Hello from Hans Armstark!

Hans Armstark

May 9, 2016
Hello! i am Hans Armstark!
Well.. in real Ryan Klee!
Pleased to meet you all! i've found this server through a friend and it deemed rather interesting, so i've applied for the military and so on, i am quite excited to tag in these roleplaying scenarios that you guys are taking place which seemed already insteresting to look at! Sadly the FrundTech science is off limits otherwise i'd apply for that DX

Now a little bit about myself!

I've been roleplaying since... well my 14th, which is quite the while now until now, so obviously i am a advanced serious roleplayer but that doesn't mean i have no soul! i have! i think...
Anywho! i do play Warhammer games and so on... Prototype 2 games and Battlefield games, and i can go on and on about what i like to play!

Aside that i am looking forward to meet you all in this new community that i partake!
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