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Sep 5, 2017



Steam name:

Discord name: chezburger429

How active are you in game?: Not very, I never play. 🥸

[This application is considered In-character, therefore information entered should be purely IC related unless stated otherwise]

Your Name: Adam Berger

State/Licence ID: 1209

Do you have a criminal record? (Y/N): Y

Previous job experience:
I've worked at a couple of food establishments in the past in Vice City and had the pleasure of running a small family diner before handing it off and moving to Los Santos to start something new.

Are you currently in debt or have been in the past? (Y/N): N

Business Name: Up-n-Atom

Explain in as much detail as needed what your business is about:
Before we dive into what Up-n-Atom is now, it's time to go back to history class (which you probably flunked) and learn about one of our nation's many pillars of society. Back to a time where people believed that smoking cigarettes and having nuclear powered appliances was safe, where the future the people of America saw was so beautiful it couldn't be put to words. Though definitely not because their throats had closed up from the onset of thyroid cancer.

Welcome to Blaine County! First nestled upon the Procopio Truck Stop in 1947, Up-n-Atom was born during the fledgling Atomic Era at one of the heights of our great country's wonderful, infallible, never ending power! The mission of Up-n-Atom back then was to bring America a taste of the future, and the taste of the future was rich with saturated fats, carbohydrates, and loads, loads, and loads of sodium! This delicious calorie rich menu kept patrons coming back to flirt with cardiac arrest until the word of Up-n-Atom had spread across the whole of Blaine County. One diner wasn't enough to hold patrons, mainly because the weight limit was exceeded a couple hundred times during the coming years.

The shining atom that tops our wonderful establishments would ride the mushroom cloud of popularity all the way to Los Santos, exploding upon Vinewood with a brand new establishment, and a hip new logo that could only be designed by some of the most underpaid interns that only this great country could fool! The fallout of this bold move would spread like a radiation induced cancer all across the state of San Andreas, turning Up-n-Atom from a footnote to a cardiologist's worst nightmare. But that wasn't all this calorie-packing juggernaut had hiding up its sleeves. Practicing Darwinism wouldn't be possible if the common man got involved, which is why Up-n-Atom has never franchised or offered public stocks to anyone! We won't let anyone else impede upon the consistency of our delicious menu.

Unfortunately as the years rolled on, the iconic shining atom of Up-n-Atom would dim, and they would go out of business. The true American dream had died out, to be replaced by our competitors' bland menus and unwavering ability to cling to the mundane. But with the glowing future on the horizon of Up-n-Atom’s hopeful reemergence, people may be left wondering what exactly the point of it is. The point of Up-n-Atom in a world of prosaic menu items, is to change the customers world view on what fast food can truly be.

Imagine towering burgers with cheese melting down the sides. Frothy milkshakes with more whipped cream than you thought could fit in a glass cup. Sides so big you might consider them actual meals, but don’t be mistaken, those are just a companion to your beast of an order. It’s about offering an experience like no other, with an environment like no other, leaving patrons full and coming back for more. It’s about waking up a sleeping culinary behemoth and setting it back forth upon the seas of cholesterol and defying the norms of portion control.

To put it simply, it’s a return to food from when we were morally superior.

Explain how this business would be beneficial for members of the public:
As of current, the city of Los Santos, and by large the state of San Andreas must satisfy their needs with the slop of our competitors. They must settle for less than what the true American truly needs in their life. With the explosive arrival of Up-n-Atom expected to send our competitors crawling away into their bunkers to avoid the grease-laden fallout of our prophesied return, the residents of San Andreas can expect a couple of key things.

WAGE WAR: Wouldn't it be so crazy if we were in on this with our competitors? Totally, absolutely not the case though. With employment opportunities comes economic growth. Did you want fries with that resume?

PUSHING CULINARY LIMITS: Where our competitors settle for what makes them money, we settle for what will give you that last food high as your blood turns to syrup and your brain shuts down. It's not just food, it's an edible piece of art. Make of that as you wish.

FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE: Maybe you want to systematically eliminate your enemies through diabetic shock, but can’t be bothered dragging them to the store? We’ll remotely take your order and bring it to you, with a 98% guarantee it’ll arrive unscathed.

JET LAG NO MORE: Looking to get a late night meal but nobody's around at our competitor locations? There's a good chance the local Up-n-Atom is going to be filled with meat, and a fry cook is just waiting to take your order.

LOCATION VARIETY: With a spot on the beautiful(?!) Vinewood Boulevard, take a trip while you wait for your meal, or after, to explore the epicenter of American cinema and disappoint yourself with the repeated trend of filler sequels and disappointing prequels.

This is San Andreas, a dog eat dog world. This culinary revolution promises only one thing, a place upon the throne of gluttonous grandeur. The upcoming buffet of food, city chaos, and strange topping deliveries is on the horizon. Or is that a mushroom cloud?

Explain what you require in order to get started with your business venture:
In order to get started, we would need the Government of San Andreas to approve the renovation of our Vinewood Boulevard establishment, as well as to get FDA approval on some of our foodstuffs.

A double cheeseburger with a plethora of unique condiments to satisfy your calorie intake.

A single patty cheeseburger with a couple pickles. A classic that stands the test of time.

A tray of french fries topped with cheese, grilled onions, and a special sauce. Dig in you filthy animal.

A thick cold shake made with your choice of ice cream, and a helping of whipped cream. Cherry sold separately.

A soft chewy pastry with whatever glazing you choose.

A soft drink of your choosing, coupled with ice cubes to keep it nice and cold.

A triple patty cheeseburger with a signature zesty sauce, a true artery clogger.

A seared wiener resting between two soft buns, with chopped meat and cheese resting on top.

A box of fried chicken nuggets, seasoned with sweet and savory spices and coupled with a dipping sauce.

A container of batter-dipped and fried onion rings that comes not only with a satisfying crunch but also a tangy dipping sauce.

A refreshing cup of Up-n-Atom’s special iced tea, flavored with honey and sugar. A southern classic that beats that West Coast heat.

We would also need some uniforms tailored for our workers.
Tailor's site

Is this a solo venture or a venture with a pre-existing team behind it? If so, list your other employees: Myself, Kyle Yarbrough, (@key) Jack Dawe (@Aether) and Ethel Faust (@Agitha)

Business Location (If not required, write N/A): Up-n-Atom, Vinewood Boulevard

Do you understand that the Government may revoke your business licence if they see fit?: Yes.

Do you understand that the Government may charge an administration and/or construction fee?: Yes.​
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american idiot
Sep 5, 2017
A soft chewy pastry with whatever glazing you choose.
edited the app to include this in the normal menu because i am fat

i don't want these to be brand new items, i'd like to use what is currently in the city to simplify things

unfortunately i believe the soft drink cups are branded so those may need to be tinkered with for which i apologize
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Apr 26, 2016
Your business application has been accepted.

Additionally, your loan application for the purpose of constructing the Up-n-Atom building has been approved with a total of $1,200,000 with a down payment of $120,000.

Please transfer the down payment to the Los Santos Treasury bank account (ID 1).
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