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Heyo, I'm making an insurgency group. If you haven't got Insurgency, check it out. It's on sale atm. It's p much like modern CQC Red Orchestra 2. I think it'd be fucking awesome to get a squad together. I'll get on TS and start up a group on steam tomorrow, so I'll be updating this page with a link to the "Nebulous Insurgency Society" or NIS for short.

I think anybody who's waiting for WW3RP or somebody who's had experience as an OTA working in a squad should be interested in this. I'll give you the run down as to why.

1. The game modes KICK ASS. You've got firefight, which is just a case of eliminating the enemy team or taking each objective. Basic. Then there's Ambush. This game mode is my favourite. It's essentially either trying to escort a VIP from one side of the map to the other or trying to eliminate them. There are night versions of every map, and you have access to every weapon at the start of the game no matter the game mode. It's a matter of preference and inventory management. For instance, having a cheap flashlight and some heavy armor may be preferable to having light armour and NVG's. It all depends on your game plan. Want to not be seen and take them out from afar? NVG's. Want to rush in and stun the enemy, increasing the risk:reward? Flashlights create massive bloom in night maps, allowing you to rush and cap objectives fast. Also, if they have NVG's on and you flash a light at them then they're p much fucked.

2. Suppression is a thing. If you get shot at, your character will scream (pretty good voice acting too) and your vision will become blurred. It is however better to hit your enemy with an accurate shot than suppress him with many. Some more experienced players can fire through suppression. Also, most shots are OHK's.

Let me know here if you're interested!

Here's the group-
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Never played Squad. If your intention was to make a constructive comment and not to be a twat by giving an extremely short reply that nay-says my idea then thanks, I'll check Squad out!
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Jun 29, 2016
been honing my tactics on insurgency in preparation for ww3rp
i'd be down, what's the plan stan?