Super Smash Brothers Melee

Red Dress

Apr 27, 2016
The platformer fighting game is over 14 years old now. Making a debut in 2007 it quickly became Nintendo's most sd game for the gamecube, following a even higher success than the crazed admiration of Smash 64. Pitting A variety of Nintendo character's against each other a variety to comabt each other Melee Still it holds record viewership on Twitch, tournment abundance, and a still growing community.

For good reason too. Melee combines the easy entry floor to get a hold of while being one of the most technically demanding games out there. Movement in the game is unlike any other and the physics of the game keeps it from becoming stale.

Melee has intricacies and depth that even still, after 15 years of metagame development, new tech is being found and optimization is starting to be the standard for all players.

We have seen rise and fall of players and characters alike. While it inevitably ushers change with the complex metagame. Though players will rise and fall like characters may too. What will not end - the love of this magnificent game.

So what is your favorite character? Favorite stage?


My main currently is Fox. Instead of brute force, he must out maneuver and outsmart his opponents. He has the speed and the hitboxes to play in any way a person can imagine. He has two of the highest knockback moves in the game to consistently kill at relatively low %s. Fox also has the best move in the game - Shine. Controlling him is tough and one needs a lot of technical proficiency, but with honing him there is no character that outright beats Fox.

My second favorite character has to be Marth. His movement and range gives him the ability to zone and space. The ridiculous grab range is only rivaled by his lower tier clone and Samus' Extender. Additionally, Marth brings something to Melee that no other character could. His unique moveset and attributes make him such a fun character.

My favorite stage has to be either Yoshi's island or Fountain of Dreams.
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