Tyrone's goodbye. (From Gerald's Mod.)


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"Good things don't always last."

Hey guys, it's me, Tyrone. Or my actual name, Umied. Writer, drawer and gamer.
I recently quit roleplaying, because of the sudden lack of wanting to. You haven't seen me on on the server, and chances are that you may have missed me. (Doubtful.)

I didn't have the motivation to go on, I had a month filled with deppression, which I have overcome. I lost my mentor and my favourite uncle in a week's time. It sucks, everyone loses someone, but it hits hard when those people are young.

I continued writing, and I will continue being on the forums. Delivering crappy RP-Docs for you people because I like doing them. I'll share music, movies and such. Basically I'm turning into a lurker.

I'd like to thank a set amount of people for roleplaying with me.
@Warwick, @Carrion, @Flippy661, @Powley, @Maccas, @dee.

I'd like to thank the staff team of HL2RP and FTRP for going on with the servers, and putting in a lot of time to make people happy. Also, I would like to thank the developers of said servers for maintaining it. HL2RP has gradually changed from 2014, a lot of new stuff.

And foremost, I'd like to thank @alex, @Blackquill and @`impulse for keeping this community alive, both here and Lemonpunch.

I'll keep in touch with the community, but I won't be active like before.



Don't Shoot I'm Too Short
Apr 26, 2016
Been good, champ. Never forget that one CP that gave me LP for being black
A-and the error CWU worker who gave it to you? Right?

Ot: sad to see you go friend, never really knew you personally but you were a long time user from what I can see...
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Apr 26, 2016
Best of luck with your ventures into the world of Art & Literature - Had some good time with you.

The Wanderer'll live forever.
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