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    Name (Steam and Primary Forum): Rogue Synapse
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:122170124

    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

    Expected Activity, Possible Inactivity: I shall be on every day for no less than an hour. This includes weekends and weekdays.

    Previous Infractions, Forum or Server (WW3RP & HL2RP):


    Are you aware of the differences in the Stasiland iteration for WW3RP compared to earlier ones?: Yes, I've done a plethora of reading into this.

    How familiar are you with the history and ideology of the German Democratic Republic?: Being a history buff like so many has allowed me to pick up the story of the GDR with ease. I feel confident in my knowledge of the topic, yes.

    Describe, summarily and to the best of your understanding, the role of the Stasi and their practices in a broad sense: These men and women will serve as state security for the setting of the server. They act as a unique form of intelligence that work among the common population of the state. They have a variety of tasks and duties they can uphold and are well versed in the art of deception and infiltration. They instill a sense of order among the people of the GDR.



    "I think often about the great leaders of the past. I think about how they would have operated in today's world. Maybe they would have the answers we need. Maybe they could answer the cries of many. Maybe."


    "I sympathized with the Soviets faster than many others. I'm still not sure why. Maybe it's because I know a winner when I see one. Maybe it's because of some of my other comrades like Hermann. We were quick to find like-minded people like us. People who really had a passion for the things we did and were about to do. We interlocked and became brothers."


    "Back when I was in Berlin there was this beautiful dame who used to make a hell-of-a drink. Locals called her "Little Bird" because of how frail she was. Many of us younger guys thought she was the best of the best. But I knew that my heart belonged to something bigger than myself. I loved my country too much to just stand idle and look at women all day."

    "I read the papers like everybody else. The monsters of the west. And how the USSR was in a constant clash against them. I even spoke to some long-time troops of the various fronts for when the conflict first started. Nasty shit that was. I wanted to help, but I didn't want to die. I had already done my time playing around in the shit of the world and playing cat and mouse with the enemy. I had that experience under my belt and was fine walking away from the front line lifestyle in favor of something else."


    "As time went on, I was able to make the right connections and find my place in this cloudy world. I felt a sense of belonging to the GDR, and wanted to preserve it to the best of my ability. I know how fragile this world is. I was taught so at a very early age just how quickly things can turn for the worst. And because of that, I wanted to manifest my energy into paving the way for the next generation. A more civilized and meaningful tomorrow, no?"

    "The training isn't too difficult. A lot of it is just how I remember. But I still tend to let my mind drift from time to time. This world is..something else..I'm 42 years old but I still have moments where I feel like I'm in back in the mountains when I was a young man."


    "But no matter what happens, I'll always believe in you."

    Editor Note

    Subject has been filed as having completed █ years of prior military service. Subject was involved in the ██████ three years prior and has made a full recovery. Subject has no remaining family members besides a lone brother by the name of ██████ ███ █████. Subject has displayed well-versed skills in verbal interaction and small firearm usage.

    TAG Notes: Well-Fit, Agile, Charismatic, Social.
    Subject is confirmed bilingual.

    No major medical records/issues to date.

    Subject has been labeled as fit for transfer.

    Standby for additional review...
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