I did it the absolute pazzuomo (Uninstalled Gmod)

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Apr 26, 2016
Tl;dr version: I uninstalled Gmod but I'm not dead nor I left

Lately I got really frustrated over gmod (and for really I mean so mad to hope people would die and get raped in Hell) and today I was so angry I actually uninstalled Gmod! Now I'm free! =DDDD
I also brough Dead Space 1 and 2 so I'll avoid to get bored and ending up reinstalling the game again (who am I kidding I'll reinstall it anyway in a couple of weeks ( °-°) ).
Before people begin to post "Goodbye u lil pootino", I want to specify that I'll still be around the forum, posting memes and answering tagging. In this regard if someone wants to break the maronis and ask me to do models on steam or simply wants suggestions on help to do their own, I can answer since I use Source Filmmaker to work with gmod models. I also still have all the stuff that I made for Gmod (apparently the uninstalling left them).


And now I want to say a couple of things about this gamemode and Gmod in general ( °u°):
SeriousRp) I hate roleplay, but not the root of the term "Roleplaying", which actually means "playing a role", but what you guys do here, the "SeriousRP", standing for hours doing nothing but writing stuff, not even Elevator:Source is this boring! I think that passiveRp is a waste of time and it's just stupid if you do it while no one can hear you. I deeply hate all characters proportionally on how well developed they are (I find goofy or poorly developed character sympathetic tbh) and I wish them to die. I don't know why but I feel the urge not to just kill them, but effectively pk them, erase every single trace of them, expecially those emotional, extremely passive characters with the 3 paragraph long /mes who sit in bar and talk about their feelings and their backstory, but most of all those pompous, gun-loaded, sons of a big mean mother hubbard with the custom model who look down upon you with that air of superiority and will gunpoint you for the littlest of the offences. The only way I can roleplay is if I have the control of everything, in that case it's pretty interesting (see Nationstates).
The main reason why I played all these time in both server (expecially FT/QZRP) was because of the atmosphere, the experience: big maps, npcs, visual and audio effects, not to mention sweps, sents, scars, wire, pac and so on, the possibilities are limitless! But instead what this is all about is grim, barely lit and unfitting Stalker maps clogged with material-switched, Fallout fortification or, again, Stalker props, with npcs having the utility of scarecrows to make people fearrp or just enviromental damage that can be easily avoided, getting stucked in each corner or incapable to move because of the absence of nodegraphs or navmeshes. With people going around in Stalker radiation suits with 40 °C outside (it's 104 °F for u americans) just to show their status quo or elegant, pristine suits because even if society collapses the richer are still richer somehow.
Not to mention the constant "necessity to incentivate rp", now, to think, a gamemode is made for players, because this is a videogame, which is a form of entertainment, it is supposed to be fun, or at least enjoyable, even an enriching experience if the game is particularly "artistic", but I find none of those, some people may like it but I honestly can't see why, I just hope they aren't addicted to the atmosphere like I was.
In conclusion the only good things that I got out of roleplay are some friends I made on this community, learned how to map, headhax and code in lua and pretty much nothing else.

Gmod) You may or may not notice that Garry's mod nowadays (or maybe even before I can't remember) isn't exactly the best place one can be: most of the servers are just children screaming, 20-something years old apathetically speaking in the microphone only to be cut off with "What the fuck?!" or "Fucking faggot!" when they are shot, admins extremely severe or abusing their powers in plain sight or just incompetent or a combination of those, extreme donation benefits, clusterfuck of addon packs on shitty maps and absurdly strict rules (that are barely enforced). Just to mention some gamemodes: I usually liked Zombie Survival, but now the majority of the servers are stuck on gm_construct or give survivors unfair advantages that allow a single survivor to overcome (but not until the last second in which he obliviously lose anyway but all the player have still wasted half an hour trying to kill him) 20 zombies alone without even being touched or setting strange alternatives to the gamemode which would be even nice if you could actually provide the original one too, not to mention the admins doing absolutely whatever they want, giving themselves powerful weapons right on start or ignoring oblivious rule breaking but instead punishing people who didn't do anything. Oh, TTT, when innocent I don't even try to shot someone in order to avoid the inevitable argument in chat and consequent autoslay. The gamemodes that I found surprisingly enjoyable (but probably it's because people barely play them) were Slave of Gmod (which I strongly recommend you to play in singleplayer mode, expecially if you are a fan of Hotline Miami) and Elevator: Source, that despite the premises it's actually very relaxing.

Workshop) Now this is an argument that I never really took interest in but now that I'm actually on the workshop I wish to speak about it: Addons are made by people who actually want their addon to be popular or at least not being stole up, you can't simply rip open an addon, stole the content and re-upload it somewhere else! This is pretty much what the "additional content" of the servers are! You don't even credit them in the addon! You just wrote "All content belong to the respective authors" but which is the point if you don't tell who they are! Also stop being so cocky telling around "Do this" or "Do that" or "Port this and that", we don't work for you! We ain't even paid for doing it! Even worse when you ask to take other people stuff and port them without even their consent! The reason why I stopped taking commissions is because 1) Most of the time I don't even like what their being used for 2) I'm barely credited 3) When I try to propose something I did on my own specifically for the server it gets punctually ignored or rejected 4) People who ask me to do it are mostly Media Devs or people whose work would be doing them on their own instead of asking other people to do it for them.
this candy is for Captain Hoovie in case he feel sad about this, sshh everything it's ok ( °-°)/(°<.° ) )
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