How i got into hl2rp


Apr 26, 2016
So back in the day when we were total plebs me and @Efkanator were bored out of our minds. So we searched for some gmod servers. Efkanator found one server called LP hl2rp, so we hopped in. We thought that this seriousrp is gonna be just like darkrp, except no stupidity. Well boy we were wrong. We created our characters, i can't remember my stupid description, but it was very "cringy". Then we started to minge a lot, we didn't know how to even type in LooC, we knew nothing. We started to go and kill some combines with our fists resulting in PK's. Then i remember i went into the sewers without a gasmak, i even thought that those blacksuits were some undercover combine conscripts :DDD Well then i don't remember what admin showed me the ropes into the forum and rules, but thank god he showed me, i became attached into this community fairly.

Well this is a very long thread, maybe you can post what was it like in your first days into hl2rp?