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Apr 26, 2016
Creativity comes in many fORmS & COLORS

Here, on this one post, I'd upload several ideas, concepts, thoughts, poems, drawings, posings, early day mappings etc.

Personally, I feel that this post will lure several comments, if they are good/bad, I recieve them both with a good and supportive feeling.

Because, who am I to change one person's opinion and form a new out of it?



Back in the days, I used to draw several things, mostly triggered by mappers of previous communities whom required inspiration for certain areas. That's where I saw the light, and started to regain some architectural drawing, which I had learnt at secondary school in the past.

One of these drawings was the result. The image seen above is pressumingly a low security dorm for a facility and for those who judge by textures, I tried to recreate some Black Mesa in here. Well you'll see mostly inspired things for Black Mesa or other Research facility like stuff in my drawings, since that quite got to me.
A few more will be displayed underneath.


A rather quick sketch of a supposingly underwater Observatory with relations to Biology.
In the background is a dam seen. Reason to thought that the observatory would be a highlighted area, a seperate secure space, located in the dam's reservoir.


A minor drawing of mine, in which I tried to sketch a somewhat modern concept. A dome-like glass/metal structure, overing a monorail station and parking lot. Connected to a green area with trees, a road connected to the main road and security check points of the facility, a walking track to make your way upon the facility by foot.


Up to some more R&D aspects. One of the first laboratories I've ever drawn, which I wanted to be quite detailed. As the sign on the window says "Development", this purpose I put behind the drawing was the following. An area where mostly robotics would be developped and other mechanical aspects.
Not some vague blocks, but trying to have some detailed imaging of how a lab would seem, Black Mesa Styled.


One of the other things I tended to draw were overhead perspective drawing, so top-view. One displayed here shows some of the more advanced labs. A decontamination lock, lasers, elevators, reactors. Just the paradise for experimental physicists.
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