The 16K Made Me Do It ft. Gurrazor


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If Gurrazor made a rap
Not intended as a flame aimed at AlexGrist, this is purely satire and taking the piss out of Gurrazor.


Blame me

[Intro: Gurrazor]
You roleplayers know my fucking
cash flow
You roleplayers know my motherfucking
cash flow flow
You roleplayers know my fucking
cash flow it's :16k:, :16k:.

You looking at the grand director, rich jew, Swedish furniture, so greedy
And I don't have to show riches to pull up pull off with some bad fiveheads
And it ain't about the
It's about :fullownership:, and Gold Memberships.
It's about my company ain't nothing like a coward that fucks over his partners
Ain't nothing like jew on that you knew on the shady corner
See 'em come up and fuck up the Forums
See 'em throw up the roleplay
Bitch, I'm hot as a forum flamewar
I'm a cunt I got multiple shares
It's a new rule keep your critisism to yourself
Dumb roleplayer don't spit as soon as I delete it
And Alex, recognize I'm an owner and you a backbone

[Chorus 1]
I can say what I want to say ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
If I call you a poor pauper, ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
I can act like a greedy jew ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
If I eat your shares like an animal ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it

I'm as big as my girlfriend's fivehead
Choke a community
Just to feed all my underaged bitches
As an owner, I'm so greedy
Plant thoughts in they mind just to gain some subscriptions
Gurrazor is a saga y'all spit money
And I spit lies
I got the fearless face
Don't get near this fivehead
If you sacred to go
I keep it roleplay and why should change that
fuck you all you motherfuckers trying to change :fullownership:
But aren't you the same bitches that sat back when they bought Gold back
I'm trying to get me an asslicker
how you motherfuckers gonna tell me don't say that
you the ones that we learned it from
I heard roleplay back in 2013

[Chorus 2]
So if I act like a moneywhore ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
If I call you a lying developer, ain't nothing to it the :16k:made me do it
If I shoot up your shares ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
If I rob you of :fullownership: ain't nothing to it :16k: made me do it

Thank God when I get on TS
You finally get to hear the shit that you don't want
A cunt talking bout real life so you can try to get this shit right
Use your brain not your back use your brain not a roleplay
It's a party not a jack (for real)
Don't be scared of them people
Walk up in there and show them that you ain't greedy (fuck them fuck them)
Don't be material a roleplayer grew up on tokens and scripts
I never for got vaness and imperial
Look at my community, LemonPunch is a miracle
It could be you if you was this rich
It could be her if she was a fivehead
Cause me and Grist go back like cronies
I don't got to be fake cause he is my bitch

[Chorus 3]
If I sell a little subscription ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
If I fuck your characters ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
If I take you for granted ain't nothing to it the :16k: made me do it
If I fuck up the community ain't nothing to it tye :16k: made me do it


Oh yeah and another thing
For all ya idiots that don't do :fullownership:
Don't get on TS talking about that :16k:
Cause 9 times at a 10 you don't know the fuck you talk about
Talk about that bullshit roleplay you do
Stay the fuck out of my company



May 7, 2016

this is what 16k makes you do

god damn, im glad alexgrist set off,
used to be my slave, now he got mad about the 16k
first he was down with 0% shares
now i see his resigning thread?
written by a streight bozo
i saw it comming, that's why im the solo owner
and keepin' on stealin'
while you'll motherfuckers moved streigh outtat punch-ton
livin' with the jews, one big house, and not another gurra in sight
i started off with too much cargo
dropped 1 coder now and im hosting all the 16k
gurrazor just rulin'
having any shares? who yo foolin'
ya'll coders just greedy
i spend my 16k on my momma and my dead homies
yellin' boys, on my teamspeak, so you losin'
ay yo, grist, stick to producin'
scriptfodder scripts, but you been a dick
i just saw my 16k and went in it quick
you got jealous when i got the shares of our company
but im a swedish man, nobody's jewing me
tryin' to sound like trivvving's most
you could watch stocks all day but you don't come close
cuz you know im the one that owns
ya done wrote 100 lines, but you still got 16k to go
with the L-E-M-O-N P-U-N-C-H and ya'll disgrace the H-L-2-R-P
cause you're getting fucked ouot your green by a swedish boy
with no vaseline

edit: i will milk this for all it's worth

16k is mine, grist get back
don't fuck with my shares, thriving's racked
about to drop a coder, lemonpunch is motherfucking done
big fraud in small gmod
now player's tryna throw a fit on teamspeak, but i mute
channel's hooked
rebels hold their breath they wanna my scripts when i'm tipsy
runnin' everything west of c16
its the unseen, pulling strings with my physgun beam
i got your shares, pucker up, before i fuck them up
bow down before i make a steam call
got 25 admins running on teamspeak and ya'll
for the cheese, we want some CW keys
everybody freeze, face the wall, give donations please
before any of you donors get the heart
yo, recall their donation and - (bow down)

bow down, when you come to my server
bow down, when shares are gurrazor-bound
cuz i ain't no hater like you
bow down to the swede that's greater than you
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