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    I'll be playing on the server for a few hours a week. Unless anything in my life changes and will prevent me from doing so, in that case I will be surely to inform you of this.

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    Banned on HL2RP once two years ago, but I appealed and got Un-banned.

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    Yes, I am. I know that this time around, the Gameplay will be more passive and not too S2K centered.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?:
    I'm Fairly familiar with the GDR's history and ideology, but I am not a historian and will probably get to learn some things on the way.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense:
    The Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, commonly known as the Stasi is an Agency charged with domestic counter-intelligence and security operations all across the German Democratic Republic. They are here to preserve the "peace" and systematically disrupt and otherwise drive any "dissidents" to cease and decease any hostilities towards the GDR and it's ruling party/allies on it's territory.
    They are both seen and unseen by the general population of the GDR, and these days use less physical mean's for achiving their goals.
    They are here to keep the rule of law and order.



    09 / 21 / 1992
    Office of Transfers and Manpower
    National Peoples Army

    Transfer of Oberleutnant Willhelm Blisk

    Full Name: Willhelm Blisk

    Personnel ID: C - 215 - 360
    Rank: Oberleutnant
    Age: 45

    Güten Tag.
    It is with great honor and cherish that I provide you with this transference letter of Oberle. Willhelm Blisk from the National People's Army into the Ministry for State Security. As per the procedure we included in this letter Blisk's previous roles in the GDR until today. We hope this full background check will satisfy you and help you to proceed with Blisk's transfer into your Ministry.

    freundliche Grüße,
    Generalmajor, Hanrick Lendz

    Early Life

    Willhelm Blisk was born on the 5th of October, 1947 in the city of Cottbus in Brandenburg as an only child to his parants Frank and Helga Blisk. As a child, Willhelm was very obedient towards both his parants and his teachers, but yet he always showed that he had an open mind and thought outside of the box, in ways that only made him better, weather if in School or in his after class practices and hobbys. Already in a Young age he showed that he had fine leadership skills and was good in both working alone or in group's. And thus, when he was 13 his parants decided to send him to a state-run Military youth Boarding School.


    Willhelm Graduated from the Boarding School at the age of 19 and a few months later at the age of 20 he Enlisted in the army, like many young man in East Germany, but unlike most of them who did such thing out of wanting to simply provide better for their families or because the state made them do so, he made this decision on his own and with pride of serving his glorious country. He began his way as a simple Infantry soldier at the 15th regiment, but quickly climbed the chain of command and took upon himself more responsebilities inside his regiment, until he was sent to the NPA's Officer School.

    Mid-Late Military Career

    At the age of 22, Willhelm was a leading officer in the Landstreitkräfte's Panzerdivision B-9, he'll always be aware of everything regarding his soldiers and their assignments and always looked to improve on both himself and his soldier's capabilities.

    In 1971, while Willhelm's small Panzerdivision were stationed in their camp after a few months of Military exercise, irregular things started to occur. Documents began getting lost out of the blue, camp equipment suffered wierd "accidents" and Night Shift patrols swore they were hearing radio sounds and footsteps along the camp's area, but no one mannaged to actually see anything or anyone acting suspecious. A few week's had passed and these wierd irregularities suddenly stopped occuring, and thus everyone including Willhelm just assumed everything was probably to be blamed on irresponsible personnel, faulty equipment and wildlife - but than over the course of the night, Willhelm and the rest of the camp woke up to the sound of a huge Explosion and bullets being fired all around the camp, the alart had been sounded and Willhelm rushed outside, the camp which was located on the outskirts of Brandenburg was under attack.


    Willhelm, while entirely shocked from the occuring event's, haven't lost his mind like many of the camp soldiers and starting making his way towards the armory in order to grab himself a weapon. On his way he kept on hearing the screams of his fellow man, and saw them dropping to the floor like flies, he just had to take charge of this situation before the camp will be lost to whoever is attacking them, as he knew there wasn't any close Military force and even if he'll succeed at calling in reinforcments, they'll arrive in one hour tops.

    It took a few minutes but Willhelm finally mannaged to make his way into the Armory, where he armed himself with an STG-42 and a few hand grenades. He loaded his rifle and quickly made his way towards the barracks to rally his troops. When he arrived there, he saw that many were dead and the ones who were not were in a defensive position, shooting at the darkness and the sudden muzzle flash's from whoever was shooting at them. Willhelm ordered them to stop, as they will surely just keep getting picked one by one from all over and killed in this state, he told them that they had to pinpoint the attacker's position as by the looks of things, he dosen't believe they were many of them. His soldier's ceased shooting, and took more cover as Willhelm looked at their surroundings, trying to see what's the best option for an offensive against their attackers. He noticed an area near some of the demolished T43 tank's and began that was dark enough and with no apparent enemy movement, and thus he ordered three man to stay back and keep pretending they were all still there, while he and another nine made their way towards the tree lines to try and get the jump over the attackers. They moved slowly, trying to not draw the enemy's attention towards them and keep it on their fellow man over at the Barracks. And thus, they mannaged to flank the attacking force's location, and in a swift action, Willhelm and his man opend fire on them, and mannaged to kill them all without them even knowing what's going on, Willhelm's than singled with his Flashlight to the other three man that he left behind that they took the attackers out, and proceeded with his man to search for any other possible enemies along the camp premises.

    Willhelm and his man didn't found anyone else, and they concluded that this fight was over and won, but at what cost. 9 of their 17 Tanks were destroyed by enemy TNT, and many of the camp personnel lost their life in this suprise attack that came from no where....
    At the weeks that followed, the NPA began an investigation to this attack, with Willhelm insisting to take a part in it. He came to the conclusion that all the irregularities that followed before the attack were all connected, someone someone sabotaged the camp's light's and it's alarm system, stole specific guard routines documents and probably tested the awareness of the guards at the weeks before the attack came, in order to make the most out of it. There were 10 Attackers, all of which were armed to the teeth with Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives, it's obvious that their intent was to destroy all the Tanks and kill everyone at this camp, and that they had some inside help.

    With the huge help of Willhelm, the NPA found the people in charge of helping these insurgents to attack the camp, a low level Tank Engineer and a fellow Gunsmith, both of which were born in East Germany but enlisted in order to help their anti-government group. Both of them, and a few more man from their group who were captured later died in hanging in the centre of Brandenburg, in order to show that justice had been made and that anyone who mess with the German Democratic Republic, get's what he deserves.

    Following these actions by Willhelm, he was promoted from Leutnant to Oberleutnant, and was transferred to the NPA internal intelligence branch, where he oversaw a few more small operations to capture traitors inside the NPA, and where he remained until today...

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