake. I'm not saying this as someone who's only just started having this idea, or have a problem with it this iteration - I've been against them for a pretty long time.
Originally, in clockwork, I remember hearsay about them being banned multiple times, and against the rules. There were a few times back then I'd see clips from OTA that had them on, and it always irked me.

In the current iteration, I disagree with the usage of a crosshair AND third-person. I think it's exactly the one-two punch needed to push back against everything that was intended to push YOU back - the viewmodel, dealing with recoil, dealing with the viewmodel recoil, and aiming down your sights. Instead of having to align your gun's misaligned viewmodel sights with your enemy before pulling the trigger, you level the cross, and you're set. All of the guesswork, the toss-up, the what-if, the ambiguity of whether or not you're dead-aim on your target is gone.

And yes, there are misaligned viewmodel sights. It took me seeing Nexus shoot Dallas' city administrator to see that yes, the sights on the USP-T are actually slightly off from the center of your screen. Some guns genuinely have this problem. Some guns will continue having this problem. It's times like this I actually think a crosshair is acceptable - you're making up for what the author couldn't do. Sure, you can argue you can just learn the difference between where the center is and the sights, but that's a discussion that's monkey-tier.

I just don't like mixing crosshairs with third-person. I think it removes the immersion you're supposed to be feeling - not that you're in some alien world fighting zombies and humans and whatnot, but the fear, the tension, the guessing game of whether or not you're on-target, the joy of landing a good shot, and the sadness of missing someone near point-blank.

It's now I admit that there's nothing you can do about crosshairs. It's not something you can remove, nor you can discourage/ban - it's too much. The only thing easily targettable is third-person in its entirety - disabling it globally for everyone apart from staff/zombies/antlions/specialty whitelists. I'm still for there being anything for it - whether it's disabled during major player-versus-player events, whether it's given some sort of cooldown, or whether it's completely removed when you raise your gun.

inb4 vort beam crosshair
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