G'day everyone.


john rebelrp
Apr 26, 2016
Hello everyone, I am Subeh, one of the only Australian's in LP's existence.
I'm happy to see that this forum is up and the community is slowly coming back, truly amazing.
I was gutted to see LP go, but lets hope this goes somewhere, and it has no reason not to!

However, more into me, I am the proud owner of the Anna 'Six' Moslak character, I have been a member with LP for around two years, maybe more.
It came has a horrible shock to me to see LP go like it did, it honestly, truly did.

Anyway, beyond that, here's to another great beginning, and for those who doubt this new community, think to yourselves; "Lemonpunch had to start somewhere."


Also for any staff that see this, may I have my forum name please changed to Subeh. I screwed up whilst making an account.​
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