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  1. Rain

    Rain Yoink
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    Apr 26, 2016

    Nebulous Forum Rules

    FORBIDDEN: It is forbidden to...

    1. Instigate or participate in flame-wars, instead use the report function.
    2. Discriminate towards another user in terms of their race, nationality, sexuality, gender, age, political views or disability.
    3. Leak personal information of another user without their permission - this includes but is not limited to images, addresses and social media links.
    4. Leak content from private boards - this could include private faction boards, or sensitive Administration content.
    5. Advertise another community by any methods.
    6. Post malicious code or malicious links.
    7. Post NSFW material - this includes but is not limited pornographic images/links and gore.
    8. Post Terrorist content (which includes videos, avatars etc), news articles are fine.
    9. Create alternative accounts to avoid bans
    10. Intentionally bypass the word filter​

    GENERAL: When posting...

    11. Refrain from creating drama threads, if you have an quarrel with another user use the PM function.
    12. Do not double post, use the ‘edit post’ function if you want to add additional information to your post/thread.
    13. When making a thread, use a descriptive title.
    14. Do not spam the alert/vote functions to flood another user.
    15. Do not complain over a rating that you have received.
    16. Swearing is allowed to some extent, however always try to keep it civil.
    17. Refrain from posting spoilers, use the spoiler prefix to warn other members.
    18. Use common sense, do not post irrelevant or meaningless comments.
    19. Do not post on a thread older than 2 weeks unless you have relevant content to add, this is known as necroposting.
    20. Do not post a ban appeal on behalf of another user, it will be considered invalid.
    21. Threads marked with a "Serious" prefix are for serious discussion only, any posts or replies that contribute nothing to a serious thread will be removed.
    22. When uploading media to threads (Pictures, videos etc); it's preferable to upload them to:


    23. It is frowned upon to bother application reviewers to review your application, they will do it in their own time.
    24. You are only allowed to post if you are:​
    • The thread owner
    • A staff member
    • Another authorised user (application reviewer)
    • A user with relevant information or evidence to add (In the community management and character PK appeal sections)
    Rule-breaking is not limited to what is specified in the text above, forum staff decide what is and is not rule-breaking using their interpretation and judgement.


    Credits to Elliot, Plankt0n, Blackquill and Rain
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    Apr 26, 2016
    Minor update in the forbidden section
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    Apr 26, 2016
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