Completed XRAY-3 and QUICK-5 PK Appeal

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    Character Name: XRAY-3, QUICK-5
    Member of Staff Who Banned Your Character: @Numbers

    What Led To Your Character's Death?:
    I'm terrible at explaining stuff so bare with me.
    XRAY-3 and QUICK-5 go to the prosperity housing and enter room 7 (Shawn's apartment). They take off their masks and start talking casually. Eventually, they get to a point where Q-5 compliments X-3. They then get a bit closer, looking into each other's eyes when Shawn comes out of nowhere (afaik he was afk in the bathroom). He then calls over radio, I think, that there are two unmasked cops in his apartment. Q-4 shows up with D-9. Q-4 calls for an RL to come and D-6 shows up. It's clear at this point that Shawn snitched on them. D-6 comes and basically tells them off for being in an apartment with their masks off. He wacks X-3 in the nose because of a remark she made about not being able to have shit in CP. After this whole fiasco, Q-5 and X-3 decide to get revenge on Shawn. They find him in UM and pull him out, taking him to the back of a shop. X-3 ties him and searches him, proceeding to break his nose and beat the living shit out of him. X-3 tells Q-5 to put a 28 charge on his file so it looks legit. Idk what happened to Shawn after this, so @nexus can elaborate that for me. Q-5 gets pulled to the side by U-3, D-6 and U-4. He is then interrogated, stripped of all his gear and put on a one way express to Nova Prospekt. X-3 on the other hand gets interrogated, stripped of all her gear and burned alive, pretty grim I know.
    Why Should Your Character Be Unbanned?: Just to be clear, I am not arguing against the reasoning as I believe it to be 100% valid. However, I believe that there could have been other options for punishment that don't involve PKs that could have been just as easily justified. In the case of X-3, I would imagine demotivation and an AMR or two would be a good punishment, as well as maybe a derank as well. I'm not sure about Q-5, but I'll let them comment on that. We could have easily killed Shawn for snitching, since he almost got us killed, however I decided OOCly not to as Shawn is a very well developed character.
    Date Of Occurrence: 27/9/2020
    Evidence: Logs.
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: XRAY-3? ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: UNION 3. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: We need to speak. Come with me. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Right. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Mask on, you know the drill. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Mhm. ::>"
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 takes their mask off their belt and clips it to their mask
    Player Shrak has joined the game
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: jesus fucking christ its bright
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Put your weapons on the desk. Safety on and ejected magazine. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Hmm. ::>"
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 takes their Glock 17 out of the holster, taking the mag out and locking the slide back, causing the chambered round to eject. They dig into their pouch and do the same thing for their Beretta M9. They take their baton off their belt and place it on the desk, along with their utility knife and a hatchet
    [OOC] Logan 'Poncy' Percy: Well I'm a gay male.. I'm pretty sure I've had the d more times than anyone else - though I think a certain type of chewing *gum* is near my total record.
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: Out. ::>"
    Shrak has connected to the server.
    [OOC] Oscar Konig: what? the fuck
    *** C24:RL.UNION-3 offers a courteous nod, motioning her to the seat as he then put his weapon away, slung over his back. "<:: We're going to ask you questions regarding yesterday's incident. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Right... ::>"
    [OOC] Henri Adrien: zero nicotine gum?
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 crosses their arms as three speaks
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    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: i would do actstand but the anim doesnt loop ;-;
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: u can take mask off if u want
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: aigfht
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    Player I-[15thGA F] Rct. Alex? has joined the game
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Did you beat Shawn Seon yesterday night? ::>"
    Player Luci has joined the game
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Shawn? The asian guy? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Yes. ::>"
    *** C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 approaches the table, letting his MP7 hang on a stripe. After that, he grabs the firearms presented on the table, checking them for any bullets within or magazine injected. He removes all of the bullets from the magazines on the table, pouring them inside a bag.
    Nep Nep has disconnected from the server.
    *** C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 grabs the melee weapons from the table, placing them inside of the desk.
    [OOC] Doctor Tel'Vurr-Ahm: star platinum the world
    [OOC] Secretary Faith Summers: chez where is my ammo chez
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 stays silent, thinking to themselves for a few seconds. The then speak, "Yes. I was pissed for what happened yesterday, after the incident." They then look to D-6 with a pissed off expression
    [OOC] Doctor Tel'Vurr-Ahm: Gone. Missing. Reduced to atoms.
    TommyGman has connected to the server.
    *** C24:RL.UNION-3 emanated no body language as he spoke, chin up and stood straighter than a pole. "<:: QUICK-5 reported otherwise. He claimed that Seon was not beat by you. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: He didn't? What did he say then, that he did it? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: He said that you two only documented it, and yet we find Seon beat. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Do you have an explanation to this? ::>"
    [OOC] Sen. Sebastian Castellanos: can we play CAB yet
    [OOC] Doctor Tel'Vurr-Ahm: no get the FUCK OFF
    *** C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 maintains his proffessional stance, shaking his head after UNION-3's statement.
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Then... he must have lied. ::>"
    [OOC] C24:80.XRAY-6: Smallfies has not been on his CAB is 2 days, what does this mean?
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: What were you doing in Seon's apartment? ::>"
    [OOC] Michael 'Tex' Grant: Converted to islam
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: We were talking, you know normal gossip and stuff like that. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: In a furnished apartment? ::>"
    [OOC] Rose Okai: Chez converted to islam tho.
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Yeah. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: ..owned and occupied. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Why did you select Seon's occupied apartment to unmask? ::>"
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: With the owner inside the bathroom. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: We didn't know he was in there. We assumed the place was empty. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: His place is marked as owned. In fact, we have reports of a 288. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: 288? Excuse me? ::>"
    Luci has connected to the server.
    [OOC] Farah Sa'adah Al-Nassim: chez converted to islam for me
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: If you think about it, you could've talked anywhere. You picked a well-furnished apartment in the loyalist block to do it, however. ::>"
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: Talk inside nexus, talk in the bar, talk on the street. Only the first option supports the maskless idea. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: QUICK-5 has already admitted to it, regardless. He has been sent off for a greater role in which he will be carefully measured and rated. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Greater role? Mind if I ask what that is? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: He is in due to become a transhuman, much like myself. ::>"
    Player Luci left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: You-. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: ..though he will endure the duty of a true soldier beforehand. ::>"
    *** Her expression sinks
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Oh... ::>"
    Player bigdaddyboy413 left the game (bigdaddyboy413 timed out)
    bigdaddyboy413 has disconnected from the server.
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: He will be transhumanized, sent to the field. From there, godspeed. ::>"
    Player next fefsa has joined the game
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: You however, are at an impasse. You do not meet the qualified rank and skillset. You are a liability due to lies among other issues. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Look, nothing sexual happened between us. He complimented me a few times, but that was it. . ::>"
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 sighs, looking defeated
    *** C24:RL.UNION-3 reaches for his submachine gun once more. It was clutched tightly in his hands. "<:: Strip her of her equipment. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Just... please tell me there's another way out of this. ::>"
    *** C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 moves towards the unit, stopping at around two meters away.
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: I'll take an MMR or whatever, I don't care anymore. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Your impulsive acts towards Seon suggest otherwise. A liability. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Your lack of further concern is part of the problem. ::>"
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: Strip from your uniform, boots, pants, jacket, kevlar, so on. Until you are left with shirt on. ::>"
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: I'm sorry ok! I got carried away! I wanted payback! I-. ::>"
    next fefsa has connected to the server.
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: Payback for your own mistake? ::>"
    *** C24:RL.UNION-3 remained uncompromising. No body language was demonstrated beyond that of an imposing posture.
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 continues to ramble until eventually she collapses onto her knees, clearly trying to stop herself from completely breaking down
    *** C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 grunts as the unit collapses. He moves behind her, attempting to grab both of her arms and force them behind to later restrain them with a zip-tie.
    Player Ricsow has joined the game
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 doesn't resist D-6's attempt to tie her. She weakly utters out some more words
    [OOC] Oscar Konig: just took a huge shit
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "<:: Please... I don't want to go out... not like this... ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Place a bag over her head, begin confiscating equipment. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 has transferred C24:40.XRAY-3 to the Citizen faction.
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "Please..."
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] retreives a black-bag from his pouch, forcing it on the woman's head. Then, he begins to confiscate the equipment.
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: you want me to drop all my shit or?
    Player I-[15thGA F] Rct. Alex? has joined the game
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: oh fuck me thats magic
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] kicks the equipment aside.
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 weakly starts to cry a bit
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "Please..."
    *** [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] pockets the arsenal, scooping each firearm, blunt force and sharp object off the desk. He tucked it away.
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] attempts to pull the unit up from the ground, forcing her to stand on her feet.
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 gets pulled up onto her feet
    You have been tied up.
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] proceeds to remove the parts of her uniform until she doesn't have anything that connected her with civil protection on her anymore.
    Player Blackquill has joined the game
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    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: if youre gonna model me, do you need the path?
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: ya
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 changed C24:40.XRAY-3's model to models/zelpa/clockwork/female_02.mdl.
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: ew this skin XD
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: nais
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: can u still see?
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: i cant tell
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: i can
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: oh, weird i tried blnding
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: we need an actual black bag thing. that would be cool
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: ikr
    Ricsow has connected to the server.
    [LOOC] C24:RL.DEFENDER-6: can you still see anything?
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: nope
    [LOOC] C24:RL.DEFENDER-6: could you update your desc?
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: sure 2 secs
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Pick up that bag. ::>"
    Blackquill has connected to the server.
    You have changed your character's description.
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: ok done. also the blindness got worn off
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: i think it's only temp
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: yea its wire
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: weird
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: ah well ima just RP it
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Lead her, give her directions. ::>"
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] grabs the woman by her arm, simply dragging her along.
    Player chronos has joined the game
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 gets dragged
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: ..Which room is which? ::>"
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: Fire is on the right. ::>"
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: I mean. ::>"
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: Left. ::>"
    *** [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] threw the axe in.
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: U-3 be like: yeet
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] shoves the woman inside of the room forcefully, unless she resists in any way.
    Thood74 has connected to the server.
    *** C24:40.XRAY-3 gets shoved into the room, she doesn't want to, but the force is enough to push her in and cause her to fall
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: gary fix this damn door
    *** [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] lets a huff escape himself as he put the gun back over his back. He rubs his knuckles, stepping back as he idly beholds a crime against humanity undergo before him.
    C24:40.XRAY-3 says "Please..."
    Player a smart man has joined the game
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: please someone play 'burn baby burn'
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: ofc, u can appeal it asap
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: i think q5 will
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] approaches the panel, saying, "<:: XRAY-3, your duty has been vacated. ::>". The man slams the control panel, muttering something under his breath, "<:: At least not the stalkerization. ::>". The door slams shut, leaving the woman inside with a gas slowly filling the room... Followed by a spark.
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: i mean, i think deservicement is a little too far IMO, but eh im not too bitter about it
    Player Le-Guépard has joined the game
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: its mainly because
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: you were caught doing it in someone elses apartment
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: with the person there in the first place
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: yeah thats fair
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: then reacted bad to the guy in the apartment, attempted to cover it up + the guy has immunities all over his file
    Player candle has joined the game
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: yea i saw that XD. also when i eventually get a new CP, can i have a HERO tagline? :)
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: yeah, if there are slots available
    chronos has connected to the server.
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: legend
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: msg me the one u want on steam
    [LOOC] C24:RL.DEFENDER-6: for now, we'll leave you to the /me
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: aight. in the words of peter cushing: you may fire when ready
    candle has connected to the server.
    a smart man has connected to the server.
    *** The spark causes the gas to ignite, bathing the room, and the ex-functionary, in flames. The woman cries in pain as her flesh is burned away. The screams of terror are enough give anyone the chills. She thinks of her family, her former cohorts, and QUICK-5.  Eventually the screams die down, until they stop completely, indicating that Eleanor Vezina, formerly knows as XRAY-3, is dead. All thats left is her charred remains, a look of terror on her deformed face.
    [LOOC] C24:40.XRAY-3: go for it
    Player Ricsow left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    Ricsow has disconnected from the server.
    [LOOC] C24:RL.DEFENDER-6: o7
    *** [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] walks off.
    Bad sequence (4 out of 1 max) in GetSequenceLinearMotion() for model 'error.mdl'! (x4)
    C24:RL.UNION-3 banned the character C24:40.XRAY-3.
    *** C24:RL.UNION-4 physically grabs the weapons, ejecting their magazines and racking the slides back. They would put them away but IX inventory.
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: Three was very pissed off about 'er nose bein' broken, so I treated it with a splint and a bandage. She wanted revenge due to what happened when D-6 whacked her in the face with his MP7. Then demanded me to document. You may want to speak to Three about this, even though in his record I indeed documented the felony incite charge. ::>"
    *** C24:RL.UNION-3 gives the officer a longer glare. "<:: Thank you for the anecdote. How is Shawn Seon crippled in the medical center as we speak? ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: Well. Three gave him an extensive re-education by bangin' his head in the wall, tryin' to break his nose and tried breakin' one of his knees with their stunbaton. I watched the whole thing and they wanted me to document, as I done nothin' further. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: Like I said, they were very pissed and wanted revenge. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: So she was pissed, and issued a false document along with an unwarranted beating in return. Does this behavior not worry you? ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: She told me to document this and I believe after double-checkin', it is invalid for them to tell me to give a charge like this. So yes, this tells me that they have made an unwarranted beatin', however they wanted revenge. ::>"
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: And you didn't report it. ::>"C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: You're an officer of the rank 90. What were you doing in Shawn Seon's apartment with XRAY-3? ::>"C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: What's this shit about 'revenge'? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Speak faster. I don't like you taking time formulating answers. I want you to speak your mind on the spot. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: Alright let me start. So with the '*revenge*' part, when X-3 and I were in the apartment, we took off our masks and just had a conversation, right? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Why are you taking your masks off in apartments? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: You chose to do this in an owned apartment? An occupied apartment. ::>"
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: Occupied by the very man you re-educated. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: The only defense I will give Five is that you can't tell who owns and doesn't own an apartment from the outside. The defense ends when you walk in and you see it's decorated with furniture. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: And unless he walked into one of those IKEA example rooms, I'd say that shit's owned. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: ..So I'd not be taking my mask off inside on the slim chance somebody comes barging in. Anyways, you can continue. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: Alright, so. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: We took off our masks, had a casual conversation until Shawn walked out of the bathroom. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: With a request device and reported us, otherwise known as snitchin' on us. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Well you guys have been taking your fucking masks off in every bar, alley, and strip-club in town. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: You dodged an earlier question. You are feeding me clutter. Why did you remove your masks for casual conversation in an occupied apartment? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Next, this guy sees you and this other person in his house. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: This was a first we removed our masks in an apartment 'cause we wanted a much more private place to talk besides bein' constantly watched, as we were unaware he was in the bathroom. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: There are no cameras littered around the rest of the city. Why his apartment? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: ..why an apartment to begin with. A nice, furnished one. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: We were totally unaware that was his apartment, we weren't in there to steal anythin', do any shady stuff besides relax and talk. We didn't do anythin' wrong, really. We wanted a peaceful place to talk and that was it, it wasn't our intention to *steal* the apartment. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: If I cannot coax you out of your pattern of lying, the Transhuman Arm will. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: You are a rank 90 unit. You are eligible for the procedure, the next step outside of becoming a Rank Leader. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: If I cannot direct you to greatness here and now, I have failed you. As such, I will place you on holding for the next transfer. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 says "<:: Strip him of his equipment. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Be a pal and just start taking your stuff off, place it down. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Out here. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Don't need civi's walking past and seeing you through the window. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Right here's good. Everything off, down to your t-shirt and pants. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "<:: Why am I bein' relocated? What have I done wrong? ::>"
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 says "<:: Stop asking questions and do it. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Come on, man, am I going to have to wrestle it off of you? ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: We both know that wouldn't end very well. ::>"
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 slowly takes off his mask, dropping it on the floor beside him.
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Everything else. Duty belt. Gloves. Kevlar. You get the jist. ::>"
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 reaches for his beret, taking it off along his his kevlar vest, utility belt and gloves, dropping them to the RL.
    C24:RL.UNION-4 says "<:: Any of your gear, batteries, zipties, all of that. ::>"
    C24:RL.UNION-3 has transferred C24:90.QUICK-5 to the Citizen faction.[A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: Drop it down. ::>"
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 digs inside his backpack, dropping a series of batteries, zip-ties and ammunition.
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Look at this. A walking armory. ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: No wonder we have shortage of stock. ::>"
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: Would be better if he just dropped the backpacks. ::>"[A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: Medical supplies, all of that. ::>"
    [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: You think I wanna rummage through his bags??? ::>"
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 drops the medical supplies as well, a long huff heard from the man.
    [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: Like I'm his mommy before his day of school? ::>"
    [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: ..Christ, pal. ::>"
    *** [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] briefly does a count.
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "I was very stocky, mate."
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Are you a quartermaster or a thief? ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "I wanted to be a quartermaster."
    *** [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] starts scooping it up.
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "Am I bein' deserviced?"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: I said you're being transferred. ::>"
    C24:RL.DEFENDER-6 changed C24:90.QUICK-5's model to models/zelpa/clockwork/male_02.mdl.
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Restrain him. ::>"
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: Face the wall. ::>"
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 turns on his heel, facing the wall and remaining compliant.
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] takes out a zip-tie from his pouch, attempting to restrain the man's wrists with it.
    You have been tied up.
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] pats the man down for any other equipment he might've left.
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: Welp. ::>"[
    Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: That wasn't everything. ::>"
    C24:90.QUICK-5 says "Guess I had to dig deeper into my bags."
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: So he is a thief. ::>"
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] proceeds to pull out ever single piece of equipment from man's possession.
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: We've got ammunition, grenades. ::>"
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] says "<:: Morphine, coupons and stuff. ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Deliver them to UNION-4 and black bag this one. ::>"
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] reaches to his pouch, taking out a bag from it before forcing it on the man's head, making him blind.
    [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: OH GOOD FUCKING *LORD*. ::>"[
    A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: UGH. ::>"
    [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] radios on tac: "<:: Restocked. ::>"
    [Your average cop with some equipment ...] radios on tac: "<:: We've got ore. ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] radios on tac: "<:: Affirmative. Big supply. ::>"[
    A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] radios on tac: "<:: Nice. ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] radios on tac: "<:: Bouncers, stun grenades. ::>"
    which is how u-4 freaked out with "GOOD FUCKING *LORD*"
    [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: OH GOOD FUCKING *LORD*. ::>"
    [A CivilPro with an unusual vo-coded A...] says "<:: UGH. ::>"
    [A particularly tall, lanky officer wi...] whispers on tac: "<:: Can I 'ave a bouncer? ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] radios on tac: "<:: Shut up. ::>"
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 is blinded by a bag over his head, remaining silent and still.
    [A particularly tall, lanky officer wi...] whispers on tac: "<:: ... copy. ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Distribute or keep those coupons. ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Up to you. ::>"
    [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] says "<:: Right, we're leading him through to the civilian exit point. ::>"
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] nods.
    *** [Your average cop with some equipment ...] grabs the man by his restrained arm, attempting to drag him along.
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 allows himself to be forcefully dragged along by the unit, not making any signs of resistance.
    *** The trio of Rank Leaders guide their bagged prisoner over to a drop pod, where he is given a chance to speak his mind as he settles into one of the various pods on the present razor train.
    *** C24:90.QUICK-5 gets settled into a pod of the razor train, not moving as he gets locked into place for a moment before speaking calmly in a low tone; "It was great servin' for two years in service and I know I had multiple chances and setbacks, along with fuckin' up. I hoped to achieve Rank Leader and help out with the assistance of deterin' other officers from doin' retarded shit. I apologize for disappointin' you all, as I've come a very long way. And Three, I'm very sorry to leave you, along with all my other great friends I've had, includin' close ones. You'll all not be forgotten, farewell." the man finally states before the razor train is about to send them away elsewhere that is unknown.
    *** [Alert officer with a powerful aura. P...] eventually clanked the pod shut and concealed him in darkness, though before he got to that, the man had a few words of his own to say. "<:: Your service does not end here. Your life will be prolonged as a member of the Transhuman Arm, and your skillset expanded beyond belief. If you cannot restrain yourself from lying, they will do it for you. ::>" That last warning of sort, though past any usefulness by now, was this hardass officer's final statement to his former departing subordinate. The trip was a long one, though the wait before any movement occured was ever more dreadful.
    *** And so the razor train blew a loud, audible horn and zoomed off down the railroad tracks, as the man waited inside the train for quite a long time in silence and darkness on his trip somewhere else. There was no turning back for Quick-5, as John Diarmad has served for a prolonged service period within the Civil Protection force since City 453, Gdansk in Poland, and has proven himself capable for serving into the Transhuman Arm forces. He was sent off to Nova Prospekt, without any further chance of return.
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: o7
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: im readin hold on
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: good shit man. appeal on the forums if u feel it was unjust, but the man is an oat now
    [LOOC] C24:RL.DEFENDER-6: o7
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: thank you very much numbers
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: and anyone i have roleplayed with overtime when I put char dev into this char
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: hes seen a shitload in his tenure[LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: since depot after my previous 90 cop got pk'd
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: but u get used to moving chars
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: i got used to it after moving to helix, old u3 pked along with the rest of the serv
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: yeah and i've done this for 3-4 years as a cop main on nebulous, especially back in cw era, along with bein very active on the server due to my timezone in the us. this char has seen a lot of shit and had a since the depot after xray-4 got pk'd, all through i17 and now c24, almost had him for 2 years and would've icly made him last 3 years in service
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: on the bright side, u begin a new slate on a new map so shits still fresh to a degree
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: have since*
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: i gotta handle x3 now, so
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: lmk if u want a tagline change or anything
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: I like this tagline, reminds me someone who used to have it back in cw, they made their char p well dev'd and german
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: believe the guy was SSN
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: alright, u can remake a 00 with quick 5 as a tag whenever u want until the appeal is accepted/if it does
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: DW:SSN?
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: yeah, i remember him
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: disp main mostly
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: ye he was a great lad, i still have him on steam
    [LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: so do i actually[LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: hes on rdr2 rn i think
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: roleplayed with him on another hl2rp server as well
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: ye he's playin rdr 2[LOOC] C24:RL.UNION-3: anyway, adios
    [LOOC] C24:90.QUICK-5: farewell
    C24:RL.UNION-3 banned the character C24:90.QUICK-5.
    Other Players Involved: QUICK-5 @Майк , UNION-3 (already tagged), DEFENDER-6 @Manio , Shawn Seon @nexus , QUICK-4 @frentium again , DEFENDER-9 @Zhyxeryz , UNION-4 @Chezburger
    Any Other Details: I've probably missed a shit ton of stuff, so do add stuff or correct me where needed.
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  2. Smallfries

    Smallfries [adjective/insult]fries
    Premium Member

    Sep 2, 2017
    Keep it civil please, if you say some dumb shit i will have you reply muted or have a ban given out, don't make our jobs harder smiley face
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  3. KaythPlus

    KaythPlus :lemon:
    Premium Member

    Jan 4, 2017
    This is entirely from my perspective.

    There was a radio call from Shawn saying that two cops were in our apartment — I quickly responded to this call by asking why? After he stopped responding I immediately used my request device to alert the broader range of units that two units were in my apartment and if there wasn't a search it needed to be investigated.

    For the note, I despise PK's and did not want either of you to get PK'd. If its denied — apologies. I thought the units could've been nice about it and took the opportunity of dispatch being away to give them a nice slap on the wrist and leave it at that. A scowling.

    Though I do understand that Shawn (@nexus) was later tortured by these units. That I do not know much about.

    In the end, this looks like a plea for a lesser punishment than killing two developed characters. I agree with it entirely. They could've killed Takeshi but didn't. But do as you please management. What's fun right?
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  4. bonk&½

    bonk&½ Proton

    Sep 5, 2019
    It was escalated because we decided to get payback for snitching. As I said in the original post, I'm not fighting the reason behind it, rather the end punishment which IMO could have avoided PK. Ill let the others involved give their views on it.
  5. nexus

    nexus barbecue chips aint shit
    HL2 RP Senior Administrator

    Aug 26, 2016
    i mean, he went and said
    [19:35:45] Shawn 'Takeshi' Seon used command '/SetChannel um'.
    [19:35:54] Shawn 'Takeshi' Seon used command '/Radio Faith, why are there two cops in our apartment?'.
    [19:35:59] Secretary Faith Summers used command '/SetChannel um'.
    [19:36:11] Secretary Faith Summers used command '/Radio There are what.. Two cops in the apartment, what the fuck?'.
    [19:36:16] Secretary Faith Summers used command '/Radio Like, searching it?'.
    [19:36:32] Shawn 'Takeshi' Seon used command '/Radio sort of just... being here - I think.'.

    because he's got other people living with him, he wondered how they got in.
    then faith asked a question
    [19:36:37] [ME] Secretary Faith Summers: glanced up at the unit, ".. Why are there two of your .. cops in my apartment?"

    and they came a walking in based on that. none of it was snitching, he just wanted to check that they were meant to be there or if they were looking for someone, i dont think you could've have shot him for asking a question.

    mind right, that i probably also would've been shot anyway if it wasnt for that radio message
    [19:36:13] [ME] C24:90.QUICK-5: clips his mask back on, retrieving their USP-T from under their kevlar vest.
    gamer was ready to glack me as some sort of witness sterilization but I had my radio messages ready as a backup. wasnt snitching and i had a steady alibi to my last location that probably saved my life seeing as the second footsteps started rolling you have an instant pause of tossing the gun away
    [19:38:08] [ME] C24:90.QUICK-5: slots their tactical back under their kevlar vest, tucking it away.
    and then you basically got out of being seen ready to hit me with the glack after hearing them stepping outside and having them enter
    [19:38:54] [IT] C24:90.QUICK-5: The officer comes across two cops in one apartment and a Asian man, no harm is really happening.

    In short, Shawn did nothing wrong - you went after him anyway; and after seeing the logs you even went and laughed about and congratulated eachother for the successful torture beating IC. I think the outcome is perfectly appropriate, although I think its a waste to PK two characters over it.
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  6. Revanox

    Revanox Nucleus

    Aug 23, 2018
    Hey, I was D-9 (currently on mobile so pls dont mind my errors / shortcuts in sentences) - Me and another Unit were at the Union Complex as we heard the Secretaries talk about 2 units being in their room doing a search, obviously this isnt spectacularly surprising since units do this.
    After that, a TAC radio message calls in for a Rankleader, meanwhile me and the other unit head to RB-1 from the complex after listening to the women.
    At the entrance we meet D-6 and another unit (only mentioning important taglines) and injected looking for the room where the units were located in.
    We arrived, saw you two unmasked (if im right - or you had them back on already), and D6 began asking questions, hit X-3's face and we left, after he mentioned something along the lines of "You know what happens the nex time/next 99" (@Manio correct me if im wrong)
    These are basically the parts I was involved in, thank you for listening to my Ted talk
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  7. Zulu

    Zulu I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request...
    Premium Member

    Apr 20, 2017
    Hey, JURY-3 here, loosely involved in the events that led to the PK of the duo.

    So, as it's been stated multiple times I'm sure, QUICK-5 and XRAY-3 were found in Shawn Seon's apartment unmasked, they pulled a gun on him, got reported and punished by DEFENDER-6. Though I don't think this is what ended up in them being killed/transhumanized or whatever.

    The events after what they did is what led to their further punishment I believe.

    This is from my perspective as JURY-3: I'm speaking to Faith Summers who's sitting at the desk in the Unity Complex who tells me there's a disturbance at her house, involving two officers and her roommates. I go along with another unit (Can't remember who) to investigate, but as we're walking there we get a call on TAC to respond to prosperity housing and investigate, a call for backup. We enter alongside a bunch of other units, go up to the room. I don't know what goes on inside the room but I assume some form of a punishment as I'm just standing outside waiting for it to be over. It's cleaned up and I leave the building, return code 12 and go about my business. Later on an incident occurs within the Unity Complex lobby involving a stabbing, that gets resolved and results in Faith being injured, I go fix my gear and get rations. I return to the Unity Complex to check Faith's condition and if she survived the stabbing and find Shawn Seon sitting next to her, I inquire on her injuries and resolve my curiosity. Then, I see QUICK-5 and XRAY-3 come in, beckon Shawn out and take him away. I think nothing of it and go about my day.

    I then happen upon Shawn injured, beaten up within the Helvetic Grill, I completely just ignored this and continued my patrol as there was already officers on scene.

    I return to Unity Complex after just wandering around, checking inside the UM area as I usually do for disturbances to find a unit investigating on Shawn's injuries so I join in, the unit in question believes it was another officer that attacked Shawn. So I begin connecting the dots, that being Shawn saw two cops unmasked, had a row or something with them which led to their punishment, mysteriously two cops then lead him away and he turns up injured. Not a hard assumption to come to. Naturally I inform other officers, they come and join the investigation, we question QUICK-5 who then lies directly to our faces about his involvement in Shawn's injuries. Shawn awakes from his injuries and we question him, the story lines up and all fingers point to X-3 and Q-5 being the culprits of an unprovoked assault on a civ out of revenge. Just quality police work to come to that conclusion.

    I go off, do shit, go to bed. Next day, I inform UNION-3 of their doings and my perspective, he collects a statement from Shawn which proves my story right and bish bash bosh the units are dealt with accordingly.
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  8. Revanox

    Revanox Nucleus

    Aug 23, 2018
    I think I was the Unit, (which was with you at Union Complex heading to RB1) now that you mention it - Cause I forgot your tagline too
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  9. Zulu

    Zulu I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request...
    Premium Member

    Apr 20, 2017
    Believe so
  10. Manio

    Manio Mostly Sleepy
    HL2 RP Administrator Media Developer

    Jan 18, 2017
    Right, I punished you by slamming XRAY-3 in the face with my stock. That was for the incident in the apartment, but then you went for the guy that reported you and you beat him to a pulp. The guy also was being protected so that's when the last change was wasted. Sorry that you lost your characters, but you should expect to be punished in such a way for having a date in someone's apartment while that person is in the toilet and then beat him up despite his immunities... After getting confronted by a Rank Leader who said you do something out of order again and you will be deserviced.
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  11. bonk&½

    bonk&½ Proton

    Sep 5, 2019
    Out of curiosity, do you think there was any way that X-3 and Q-5 could have been punished without deservicing them? Would be nice to hear your opinion on that.
  12. Manio

    Manio Mostly Sleepy
    HL2 RP Administrator Media Developer

    Jan 18, 2017
    In my honest opinion? Could've dropped it after I confronted you and you would still be alive. You going after nexus was just disobeying clear orders and throwing a chance out from the window. A lot of people said that you should've died the day you got caught, but again, me & @cloudperson decided to let you go with some threats and a bloody nose.
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  13. archer

    archer Electron

    Jan 17, 2020
    this is correct
    i was playin with my dick at the building lobby out of boredom and saw 2 cops escort him out, his trembling hands lighting up a ciggie
    then i saw some um paramedics running somewhere sometime later so i joined in, saw him all fucked up and returned with them to surgery
    zulu came in and i told em it's likely cops' doing at about the same time nexus repeated his injury /it with something like 'looks like a cop's baton might've done the work' thing
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  14. Numbers

    Numbers ok
    HL2 RP Senior Administrator

    Apr 27, 2016
    went with PKs to set an example. can't have people breaking into other people's apartment to get intimate about things (you guys know where you were taking things, could have done it anywhere else) - with the removal of cameras, it's important to compensate in some form by cracking down on cop behavior like this IC.

    imagine from a realistic point of view 2 police officers invade ur house without much rhyme or reason, then start staring into each other's eyes and then find out the houses occupied, pull a gun on the guy then beat him like a nazi brownshirt for questioning why u were there - it's almost squatting

    killing shawn seon would have only made your case worse, as it would've been murder and u 2 are the only suspects (plus u really gonna kill a guy over ur own mistake u forced on him?)
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  15. Appetite Ruining Kebab

    Premium Member

    May 18, 2016
    not involved but just want to solidify the reasoning behind this

    OMSO/RLs can and do convict their cops of charges they suspect them of if they strongly believe they have the right guy - they don't need hard evidence. they've been operating like this for a long time

    case in point, my first day playing a cop on c8 (feb 2019) some dudes beat up a tribune (quasi-CAB civil representative at the time) and me and 5 other cops got dragged into the nexus by OMSO, lined up against a wall and nearly ate a collective punishment/randomized PK for it and would have if a couple cops hadnt come in and spoken up to save the day

    basically, if you killed seon they wouldn't even need to interrogate you much over it. it'd be obvious as shit after what went down
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  16. bonk&½

    bonk&½ Proton

    Sep 5, 2019
    To be fair, it was pretty obvious that it was us either way, due to JURY-3 witnessing us dragging him out of UM and the fact that we were punished because he saw us unmasked in his apartment. I personally believe the reasoning was 100% valid and that we were basically asking for more trouble. I just think that a PK for both of our characters could have been avoided and other punishments easily justified, especially since this was before dispatch came back.
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  17. bonk&½

    bonk&½ Proton

    Sep 5, 2019
    One thing I would like to add. The plan to beat up Shawn as revenge was XRAY-3's. QUICK-5 had little to nothing to do with it. All he did was watch and document the false 28 charge because XRAY-3 told him too. I believe XRAY-3 should have received a harsher punishment than QUICK-5 due to her planning and executing the beating.

    I'm honestly not too bothered about XRAY-3 being unPKd at this point, due to her doing most of the bad shit. I believe that QUICK-5 at the least could have been spared. If XRAY-3 were to be spared as well, then I would imagine a punishment along the lines of: Heavy discouragement, extensive AMRs and perhaps a derank.
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  18. Smallfries

    Smallfries [adjective/insult]fries
    Premium Member

    Sep 2, 2017
    Hi I am very sorry I forgot this existed smiley face

    Looking over it, this seems pretty similar to the other cop case - reasoning seems fair but punishment is whack, I think a derank is more in order.

    Though I do have to ask - why is Shawn Seon 'protected' with 'immunities' as @Manio said? It's nothing I'm aware of
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  19. nexus

    nexus barbecue chips aint shit
    HL2 RP Senior Administrator

    Aug 26, 2016
    i dont want them pked but i'd appreciate it if amr's were included and they forget the incident so i dont get hounded for the rest of my days by cops who i cant apply my eye for an eye routine on by beating them back because their trauma sensors go off and i instantly die and i cant pk them either so i just have to endure endless beatings
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  20. Smallfries

    Smallfries [adjective/insult]fries
    Premium Member

    Sep 2, 2017
    talked to @Jaydawg about the incident in my humiliating stellaris game and he said that there should be equal punishments - they shouldn't have been fucking killed off for beating you

    if they KILLED you that'd be fine, but i'm going to accept this without condition after my discussion with jay, void up until just after you were beat and numbers and his cops caught the two appealing cops here

    I will let headcops (@Jaydawg @Numbers @cloudperson ) decide if they want to icly punish them or not, up to and including amr/mmr whatever the difference is and SC penalties or whatever

    this PK was kinda uncalled for and nobody should have died. Just gonna say now to the two cops in question, don't be jackasses about this and fulfill the worries Nexus has, if you have IC beef then whatever, but don't do a /me beats shawn seon every time you see him, that's just stupid

    accepted and locked
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